Fully Booked — 5 Storey of Books!



Wow! The Flagship store of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street is now open in Serendra! We just visited the first floor where the children’s books are strategically located. They have a complete line up of moleskin and other novelty notebooks in the first floor too. This is another reason to go to Serendra.

18 thoughts on “Fully Booked — 5 Storey of Books!

  1. I was quite excited when I saw the structure being built for this Fully Booked branch. I’m looking forward to seeing it fully stocked!

  2. There are 5 stories (including a basement section). Walked up and down last Saturday during their soft launch. did anyone notice that the escalators are a bit fast? It felt like I was back in HK. Looking forward to wasting an afternoon there reading and looking out the windows at all the people walking around Bonifacio High Street.

  3. i can almost feel my wallet getting thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter as i walk through the aisles of this new mecca of books.

  4. ayos. i could probably spend a day in such a bookstore.
    i wonder how national/powerbooks could have let fully booked kick their ass like this. hahaha.

  5. Thanks so much for this post!! I’m usually too broke to buy books really so I live on reading in bookstores and of course, kind friends who lend.

  6. fully booked at rockwell is my favorite hangout. so imagine my super kilig moment when i saw fully booked at serendra! wow! heaven!!

  7. Good to hear there’s a new Fully Booked branch opening (reminds me of the now defunct Powerbooks Pasay Road branch, only larger). Check out their store also in Greenhills Promenade, great atmosphere and all books open for browsing.

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