Takbo Para Kay Ariel


Takbo Para Kay Ariel
H@ppy Feet Members running for 2nd Lieutenant Ariel M. Toledo

TAKBO PARA KAY ARIEL. Sino ba si Ariel?
“This is a FUN RUN for a Cause. Proceeds will go to 2nd Lieutenant Ariel M.Toledo, Phil. Airforce, Philippine Military Academy Class of 2006-MANDALA’s Magna Cum Laude and Valedictorian, 27 years old, who has been orphaned and now diagnosed with Cancer of the Bile Duct. He is in need of an amount of US$55,000.00 or approximately Php2,600,000.00 for one continuous therapy and Php2Million to cover other expenses for his sustenance and pending bills to be paid in different hospitals. His story was recently featured in ABS-CBN’s Maalala Mo Kaya (June 20, 2007). “

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Takbo Para Kay Ariel

I’m happy that I met the H@ppy Feet runners group. These group are passionate about running and even supports causes such as Takbo Para Kay Ariel. I met them in the blogosphere when I was preparing for my Milo Marathon and looking for blogger runners. These group of people are the official source of runner’s information in Manila!

Here is an un-official list of H@ppy Feet Blogger Runners:

The Bull Runner (thebullrunner.com) Coffee Mug (banggigay.wordpress.com)
o.O Surviving this lonely planet (renz.ticsay.ph)
Photographer on the Run (benmchan.blogspot.com)
RUNNING DIVA (jambalayamuzika.blogspot.com)
Habang Tumatakbo (tackbow.blogspot.com)
a one-live cat’s life (witchkitty.blogs.friendster.com/the_kitty_cats_blog)
Hit me with your best shot… (hitme64.wordpress.com)

Takbo Para Kay Ariel
Congratulations to the Bull Runner for winning the 5th Place for Women Runners!

Takbo Para Kay Ariel
I felt very good about my run yesterday because I was able to sustain a 9 minutes run / 1 minute walk pacing. I run around 45 minutes which is not bad. BTW, thanks to the companies who supported the Takbo para kay Ariel. We need more companies supporting runs for a cause such as this!



2 thoughts on “Takbo Para Kay Ariel

  1. Sirs and Mesdames, in behalf TAKBO PARA KAY ARIEL COre Group, thank you very much for bearing with us and supporting our project. Many thanks from Ariel and Gie. God Bless!!

  2. ei! thanks for the link! sayang di ako nakasama on this race. but i did register, unless mon wasn’t able to include me. 🙂 hope to meet you next time anton!
    this has always been a nice site! cheers!

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