Wander-ful Show!

Wanders. (P100/ photo with cast members) Captivating, Timeless and Musical Delight. World-Class Entertainment, Never Seen Before.

Wanders is simply awesome. It is better to watch it without any expectation. It is like watching acrobatic acts of Cirque de Soleil, musical antics of the Blue Man group, and showmanship of a Las Vegas production. The production is created by the same group behind the production of Miss Saigon in Manila. The music is world class coming from the top musicians and singers in the industry. Calvin Millado plays the tour guide with Topper Fabregas and Cathy Azanza as Pol and Pola. Noni Buencamino acts and sings Elvis Presley and Austin Powers. The cast is reinforced by world class talents of the Russian dancers from Moscow and Belarussia and the Chinese acrobats from Henan province of China.

For me, the best ones are the Manuever’s version of the Blue Man Group where they use bamboo sticks and huge trash cans to create music. Although, I thought that sequence was too short and I was craving for more of Manuevers. We also like the chinese Flight of Love which reminded me of Cirque de Soleil’s Mystere show in Las Vegas. You should see the two lovers flying in the air and performing acrobatic stunts and “love scenes”. Lastly, I am amazed at the flexibility of the little chinese girls which you can see in this short video clip of Wanders.

It is still far from becoming a “world-class” show because the acrobats made mistakes. I’ve watched three shows of Cirque de Soleil and I’ve never seen any mistake in the execution of the stunts. They probably just need more practice. Also, I did not get the entire plot of the show. It appears that there was a tour guide who showed the different wonders of the world to a tourist couple. Then, they went to Las Vegas, China and other places. The tour ends in the Philippines where they “tried” to get audience participation in the final dance sequence of the show. They still have time to improve the overall story line and create a climactic ending.

Thanks to PAGCOR Chairman and CEO Efraim C. Genuino for believing in this Filipino produced world-class, family oriented entertainment. The show is for the entire family so I regret that I did not bring Aidan to watch the show. I hesitated to bring him along because I thought it was inappropriate to bring him to the Casino at night.

Captivating, timeless, a musical delight…
WANDERS is a one-of-a-kind musical extravaganza that top bills our best homegrown talents in the entertainment scene. It showcases world-class Filipino performers who are out to captivate audiences with soulful renditions of timeless classics and vibrant dance numbers. A fusion of cultures, the show also highlights gravity-defying aerial acrobatics and stunning displays of skills by flamboyant performers from China and Russia.

PAGCOR Grand Theater ,Airport Casino Filipino
Parañaque City, Metro Manila
Date: July 21 to Dec. 29
Telephone Number: +632 852 7758/ 54, +632 851 7690
Ticket Prices: P3000, P2500, P2000, P1500, P1200 via Ticketworld
Officiate Website: Casino Filipino Online Wanders

14 thoughts on “Wander-ful Show!

  1. Ang bilis talaga mag post. Thanks for the plug Anton. Am glad you enjoyed the show:)
    P.S. I would like to know where that picture came from, hehe. (meron din si Nina)

  2. I saw the show and also loved it. But I agree with you, Anton, the plot makes no sense. Better to just scrap the whole plot and turn the show into an old school circus with a ringmaster cueing each act or as a bodabil variety show with act after act after act.
    Jennifer, don’t be turned off by the price. It is really worth each centavo.

  3. well…..i saw bit of the clip and i say just with costumes and hardworks they’re worth every centavos any prices less than that is CRUEL…at least they are not alcoholics-drug addicts-thieves-smugglers-gamblers-scammers-bank robbers but legitimate HARDWORKING INDIVIDUALS WHO USES THEIR INDIVIDUAL SKILLS AND TOOK BIG RISKS…… what more can i say….TO IMPROVE-SATISFY THE UNSATISFIED I SAY ADD ANYTHING WITHIN YOUR MEANS-INDIVIDUAL SAFETY FIRST…..say add some story tellings in the beginning or show world catasthropic events like after wars where humans are suffering without food shelter clothing where everything in the world is dark-dead then show a few small groups formed-practice in some corners around the world decided to entertained the people around them to uplift unhappiness thru arts in the form of costumes-bravada’s-dangerous but artistic skills called acrobatics then public crowds money poured in-tears-hunger-sufferings turned into cheers-smiles-laughters-excitments then new stage background pictures films created colors and sounds of different kinds’spotlights’ projecting prospering groups of small artists in the form of acrobats caming from all over the world in one performing event called
    ‘wander-ful show!’ ending of the show focus on silent darkness spotlight will focus on another kind of ‘CHEERS-TEARS-HAPPINESS AND HOPES’ OF THIS NEW WORLD IN THE FORM OF ARTS…..end of the story telling curtains drop…..goodnight

  4. it’s normal to make mistakes 🙂 anyways, yes. the blue man! 🙂 bitin nga un blue man nila…haha 🙂 go manoeuvres!!!! 🙂 i love them..so proud of my kuyas. 🙂 and hotlegs too. our own are great performers 🙂

  5. hi anton.. we’re planning to watch Wanders… what’s the best seat ba? =) the 2500? coz we don’t wanna be too close the stage baka hindi namin masyadong ma-enjoy? thanks!

  6. ….a new contemporary acrobatic shows would be something like having a girl singing in beautiful captivating french song like i’ve cried enough but in french language you’ll need sophisticated well mannered maybe like that famous child singer in switzerland & europe name lica de guzman translating some life angles while it is interpreted in acrobats performances….that will make me pay double & cry at the same time lol!

  7. ….also….strange that a lot of european patrons find PRADA FALL 2008 runway FASHION COLLECTIONS AN EERIE eperienced some patrons even suggested a frightening mafia like sense of presence in that fall 2008 collections video in internet {youtube}….i thought it was ‘interesting’ the style kind i like{when i was thin not fatter like now}’strong’ powerful INTIMIDATING presicionist ‘accomplished’ woman to look seen wearing in business activities even in corporate meetings….the kind of women i want to look at face to face….the kind of futuristic acrobatic costumes wardrobes but mixed with 20% spandex….that would be ONE very ‘interesting’ show to see….

  8. you mean like josefina’s outfit when she came to visit with american dignitaries back in the 80’s lol

  9. hi, mr. anton.
    can i know if this musical wanders and the new musical flow is still on going? is it still showing?

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