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So the rumors were true that the Japanese Chef behind the famous Tsukiji in Makati is now in Century Park Hotel. Tsukiji Makati is now run by the Filipino partner. Thanks to Jinji for the lovely dinner treat and for the excellent restaurant choice! The food is deliciously expensive because of its innovative serving presentation, its imported Japanese ingredients and a rare Japanese Chef. I like the authentic japanese Samurai armor display and the overall very Japanese ambiance of Tsukiji. If you are looking to impress a Japanese guest with Japanese food, you won’t go wrong in Tsukiji @ Century Park hotel.

Check out the menu @ Tsukiji:
Century Tsukiji Appetizer
Sake, Shochu, and Seasonal Recommendations
Udon/Soba and Dessert
Tofu Dishes, Donburimono, Gohanmono, Zosui (Porridge), Ochazuke, Onigiri
Seafood and Vegetable Dishes
Pork, Chicken and Seafood
Steak and Fish
Sushi, Chirashi Sushi, Maki Sushi and Wagyu Beef
Shirumono Soup, Otsukemono (Pickled Vegetables), and Sashimi
Kaiseki Course, Sunomono, Salads
Limited Sushi Promo, Set Meals, Bento, Teishoku

Century Tsukiji - 5
Lovely evening with Jinji and Riza (fiancee) can’t wait to have their own little monster…

Century Tsukiji - 7
Aidan and Seiji Kamura, the japanese chef behind Tsukiji!

Century Tsukiji - 4
Wagyu Sirloin Steak (P1,000 per 100gm). There is no doubt that their wagyu comes from Japan. I did not like the manner of cooking since you don’t get that melt-in-your-mouth experience from this type of serving. This is the only beef that I order from now on because you can really taste its yumminess.

Century Tsukiji - 9
Aidan had to inspect the marbling of the wagyu beef which was kindly brought out by Chef Kamura-san. Just to be sure.

Century Tsukiji - 2
Interesting presentation. A live gold fish swims below the plated dish serving of assorted sushi/ sashimi. I wonder do we eat the fish live? (hehe)

Century Tsukiji - 8
Jinji loved this Assorted Sushi and he eats them by first calling out what type of sushi it is. Jinji is from the California and he seldom sees an authentic Japanese restaurant like this.

Century Tsukiji - 6
This sushi was served suman style but 5x as big as a typical suman. I don’t like a big slice of raw fish and I started to get freaked out by its mushy taste.

Century Tsukiji - 11
An Imported Japanese Flatfish. Jinji — did you like this?

Century Tsukiji - 3
This looks like a sea urchin to me. I love the presentation of their japanese food!

Century Tsukiji - 18
Abekawa Mochi (P250). Rice Cake coated with powdered soy beans. Order this mochi instead of the one coated with seaweed.

Century Tsukiji - 13
Aidan can’t stop playing with this gong.

Century Tsukiji - 12Century Tsukiji - 15

Japanese Chef Seiji Kamura (+63917 524 1631)

Tsukiji Katayama
Century Park Hotel
599 P. Ocampo St. Malate, Manila, Philippines
Tel# +632 528-5888, +632 528-1828


Century Tsukiji - 1
Ichigo (Strawberry) Ice Cream (P250). In DCF tradition, we started our meal with this home made ice cream.

8 thoughts on “Tsukiji @ Century Park Hotel

  1. this is one expensive yet authentic japanese resto. i tried it the original one in pasong tamo, and it is really really good. in fact, if my memory serves me right, the co-owner’s of tsukiji along pasay road had filed a legal suit to prevent mr. lucio tan’s hotel to use the “tsukiji” name. but that, as they say, is another story…
    anyway, you might want to try tsumura japanese resto next time. it’s located in the 2/f of 88 corporate center, which is at the back of psbank bldg. in makati. i think sedeno (not sure). the name however is a misnomer, because it is not “tsumura” but really should be “tsumahal”. hehehe. tsumura’s lineup is at par or probably even better than tsukiji.

  2. The food here’s really good but very expensive. And I find some of the food weird maybe di lang ako sanay in AUTHENTIC Japanese ingredients hehehe

  3. uhm… the tsukiji you are talking about in century hotel is a pirated one. kimura is not and was not the chef in the real tsukiji.. i guess you’ve never eaten there..too bad

  4. @Marga – the Tsukiji Century is authentic. It is brought to CPH by the founder of Tsukiji Makati. Tsukiji Makati is now run by his filipino partner (J Gamboa Group of Companies) but the Japanese Chef Toshiro Okajima of Tsukiji Makati was still there. Chef Seiji Kamura (teppanyaki chef) was from Mogu Japanese Shinsen Restaurant.
    Other Chef of Century Tsukiji was Chef Shinji Furukawa in-charge of the hot kitchen including the tempura and Chef Yamazaki Seiko for the sushi.

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