Mrs.Fields Cafe Bloggers Meet


Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

It was a good blogger’s meet-up in a soon-to-open Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe branch in Manila Pavilion. This meet-up was organized by Jayvee and served as a formal launching of his Blog and Soul movement with a tag line “If you blog it, they will come”. All the bloggers were treated to a buffet of pasta dishes and mini-burgers, free cookie samples, Mrs. Fields own line of gelato, and a take home cookie goodies. It was a nice treat from Mrs. Fields. It did not feel like a PR event but more of an EB of sort for FREE.

Some facts about Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe:

  • The first cookie cafe branch was opened in Trinoma and the second one will open soon in Manila Pavilion (sept. 1)
  • Mrs. Fields is now 30 years old when it was first opened in Palo Alto by Debbi Fields on August 13, 1977. In the Philippines, Mrs. Fields arrived 12 years ago.
  • They are relaunching the brand in the Philippines to attract the coffee crowd and the blogging crowd with wi-fi access (yes!)
  • It is a romanticized kitchen store concept which is a unique combination of home and kitchen in a modern cafe setting.
  • The brand was revitalized by the husband-and-wife team of Gerwyn and Sheryl See of Ababa corporation who bought the master franchise last year.

I love the way they are marketing the entire brand in all aspects. It was a good move to attract the blogging community. They brought it the full line of Mrs. Fields to the country and offering a wide assortment of products which include Big Cookie Cakes, Cookies N Cream Chillers, and Gelato with Mrs. Fields cookies made by Pazzo. They launched Cookie Jar which is the official local publication of Mrs. Fields in the Philippines and the first ever Cookie Club in Town. You can join by completing 10 visits with a minimum purchase of P250 pesos then availing discounts after.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet
We loved the cookies and their premium brownie collection which includes the Peanut Butter Dreambar. I liked the soft but firm-to-the-bite cookies with its no-holds-bar sweetness. The cookies are really too SWEET though, and one cookie is enough to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet
It was interesting to see a gelato line made by Pazzo exclusively for Mrs. Fields. Same with the cookies, it was too SWEET for me.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

Yummy Mrs. Fields muffins!

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

I liked this big cookie cakes which comes in 16-in round, half/ full rectangle sheet, and in 14 in heart shape form. This gave me the idea to order the round cakes for the birthday of my team members which can satisfy up to 16 people.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

The Dine Racoma Blogging clan with Mila Tan and the Noemi Dado blogging clan.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

Nina (, Ryan, and Melo of Lakbay Pilipinas.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

Marcel performed magic and despite the failed trick he was able to entertain the crowd.

Mrs. Fields Blogger Meet

Thanks to Gerwyn and Sheryl See for the warm welcome and for hosting the blog meet-up.


17 thoughts on “Mrs.Fields Cafe Bloggers Meet

  1. Ang bilis ng review ah. It was nice meeting the Diaz clan too. Where’s the photo of Aidan balancing the two boxes of cookies? Gee, Aidan is a natural model. tee hee.

  2. If the owners are reading this, please perform a surprise inspection on your Mrs. Fields Greenhills branch (the one next to Theater Mall). I was about to go in for brownies when I saw this humongous rat running around. Suffice to say I made a complete 180 and got out of there…

  3. Hey, how come runner-bloggers didn’t get invites? Don’t they know that we runners eat a lot of cookies too?! I personally prefer their oatmeal cookies because it makes me feel a wee bit healthier 🙂

  4. thanks jayvee!!
    that sounds like a good deal. will surely the giant cookie cake for my son on his birthday. i’m sure his friends will enjoy too.

  5. wow the cookies look great. i stopped by the kiosk at power plant mall right after reading this blog but i didnt see the giant cookies there. are they only available at the trinoma and un ave locations?

  6. i really love what they are doing with mrs. fields… reinventing the menu, place and more other stuff. =) goodbye diet! hello chocolate chip cookies yummy!

  7. i saw the cookie cake at mega mall. they also had a smaller version called a cookie card. i think it was P490-P495? it was nice. a cookie inside a card.

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