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One of my realization as a food blogger is that I should also be responsible for my health and the health of my readers. To celebrate the Diabetes Awareness Week (and for consuming a lot of gelato this week), I would like to share with you a free Diabetes book from the Ampalaya Plus team. All of us are in danger of this illness, and with all the desert and sweets I am consuming, I’m looking for preventive ways on how to avoid Diabetes.


What You Should Know About Diabetes

“What You Should Know About Diabetes” is a book written in English/Tagalog designed for easy understanding for the diabetic patient, its family members, caregiver, househelp, etc. The book includes a sample 1-week menu plan for a diabetic patient made by a registered diabetes dietician from UP PGH. The book was written by 3 doctors from the UP College of Medicine. In the face of dire predictions about diabetes incidence increasing in epidemic proportions worldwide (the Philippines will be among the top ten countries with the most number of diabetics by 2010), this book would help create a better understanding of the disease and help empower people to avoid or cope with this illness.

In addition to the book there is a Diabetes ID Wrist Band (DIWB) give away . The DIWB is for diabetics who are at risk of passing out or losing consciousness due to their condition. The DIWB gives critical information regarding the health condition of the wearer thereby saving valuable time for the diabetic patient.

The book and DIWB are being given free to the public. To get a free copy of the book, just send a self address stamped envelope (P45 for Metro Manila and P68 for Outside Metro Manila) enclosed with a box top label of Ampalaya Plus Capsule with your Name, Add, Bday, Email and Cellphone written on it. Send it to:

Ampalaya Plus Free Book ,
2/F No. 59 Betty Go Belmonte St.,
New Manila, Quezon City

For More information:
Visit the official website www.gonatural.com.ph or email ampalayaplus@gmail.com


Ampalaya Plus Team in the US
BTW, the Ampalaya Plus team is going to the US and you might want to catch them there. Check out the invitation email below:

Dear Ampalaya Plus & Enduranz Users,

I am happy to inform you that we will be in America this August. We will be bringing our products for sale at these Filipino Trade Shows. We will be selling these products at a special introductory prices for consumers. Please invite your family and friends to visit us. As an added feature Dr. Gemiliano Aligui, Philippines Foremost Expert in Herbal Medicinal Plants will be joining us in New Jersey—-please do not miss this opportunity.

We look forward in meeting you soon!

US-Philippine Expo 2007
Fairplex Los Angeles County Fair, Hotel and Exposition Center
Pomona, Los Angeles
August 4-5, 2007
(Staying in Los Angeles from August 2-10)

Philippine Fiesta
Meadowland Exposition Center
Secaucus, New Jersey

August 18-19, 2007
(Staying in New Jersey from August 17-19 and in New York from August 20-23)

We will be in Toronto, Canada from August 10-17, 2007.

One of our objectives for this visit is to meet with potential distributors for our products in the U.S. and Canada.

Best Regards,
Ginny Macaoay
Customer Services

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  1. To: Mr. Macaoay,
    I’m interested to be a distributor of the Ampalaya Plus here in New York & New Jersey USA.
    Please e-mail me ASAP!! I’ll be in Manila from March 8-31,2008. Would like to meet you before you come to USA.
    I’ll wait for your reply. Call or text me at (845) 480-1065 or e-mail: eabordo@gmail.com
    Elvie Abordo

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