Adidas King of the Road, 21k Aftermath


All my leg muscles are still aching today but I’m feeling a lot better after the 21k run last Sunday @ Adidas King of the Road. My average for my first 10k is 7.5 minutes per kilometer. After the 11k mark which is along the Kalayaan fly over, my legs were attacked by cramps and I was forced to slow down to 9 minutes per kilometer. I still ended up second to the last, but I finished the race in 3 hours and 15 minutes. I was hoping to beat the 3 hours mark but the last 2 kilometers along Roxas Blvd was so grueling that I just focused on finishing the race. I was happy that the P&G marathon team waited for me before they took a group photo to celebrate our KOTR run.

The 21k run started in the Quirino Grandstand, running through Roxas Boulevard then turning left along Buendia all the way to the Kalayaan Flyover. I started running from our house in Malate towards the starting line for about 5k already and walked back home to complete my 30k run in preparation for the Milo Marathon. Our boss and coach Jim said, all those who finished the 21 KOTR last Sunday would definitely have a higher chance of finishing the 42k marathon. That was a confidence booster and I’m visiting the sports doctor to have a final check if everything is in ME is ok physically. Will announce the details of the Marathon-for-a-Cause soon…

The P&G Marathon Team! As Ria would say, Running is the New Golf!

Here are some of my learnings after the 21k Marathon

1. I need to start slow and conserve my energy.
I tried to run at 9mins run/ 1 minute walk but I was exhausted easily. I should do 6 minutes run / 1 minute walk during the 42k marathon.

2. No fuel belts for me. As it is, I am heavy already and I felt the additional weight of the fuel belt at the 5k mark. I would need to rely on bike support and family/ friends to give me the fuel (gatorade, fuel bar, water, etc.) that I need.

3. I need to lose 10lbs. I barely survive the 21k run at my 210lbs weight. I just need to go under 200 lbs in 3 weeks time (hopefully) before the July 22 Milo Marathon.

4. Petroleum Jelly works! I survived without any scratches or bruises because of the petroleum jelly. I might need to buy the Body Glide to be sure. I should also put some lubrication in my ear because the earphones could scratch my ear over time despite the rubber cushion.

5. My Big Toe hurts. Unfortunately, my big left toe continued to have an internal bleeding because I choose the wrong shoe size or maybe the Nikes are not good for long runs. I don’t know what to do but let it heal on its own.

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At the 11k mark with Momer along the Kalayaan bridge. At this point, I was still doing well until the leg cramps hit me on the way down the Kalayaan bridge. We started to run around 5.40am and this photo was taken at 6.52am.

Mars took this photo as I was about to cross the finish line at 3 hours and 12 minutes. You need to add + 30 minutes from the clock above because they reset it at the start of 10k.

I felt I was king of the road (hehe) after finishing second to the last in the 21k race πŸ™‚ Here is my boss giving me a congratulatory high five — yahoo!


16 thoughts on “Adidas King of the Road, 21k Aftermath

  1. Hey anton! Congratulations! Galing mo 21k! Thanks for linking me—and all of my other running friends, Hitme, Renz, and Banggi!
    As for #3, I’m sure you’ll lose those pounds in no time. Running just melts ’em all away right? Well as long as you don’t binge right after πŸ™‚
    For #4, oooh petroleum jelly. My best defense against chafing from sports bras. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to worry about those too?
    For #5, maybe your shoes are too tight? I learned that there should be a gap as wide as your thumb between your toe and the shoe. I researched this AFTER buying my new shoes. Posted it here Hope it helps! I’m still mourning the death of my 4th toe too πŸ™

  2. Bro…
    1. Go on high protein, low carb diet to lose the 10 pounds. Eat only proteins and a 7 grams of carbs per day till race day! The day before the run, carbo load. Eat all the best cake and pasta that you you can find. I suggest you review three resto before the race.
    2. Shoe size should be one size bigger.
    3. It is not speed but momentum that should propel you. Use the chi running technique.
    If you feel tired, just lean forward and swing your arms…gravity will help you move forward.
    4. Read this:
    Good luck bro.

  3. ei anton! thanks for the link! i saw you inches before you reached the finish line and said hi! πŸ™‚
    anyway congrats to your 21k! hats off to you for doing it and making it! brush off muna PRs. you may have had glitches whilst running but hey you finished it and you feel good about it, and thats what matters most!
    heads up to on your run-for-a-cause thingy too! cheers!

  4. Anton, congratulations!!! I’m really impressed — I have a tough time finishing 30 minutes on a treadmill, so 3 hours of running is awesome to me.

