Filling Station Breakfast Celebration


Filling Station - 2
Filling Station along P. Burgos St., Makati City

After the Mommy Milkshake Marathon, we were driving around Makati to find a place to celebrate our 2k run. So, the 2k Finishers celebrated the run with Strawberry Milkshake and Tapsilog @ the Filling Station! We always wanted to eat in Filling Station because we heard so much about it. Breakfast is a good time to go and we are confident we can bring Aidan to this place. The place is open 24 hours but at night, you’ll get a “mixed crowd”. This diner which was established more than 10 years ago, also does a very good job of transporting you to a 50s-60s ambiance. Check out the photos…

Filling Station - 3
Aidan orders a strawberry shake! Check out the Filling Station Menu below…

Filling Station BreakFast Menu
Soups, Salads, Pizza, Pasta
Burgers, Sandwiches, Station Specialties, Steaks+Ribs+Chops
Filipino Favorites, Rice Dishes, Desserts

Filling Station - 4
Aidan and Elvis Presley…

Filling Station - 5
Aidan in the barbershop chair with Superman.

Filling Station - 7
Come on, Batman!

Filling Station - 8
Where is Spiderman, Aidan?

Filling Station - 15
The Strawberry Shake is a creamy with lots of calories and better than the Jollibee icy shake version. Aidan had to try his Momma’s shake even if he has his own. This was just one order but there was an overflow so they served to us…maybe after seeing Aidan =)

Filling Station - 17
Eggs Benedict (P260++). Two Toasted Muffin Halves topped with Grilled Ham Poached Egg & Hollandaise Sauce

I love the poached egg and sauce but was disappointed with the hard (days old perhaps) muffin halves.

Filling Station - 19
Steak & Eggs (P380++). Juicy tenderloin steak with 2 eggs and roasted potatoes.

This was expensive but the steak was indeed juicy and bigger than a normal fist. We had to exchange the potatoes to a garlic rice.

Filling Station - 21
Aidan loves bikes and he asked Rache to ride with him…

Filling Station - 23
Beef Tapa (P250++). Served with Two eggs (any style), garlic rice, atchara and tomatoes

Although I still love the Country Waffles Angus Beef Tapsilog, the filling station tapsilog version is a good alternative.


16 thoughts on “Filling Station Breakfast Celebration

  1. hi anton,
    you rock. you always post everything about the place, i just love it when you show the menu and the prices, helps a lot in decision-making.
    keep up the good work and god bless your family.
    btw, i’ll be more than happy if you can suggest some indian restaurants around QC and Ortigas, if you know some.

  2. hmmm, so they actually serve real food. this place always catch my attention with it’s big waiter-like thing outside. and what boggles me is what they actually mean by “filling” (being along the same street as “bottom’s”). actually burgos street’s diversity never fails to fascinate me whenever i drive by.
    filling station looks interesting, i may try it some time soon ;)thanks.
    btw, you may want to try yoo-hoo’s liempo, bbq and chicken. it used to be more of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place.

  3. i get to pass by filling station every single day on my way home from work. ive been wanting to check the place out but my only question is…wer to park? 🙂

  4. it is in the sleezy part of makati along P. Burgos… this is the street near Makati Ave going to Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge… It is the road that leads to Rockwell if you come from Makati Ave…

  5. Is this the same with the one in royal mile edinburgh UK? or the owner just used the name? i remembered eating there during my stay. and i sure enjoyed it. I just hope this filling station is not disapointing

  6. Hi! a nice blog ever…but wait, there’s a bar restaurant I found last week and it’s a nice restaurant too…..why don’t you feature this bar restaurant somewhere in Quezon City….take a look at their website …..””……

  7. hello mr.anton! i’m actually in filling station and will order the eggs benedict, thanks to you!. i was turned to your site recently and always come back for dining info. good stuff!

  8. do you know that aidan right now is the ONLY world famous bloggers toddler? …….and not very long from now he will be the world’s most photograph bloggers toddler in the wolrd…….and under the radar aidan will be the WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS TODDLER’S{face-name-mentioned}………i knew this boy is way more popular than i am LOL!……i feel neglected now LOL! just joking….who knows but maybe true……LOL!

  9. Hey guys! re: filling station …….ive been there and do you know that there is valet parking at d royal bellagio beside it. It is also owned by royal bellagio so there check out the place ……enjoy the food. I know i did!

  10. Hi. Have been to Filling Station and the food is really great. And so with the shakes! Never get tired of eating there especially the chorizo pasta and the milk shakes. Parking is no problem as they have valet parking (anytime). And the sidestreets are available for parking from 7pm – 7am.

  11. have you been to filling station? the name says it. sarap talaga pumunta sa filling station lalo na dun sa mini restaurant sa baba nila na bagong tayo sa entrance. burger and shakes naku ang sarap! lalo na yung pizza nila. no problem pa sa car mo kasi may valet parking sila and very attentive ang mga attendants.

  12. I was looking forward to experiencing the same enjoyment you had but alas, that was not to be so. This morning I entered the restaurant at about 0600 and it took a while and me grabbing a kitchen staff to be waited on. There was a girl at the cashier and another waitress close by her. I finally got to order and Amrican beakfast, eggs and sausage links. At 0625 breakfast was not yet served. It was a bad decision for me to go there. I am very disappointed at their poor service. This is one unhappy customer.

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