Run For Your Life


These guys are crazy to run 100k…

Run for your Life

“Run for your Life”
100km ultra-marathon fund-raising for Cancer patients

Witness a group of ultra-marathoners as they try to formally complete a 100km single-push distance across the cities in Metro Manila. Running 10km is a joy-ride, running a marathon of 42km is epic, but running 60km is crazy, so what is running 100km?!

But crazy or not, this is the challenge that a team has set for themselves, a team of various athletes- some weekend runners, while some more regular- but all with the same passion to run. And this time, they will not just run for challenge and satisfaction – they’ll run for a cause.

A million people die of cancer worldwide, some without the means for expensive therapies and medicines or even therapeutic interventions. Cancer victims from the lower bracket of the society are on daily struggle to fight for survival, to get the chance for cure and come back in the society or be with their families. Like running 100km continuously, it seemed hopeless and impossible to get that chance to eventually survive or cope up with the stress of this deadly disease. With the “Ultramarathon-100 for a Cause”, other victims may just have that chance…

Join the Cause!! Donate to the charity fund and let’s all help
For your pledges on every kilometer, and every kilometer that we run – we contribute directly to the cancer aid fund, and hope to improve the lives of cancer patients as they try to win the battle against this deadly disease.

We are all on the Run, for their Lives… 🙂

The Run

100 kilometers is an intimidating and offensively long distance to be covered on foot. We don’t know if our runners can finish a 100km ultra-marathon, and so we want to find out. They will all be doing this for the 1st time. Running a long distance of 100 km may be completed in the span of 11-16 hours for a 1st-timer. It is no easy task. At a certain distance, exhaustion, pain or injury may set in making – even the iron-willed long-distance veteran runner to quit. Not many people can even finish a full marathon of 42 km, imagine a 100km distance.

Why are they doing it? Every runner has his or her story, some do it as an ultimate test of human endurance, others, simply want to take on the challenge. But these runners don’t just run because they think they’re strong – they run because of their love of the sport, and the feeling of freedom that comes with it… But the joy of running is doubled when you know it carries a meaning, when it has a purpose… This July – the runners will not be running with just their legs and muscles – they’ll do it with their heart, the heart to run as a passion, and the heart to care for someone.

The Cause

The team will be running to help Kythe in their medical assistance support and “Child Life Program” . Kythe is an NGO that caters to the psycho-social needs of pediatric patients, in government hospitals around the country. They set up this Child Life Program in various government hospitals and their volunteer-specialists conducts developmental, educational and therapeutic interventions for children (and their families) under stress.

Kythe runs various activities and programs for pediatric patients, from in-house playroom activities, and bedside activities like reading books to children, to out-of-hospital trips like visiting zoos, museums, etc; With available but limited funds, they also cater to the medical needs of some indigent patients. It is currently supporting ~9 affiliate government hospitals, and has supported and uplifted the lives of hundreds of patients and their families. More difficult than running a distance of 100km, their task is way over challenging given the number of patients in various hospitals to support, and a very limited resources and fund to support them.

With the ultra-marathon for a cause campaign – we hope to raise fund and directly support the Medical Assistance and Child Life Programs, and uplift the lives of this children. Let’s all support them, thru your pledges or donations!

(for more information on Kythe – visit

4 thoughts on “Run For Your Life

  1. Thank you, Anton. I was president of Kythe Ateneo 2003-04 and you don’t know how much this means to me (and to the kids). 🙂

  2. Hi Anton! Thanks for posting this, it’s a great way to get the word around. I was the president of Kythe Ateneo 2005-06, and it’s always great and heartwarming to see others supporting our cause.
    Jaymie, I’m not sure if there’s a way for you to run a shorter distance for this particular fundraising event, but there are definitely a lot of other ways you can help the organization. We’re always on the lookout for more volunteers and/or donors. You can contact Kythe at (02)3763454 and look for Dianne or Cynthia. You can tell them I gave you the number in case they ask. You can also email me if you have questions. 🙂

  3. if i was there i will be joining this 100 kilometers but i must do it with an old junior high school mate even if it is a million miles marathon as long as rest-sleep-baths is o.k. in betweens….being good is different from being stupid ‘must keep that in mind’……i would like you to do-offer it again in 2009 surely i will be the first in line no matter how much weight-fat-old-out of shape i am definitely it won’t intimidate me at any costs so see all of you in 2009 if nature will permit-allow this time….

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