  5. 1 – i always tried to be in front of the race but the pace was way too fast. so this time i slowed down and it helps a lot. it is so true, reserve the energy for the last kilometers of the race.
    2 – i think fuel belts are for training runs, when there are no water stations or friends/families around to support you.
    3 – go for fruits and veggies + training runs, i do.
    4 – i dont use it so i’ll go for jellyace nalang! hehe.
    5 – glad I haven’t injured myself while running
    6 – wow 21K!
    7 – goodluck at the Milo Marathon!
    8 – thanks for the link!
    9 – did all of your P&G Team went for 21K?
    10 – takbo pinoy! cyu on the next run!
    as the SMCnoys say it… awe-so-me!

  6. hey! This is so cool! It’s posts like these that make me interested in applying for P&G-a company with such strong social awareness! As a fresh graduate of political science, I can say this is a good example of good management and corporate social responsibility!

  7. hi anton. try mo Nike Airmax 360. Not sure if it will prevent your toe woes but it’s very forgiving to the knees and ankles.

  8. Congratulations Anton! You’re on your way to marathon living πŸ™‚
    Hmmm, as for your running shoes, maybe it was Karma. The race is sponsored by Adidas right? lol

  9. I have only one comment to help.
    You ran it and you finished, so good job.
    For the marathon, you need to improve one thing.
    You go out too fast. I knew in the very beginning when you dashed out ahead of us, we would see you again.
    The physiology is clear—for every 1 minute too fast in the first half, you lose 3 minutes in the back.
    Marathoning is a game of patience. We can’t run races like we do initiatives….we are all obscessed with a fast start pipeline! This is about sustainability and running with yoru head. everyone feels great at the start. Of course you do. You are fresh and you have not run far.
    Its not how you start but how you finish.
    I am quite sure you lost 15 minutes by going out way too hard on the first 6 kilometers (when we caught you).
    This is real important to take it easy on the 22nd. You will finish and do it well. But if you go out too fast, over 21 kilomtgers you can gut it out, 42.2 is a different story. BE PATIENT. Stay with the pace group we will go out with. Even if it feels too slow, STICK WITH IT.
    That is my advice. And you will be fine.

  10. hi anton. stumbled here via some of my blogging pals’ sites (banggi, renz, jaymie). congrats on your first 21k. that’s a huge accomplishment.
    sounds like you’ve gotten a lot of great advice already, but hope you don’t mind me giving you my 2cents here…
    1. definitely start slow. at this point, you’re just trying to find a good comfortable rhythm and pace. save your energy to finish strong.
    2. if the race you’re doing is well-supported with all the hydration and nutrition needs, then ditch the fuel belt. you may still want to carry a couple of energy gels (if you use them) in your pocket just in case.
    3. don’t worry too much about losing the weight, otherwise you might become a slave to the scale. just work on your training and eat healthy foods in moderation.
    4. ahh yes. actually i prefer it over to body glide. don’t forget to put some over the sensitive part of your chest, dude, unless you use nip guards. i’ve seen way too many bloody nipples. if you’re prone to blistering, you may want to body glide your feet. works like a charm.
    5. ouch!!! sounds like your shoes might be a bit too tight. for a 42k (or even a 21k), go with enzo’s advice of using one size bigger than your regular street shoes. your feet swell and they need the room in your clogs so they don’t develop blisters and black nails.
    good luck in milo, and keep on golfing, er running.

  11. hey anton!
    Got to your site from miss jaymie. πŸ™‚
    Good luck on the 22nd! and you might want to check out miss jaymie’s shoe selection tips entry. πŸ™‚
    I use the water stations as my mark for walking during a race. about 10 meter before the water station i start to slow down and hydrate. then another 10meters after i would start running again.
    Since i just got my hydration belt. I learned that i don’t need it for 10k and shorter race. but for 21k and for the full… i still opt to use one. since i load it up with some nifty sugary boost formula. πŸ™‚
    As they say, you might want to be more careful with trying to loose weight while training for a race.
    see you on the 22nd mate!

  12. Hello Anton, long time lurker, first time poster. πŸ™‚
    I’m currently training for the Pasig Marathon in Feb08, and am experiencing shin problems. Wondering if you can recommend your or any sports doctor…

  13. Hi! I’ve been reading your food posts and am now happy to read about your running posts! Like you, I’m an avid foodie so I’m quite the fat but fit athlete :o) in case you want to buy Bodyglide, check out my site. I also have some tips there for big runners :o)

    Gary is missing. He didn’t show up after the run and he even left his belongings and car. Everyone (organisers, family and friends) are looking for him. There is a youtube video of him collapsing at the stadium, but the paramedics said that they let him go after checking him. But no one has found him till now.
    Name:Gary Leon Robert
    Ic number: 870818145695
    Running no: A793
    Anyone with information, please call 012-3802133 OR 016-977 8919.
    3 August 2009

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