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Welcome to Restaurant 101, the Training Restaurant of Enderun Colleges!

Manila will never run out of interesting restaurants and Restaurant 101 is another must try. The best time to go here is when the classes start in June or the second term in November. This is their third week of classes so expect occasional boo-boos, shaky hands, and clumsiness. It will be fun to watch them grow their skills over time and try to go back in R101 as the term ends.

I applaud their vision of becoming one of the world class hospitality management and culinary education even better than the famous Les Roche (which is their partner) in Switzerland. They are building a world class 1.7 hectare campus in McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio and we should see the initial buildings constructed in early 2008. Eating in Restaurant 101 is like supporting and helping these kids in their education which costs $5,500 per year. In fact, serving in Restaurant 101 will be a humbling experience for these rich kids who just graduated from high school.

We loved most of the entrees we ordered while the appetizers where forgettable! The service was fun because you can interact with these kids while they serve. Also, some of their teachers are still there to assist them. You can get free dining tips from them like what is the proper way to taste a wine and what happens if you don’t like it after tasting it? Expect to pay P1,000/ person for the fine dining meaning if you order a 3-course menu complete with wine. At the end of it, you’ll be satisfied with the overall experience and knowing for a fact that you’ve helped some kids in their hospitality education.

Thanks Kyle for serving us and making it a memorable night :)!

” Enderun is a college that offers a full range of bachelor’s degree and non-degree courses in the fields of hotel and restaurant management and culinary arts. Enderun’s mission is to prepare its students for leadership positions in this dynamic global industry, not only by providing them with unrivalled professional, and management training, but by grounding them in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and practical physical sciences.

Chef See Cheong Yan, who developed the menu and who trains the kitchen crew for the program, explains the philosophy behind this set up: “The kids won’t understand what we teach in the classroom thoroughly until they get into the real world side (of the restaurant industry), so we offer skills-based training through Restaurant 101.” The students attend a morning class from 8 to 9:30, which is all theory, then apply what they learn in the kitchen from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. by serving guests at the restaurant who are actual paying clients.
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Restaurant 101 Menu (menu changes occasionally)
Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Pasta, Entree, Steak, Vegetarian, Desserts

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Reservation is a must because R101 is hidden on the 2f of Wynsum Corporate Plaza along the former Emerald Ave (now F. Ortijas Jr.). Before you can enter R101 the guards would accost you and ask you if you have a reservation before you can get pass them.

The ambiance of Restaurant 101 with Chad Davis, F&B Manager in the background.

The Restaurant 101 Bar.

The panel of friends who were kind enough to try Restaurant 101 with us.

Selection of Cold Cuts (good for sharing) (P540). Parma ham, Salami, Chorizo and Manchego Cheese served with Pumpkin Seed Bread.

P500 for something that was prepared by Kids?? We did not like this and we started to compute that each square of cold cuts would cost P100+ each, ouch!

Chilled New Zealand Mussels, Ocean Prawns, US Scallop and Calamari Bowl with Yuzu Dressing

There was no problem with the mussels and prawns which tasted more like a sushi. The Yuzu dressing was forgettable and the vegetables look tired.

Insalata Caprese, Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Vine Ripe Tomatoes on Arugula Pesto (P170).

I was not impressed by this appetizer and there is something wrong with the sous chefs who prepared this.

Kilburn Fish and Chips with Mango Mint Sauce (P400). (recommended!)

The best Fish and Chips that we ever tasted! There are 3 big chunks of Kilburn Fish (imported from UK) wrapped in some sort of newspaper. We love the Mango Mint Sauce and the fish was tasty, not dry or oily.

Smoked Duck with Cranberry and Peppercorn Sauce (P335)

The duck tasted like a ham you would enjoy on christmas day. We loved this too in terms of presentation, the sauce and the overall taste.

U.S. Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine (P340)

The ribs were also very good and it did not disappoint us. The red wine sauce was superbly done.

Poached Salmon Fillet served with Ginger Miso Hollandaise (P315)

Chad recommended this but I’m sorry to say this was a disappointment. The Salmon has a sushi like structure and taste. Hey guys, what happened to the Salmon?!

Valrhona Chocolate Temptation (Good For Sharing) (P270). Flourless Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Gianduja Mousse, and Chocolate Praline.

The desserts are decent but not something to rave about. We love the Chocolate Praline!

Chad, F&B Manager of Restaurant 101 with a weird bear stuck under his barong.

“The new Enderun campus will be at a sprawling 1.7 hectare are in McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio. When complete, the campus will have seven stand-alone buildings which will house a state-of-the-art culinary center, boutique hotel, student union, sports center, classrooms, library, career development center, dorm facilitiesÖeverything that the student will need to pursue their academic and career goals.

The complex will be built on a graduated basis and the first phase involving two main buildings will be ready for students by late 2007. “

(source: Top-notch school to open Fort Boni campus by Good News Pilipinas)

Enderun Colleges Inc.
2/F Wynsum Corporate Plaza
22F Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, 1600 Philippines

Telephone: +632 638 5555, +632 636 1613
Mobile: +63918 9087665


8 thoughts on “Restaurant 101 @ Enderun

  1. I’ve been wanting to go here coz its just several floors away from fitness first ortigas. How was the food? any recommendation? =D thanks, Anton

  2. Ask if they serve Ratatouille. Also, ask them to serve you some Perspective. You dont like to sound like Igor. ha ha ha..

  3. Thanks for the honest and thorough review, Anton! I’ve been meaning to try R101. Now I know what to expect. 🙂

  4. I was hoping to see my daughter in one of the pics here. Sayang, wala siya. hehe. She is a freshman student at Enderun and assists at the resto on Mondays during lunch. Apparently, you were there on a different day.
    Being a parent, I have a membership card at Resto 101, but I have yet to dine there. And looking at the food pics here, grabe, next time I visit my daughter, I will certainly try the resto!
    Indeed, this is a great review! 🙂

  5. Hello po, this is Gemnaika, Rhodora’s daughter. My mom sent me the link of your blog entry saying that you visited Resto 101. I’m very glad that you all had a great time! Kyle is one of my classmates and he really is a great student too! I hope you visit us again some time. You’ll be able to see me at the Resto on Mondays lunch time. By the way, I read the comments of your entry and in reply po to bex, yes we do serve Ratatouille. All are welcome to visit Resto 101! Ciao! 🙂

  6. Hola Amigos. We really want to try this place but the price is a bit intimidating for a practicum center. Anyway, I also invite all students of Enderun to try Solomon Guest House of CSB near the School of HRIM, for comparison. Dont worry, ‘kahit 300 lang pera nyo sa wallet, solve dito.’ See you guys! We might visit Restaurant 101 sometime soon too. =)

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