La Salle-Ateneo. 67-67 Overtime Game


Ateneo vs. La Salle Game 1 Overtime

The Sea of Greens vs. the Army of Blues…
Go La Salle Go Go La Salle vs. One Big Fight…
La Salle Spelling 3x vs. Blue Eagles Spelling…
The Green Archer Waves vs. the Blue Eagle Waves in the gallery..
The Half Time Face-Off between La Salle Pep Squad vs. the Blue Babble Battalion…
The student, Franz Pumaren vs. The teacher, Norman Black…
Rico Maierhofer, JV Casio, Cholo Villanueva and TY Tang vs. Chris Tiu, Ford Arao, and Jai Reyes squad…

I love La Salle vs. Ateneo games! I‘ve been watching it ever since college days, way back in 1991. I love the drama, the cheers, and the “kantiyawan” before and after the games. I love the sense of pride that comes with supporting your alma matter in good and bad times. I love watching it with fellow alumni and officemates who share the same pride and joy in watching these games.

For me, the game ended at 67-67 Overtime. It was a great Casio-time story that we will never forget. It hurts to admit that we lost 80-77 in Overtime because of Chris Tiu’s 3 point shoot. I have to congratulate Norman Black and the Ateneo squad for their first win against La Salle under Norman Black as coach in 3 years. I can still feel the pain caused by text messages, SUSPENDED kantiyawans, and boastful voices of an Atenista. I hate it but Congratulations! Congratulations is also in order for the wonderful half time show by the Blue Babble Battalion and gang. ( I hate writing this post… Arghh…)

Ateneo vs. La Salle
We watched together with my IDS team in P&G. Ethel was the only Atenista in our team vs. Joyce / Men and the rest of the La Salle gang. I admire Ethel for seating in the La Salle gallery and good thing, Ateneo won.

Remember, we lost the battle but not the war…. See you in the 2nd Round of La Salle vs. Ateneo.

Animo La Salle!!


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8 thoughts on “La Salle-Ateneo. 67-67 Overtime Game

  1. We saw the game at Z² (or College Canteen if you will). The atmosphere was pseudo-Araneta, it was awesome. I really thought La Salle would win with 13 seconds remaining on the 4th.
    Yes, the battle is not yet over.

  2. I commend you on your humility, Anton. But as the saying goes, bilog ang bola. Woohoo!!! We won!! One big fight!! But I’m not whooping it up too much at baka ma-jinx pa. See you at the games!!

  3. actually, it should be “the battle is over but not the war.” 🙂 at least, thats what people usually say… so, please tell lasalle to stop their protest. may next game pa naman! As norman black said, the game was won on the court. 🙂

  4. Hey Anton! Although, I’m from Ateneo… I was pulled by my friends to sit with them in the DLSU side… (no cheering for me)…
    You know what?
    It was just a good game… the two teams played their best, and man… those guys hit a lot of “clutch” shots in the last minutes…
    I am hoping that more ADMU and DLSU give up some “school pride” since I’ve seen it turn into plain arrogance… the over-swagger of ADMU cheerleaders, The Arana Dance, Go DLSU Beat Ateneo, Suspended..?
    Hopefully, people are left with the true beauty of the DLSU-ADMU games: two teams in competition(in more ways than basketball) bringing the best of each other…

  5. i watched the first half at the office of my boss, rooting and cheering for la salle…and during half time, my one down request for a meeting with me to discuss her disappointments with the company….aaarrggh!!!! what else can a boss do but mmmmm…listen? so, while she was crying, my sister who is a die-hard atenean, kept on texting and making kantyaw and yabang na ang galing nila!!! of course, we all know the ending – they won and i don’t know, should i count myself lucky not to have witnessed the last few minutes???hhhaaay, next game, my sister and i decided, to araneta we go!!!!

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