Angelati Italia Gelato- One of the Best Gelato in Manila.


Angelati Italia

If you love Amici de Don Bosco’s Gelato, Angelati Italia Gelato are even better! We celebrated my Marathon run and mourned the La Salle loss by devouring Angelati Italia every night. An ordinary ice cream is no match for the gelato’s smoothness, creaminess and freshness. The only thing that comes close to Angelati Italia would be Chef Maurizio’s Gelatone.

We asked Aidan to taste test the gelato and consistent with his mom, they both love the Hazelnut. My personal favorite is the Healthy Green Tea Sweetened by Splenda for the guilt free gelato experience. It taste like ice tea with an aftertaste. My other favorite is the Pure Pistachio because you can taste the natural pistachio ingredient in the cream. I always order pistachio flavor for my ice cream/ gelato, and the Angelati version is the best I’ve ever tasted. If you want to buy a unique flavor to surprise your family and friends, you should try their killer premium flavor — Mascarpone Crumble. Mascarpone is a triple-creme cheese, made from a generally low-fat (25%) content fresh cream. It is one of their best sellers so far. We love the crocante bits which is sweetened hazelnut brittle.

Perhaps, the only criticism that we can say about these gelato is that they don’t use bits of ingredients to enhance the taste of the gelato. This is good in a sense because the cream is enough to bring the flavor to life. On the other hand, some people prefer eating chunks of the fruit/ ingredient for added texture and flavor. As for their lemon version, I find the Chef Maurizio’s Gelatone to be even better because it is closer to the taste of lemon. Let me know what’s your opinion about Angelati Italia once you’ve tried them.


1438 Amadeo Street, Brgy. 678, Paco, Manila
Tel. no. (632) 562-2217; 559-0316
Email add.,

Thanks to Gemisis Artisan foods for producing these authentic, premium-quality and healthy Italian gelato. They use imported ingredients and machines from Italy and underwent training there too. According to them, a lot of foreigners, especially Italian chefs/consumers, who have tasted our gelato, have commended them for making really good quality gelato. Right now, they are supplying to some restaurants like Cantinetta Rockwell, Cantinetta Pasong Tamo, Caruso in Nicanor Garcia St Mkti, Gaster Deli in 6750, Prioes Cafe in Visayas Ave, Green Tomato in 6F Shangri-La Plaza, Nuccio’s Pizzeria in Jupiter St., Prioes Cafe & Resto in Fernwood Garden, GreenTomato in 6F Shangri-La Plaza (half of their flavors only) , etc..

They now sell direct to consumers through orders for delivery in selected areas (Manila, North Greenhills, etc.) while others are for pick up at their Paco office. They have no plans to enter the supermarket but we can expect to see them soon in a kiosk in the malls. They recommend consuming the gelato 4 months from date of production to ensure the freshness and quality. There are 25 flavors so far which is a combination of all-time favorites, classic Italian favorites, and their own signature flavors.

Angelati Signature Flavors ( includes Lemon, Mango, Cappucino, Heavenly Tiramisu)
0.3 Gallon (1 Liter) – P450
1/2 Gallon (1.9 Liters) – P780

Angelati Premium Flavors (includes Mascarpone Crumble, Healthy Green Tea, Pure Pistachio, and Hazelnut)
0.3 Gallon (1 Liter) – P570
1/2 Gallon (1.9 Liters) – P1,005

5 thoughts on “Angelati Italia Gelato- One of the Best Gelato in Manila.

  1. Gelantone’s lemon sorbet is wonderful. I had a scoop recently and it made me pucker up but it freshened my palate. Love it!

  2. Angelati is really GRRRREAT!!!! The texture is smooth and creamy and the flavors are premium and true blue gelato!!! I love the Hazelnut and ofcourse the plain chocolate =)The best in town!!!

  3. I tried the pistachio flavor, and I was disappointed after hearing rave reviews about this store. The Gelato in Angelati’s is much too sweet for my tastes and leaves a not so good aftertaste. I suggest you try the one at Amici’s. It’s more authentic and way cheaper.

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