Takbo Para Kay Ariel


He is in need of an amount of US$55,000.00 or approximately Php2,600,000.00 for one continuous therapy and Php2Million to cover other expenses for his sustenance and pending bills to be paid in different hospitals….  Here is an un-official list of H@ppy Feet Blogger Runners: The Bull Runner (thebullrunner.com) Coffee Mug (banggigay.wordpress.com) o.O Surviving this lonely planet (renz.ticsay.ph) Photographer on the Run (benmchan.blogspot.com) RUNNING DIVA (jambalayamuzika.blogspot.com) Habang Tumatakbo (tackbow.blogspot.com) a one-live cat’s life (witchkitty.blogs.friendster.com/the_kitty_cats_blog) Hit me with your best shot… (hitme64.wordpress.com) Congratulations to the Bull Runner for winning the 5th Place for Women Runners!