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I’ve always noticed that Cafe Mary Grace is always full when I visit Serendra. We never bothered to check it out since we originally thought that it was just a crowded ensaymada place. I was pleasantly surprised that the salads and pasta servings are good — perfect for the light Sunday lunch with the family. Little did I know that Cafe Mary Grace serves different kinds of tsokolate (or chocolate drink) which is actually a perfect match for its ensaymadas. Also, it was interesting to read all the nice letters by customers used as decorative designs on top of the table. That is an awesome concept which added to the overall ambiance and experience when dining in Mary Grace. I definitely have to add this to my top 10 Serendra restaurants and remove Guava from the list ๐Ÿ™‚

The Best of Serendra by Our Awesome Planet
Piazza Serendra slowly coming to life…
Bonifacio High Street and Serendra Piazza (a Photo Essay)

Top 10 Restaurants In Serendra by OAP
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5. Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra
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8. Balducci Birthday Bash
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10. Thai at Silk @ Piazza Serendra

Cafe Mary Grace Menu Cover
Mary Grace Letter, Dear Friends
Starters and Salads
Flavorful Pastas
Hearty Sandwiches, Home Made Iced Teas, Merienda Fare
Hot Chocolates and Delectable Desserts
Mary Grace Specialty Products, Classic Squares, Classic Cakes

The place is quite small and it can only fit around 20 people in 6 small tables. For me, I like the coziness of the cafe despite the fact that it feels crowded because you are in shoulder to shoulder distance from the next table.

I’m glad that I captured this tender moment between Aidan and Rache.

Prawn Salad with Mango-Papaya Vinaigrette (P175++). Mixed Lettuce tossed with mango chuncs and papaya-infused vinaigrette, finished with fresh pan-grilled prawns. The prawns are big, crunchy and tasty which is the way we like it. The vegetables look tired.

Cream Dorie Fillet with Leek and Saffron Cream (P205++). A light saffron flavored cream pasta with grilled tender fillets of cream dorie topped with fresh green leeks for that slight pungent bite. The sauce was indeed light bordering into blandness. We were supposed to get the mushroom pasta but at the last minute, they informed us that they run none available at the moment. Darn!

Spicy Lemon Scampi (P203++). A tasty refreshing pasta with pan-seared fresh shrimp in a sauce made of extra-virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, spicy chili flakes and tender garlic bits. This is the one we love because of its spicy kick and the oil + garlic combination.

Traditional Tsokolate (P50++). Full-flavored, fermented tsokolate. This is the way we like our chocolate, just plain, traditional or classic. However, my vote still goes to the Portico’s Spanish Chocolate.

Tsoknut Tsokolate (P70++) A Warm cup of thick tsokolate infused with tsoknut, a drink that many kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy! A bad bad combination we should say. Don’t try the tsoknut version…

Sansrival. Rache’s favorite…the butter does not feel like eating calories. I like the almond toppings and just the right amount of chewiness on the merengue.

Mary Grace Ensaymada Toasted (P65++). The Toasted version goes well with the chocolate…. yummy!! I just had to order another one but classic this time…Ooopppsss, diet another day! Can I justify that I did run yesterday so I deserve something I love?! =)

Mary Grace Ensaymada Classic (P60++). You can also have it the classic way, a soft pillow bread sprinkled with cheese and right amount of sugar.

Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday (11am to 10pm), Sunday (12nn to 10pm)
Cafe +632 858, 0858
Office: +632 821 3197
Mobile: +63917 814 2263


12 thoughts on “Cafe Mary Grace, Serendra

  1. Anton! You didn’t try the Mary Grace Hot Chocolate, the one with cinnamon??? It’s the one I told you was like drinking melted chocolate!
    I’ve only eaten there a couple of times, and I think the pastas, etc. are okay, but not the real draw. Her baked goods (and the Hot Chocolate!) are still the reasons to go. For me, she makes the best ensaimada and cheese roll. And if you see Mary Grace there, say hi — she’s very nice. We’ve been buying from her for ages, way back when she was only by order or in bazaars. Sweet lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Anton!
    Been a long time…I must say that this place is a perfect find. The food are great and not too pricey. I tried their teas and they are incomparable. Super unique and masarap. Pastas were great too. But of course the ensaymadas and cheese rolls are the main attraction. Mary Grace was there when we dined… She’s nice and friendly to us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regards to rache…

  3. the mushroom cream pesto is so yummy! and isn’t mary grace a lovely lady? she’s surprisingly slim (for someone who has experimented on brioche-making for years) and a very nice too….
    i love mary grace cheese rolls in particular! whew!

  4. It’s ironic that you posted about Mary Grace and Fully Booked because my mom and I just came from those very places half an hour ago. Mary Grace is the coziest place ever– I adore their apple cinnamon iced tea and I can never get enough of their Caesar Salad. The dressing complements the breaded chicken and crunchy greens perfectly. My mom loves their lemon scampi and another thing we like to order there is the kesong puti and longganiza sandwich.
    Aidan’s so big now! And your wife’s new ‘do fits her really well ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. wow pagupit pala si rache..=) how’s the second pregnancy? hope everything is well..i like their salad..very nice =)

  6. I didn’t know they had sans rival! I must try that! I LOVE Mary Grace’s brownies and chocolate cake! You have to try the Mary Grace tsokolate because it’s the best among her tsokolates! And I suggest that you meet Mary Grace. Sobrang nakaka-inspire ‘yung commitment niya to her shop and to her family! I think you will get along!!!

  7. i am honored-appreciative serendra has the likes of cafe mary grace and all other quality food businesses in philippines but i would like
    president gm.arroyo to give a better-higher QUALITY food security for all filipinos by creating a national food chain store that is authentic filipino cuisines called ‘PAGKAING FILIPINO’specializes in FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES meals&PRE PACKED FOOD MEALS FOR PUBLIC CUSTOMERS and ALL PHILIPPINES PUBLIC ELEMENTARIES-HIGH SCHOOLS NATIONWIDE no exceptions. sana naman very inviting ang pastel na mga blend colors ng nga tiles to ensure general patronage&interests to hang out there. mabuti ng handa at preparado and inyong future laborers at world leaders anytime a hazzle less is better.

  8. I’ve loved the cheese rolls, dati pa! The cafe is great, especially like the longganisa and cream cheese sandwich. Oh, and the telephone number is 856-0858.

  9. was there early this week. Absolutely DISAPPOINTED!!!
    There were four of us – out of our 4 orders, three were NOT available!!! They call themselves a restuarnat??? More like cheap cafeteria!!!
    Neve go back again!!!
    Service was also absolutely terrible!!!

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