Nadia Comaneci and Fun Run With Special Kids


There are only a few public events that Nadia agreed to include in her schedule. The first one is the fun run with the special kids in CCP this afternoon. Lastly, there is a press conference tomorrow at 11.30am in Alabang and a photo op with employee’s kids in the evening at around 6pm.
She agreed to came to Manila to primarily give an inspirational talk to all the P&G employees tomorrow. She was supposed to have a 1on1 interview with Boy Abunda but I heard it got cancelled. The only one that pushed through was the interview with Quinito Henson.

It was fun running with these kids and some of them runs fast at 6km/ min. I’m proud to be part of this event.

The P&G Running Team attended the event and these are the guys who are training for the July 22 marathon. Our boss, Jim Lafferty coincidentally is celebrating his birthday today — Happy Birthday, Jim!!

I was on the tail end of the 800m fun run. Come to think of it, I’m so blessed that I can run 21km and I’ll be forever grateful.


2 thoughts on “Nadia Comaneci and Fun Run With Special Kids

  1. thank you for covering this event. my nephew has down’s syndrome and he is the heart of our family.

  2. hi,
    does nadia have regular projects for special children? how do i get in touch with her if i’d like to help out?

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