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For those who missed Rockwell’s Bakers Fair last September, here are the run down of the Best of Baker’s Fair and their contact information! It was a cupcake overload baker’s fair and I blame Sonja’s cupcake for creating this cupcake craze. According to Ange, they extended the fair to all weekends of October. Enjoy!

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Sans Rival Chips (90g@P150; 225g@P450; 450g@P780). Cashew meringue wafer chips served with vanilla buttercream dip.
It is healthier than your usual sansrival because you have the option to dip your chips into the buttercream or just eat it by itself. We loved this! This is my kind of sansrival, just the meringue and you can control the amount of butter you take in.

Pattycake Desserts Bar:
9/F Food Arcade Annex, Philamlife Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas Ave, Makati.
+632 889.1609; +63 920.9544960.
Please order 2-3 days before.

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Chocolate Ganache (8″ round@P600; loaf size@P460). We just loved Karen’s Chocolate Ganache cake and Xanadu cake! I’m glad to finally meet her in person and the good thing about the baker’s fair is that the owners are present and selling their goods. I also like their apple pie version. Sarap!

KEY Specialty Foods

428 Adalla St., Palm Village, Makati
+632 898.2280; +63 917.key4you
Please order 24 hours ahead from Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 6.00pm.

Here’s what I had to say back in Oct 2005 and still believe it so!…Best Chocolate Ganache in Manila! ?

lBest of Baker's Fair-3.JPG
Chocolate Molten Lava Cupcake (P50/ Cupcake). One of their bestseller!

Bohemia Cakes and Pastries
+632 807.1266; +63 917.8430915

Best of Baker's Fair-6.JPG
Butter Cake (Slices@P20, small loaf@P150). Need I say more? This butter cake has been around and my wife keeps on buying this whenever she sees their stall in bazaars, Salcedo Weekend market and Glorietta 3 food court.

Vargas Kitchen
49 Pili Avenue, Forbes Park, Makati
+632 810.7529; +632 817.8483

Best of Baker's Fair-5.JPG
Tried this one just last month…check out my post: Screaming O of Cuptails & Dreams

Cuptails & Dreams
Reena Francisco
Mobile: +63 927-5653261
Orders by the dozen (maximum of 3 flavors per dozen, or 4 pieces per flavor). P650
Pick-up points in Quezon City, Makati (tue, wed, and fri only), and Las Pinas.
Please order 3 days in advance.
Cupcake towers available for parties & events (minimum of 100 cupcakes, maximum of 5 flavors per tower).

Best of Baker's Fair-9.JPG
If I were to go back to Baker’s Fair, that is to try out Elaine’s cakes.

Cosmo Bread by Elaine Lo
228 Ortigas Ave., SJ
+632 366.4725; +63 922.4874565
Please allow 2-3 days lead time.

Best of Baker's Fair-8.JPG
Cupcakes! Almost everybody is into cupcakes! Cupcake overload! Looks divine! Ange also makes frozen brazo that is great for parties and gatherings!

Check out my previous post: Frozen Brazo by Ange. It was great to see become successful ever since we met her a few months ago.

Sweet Life by Angge
75 Amorsolo Street San Lorenzo Village Makati.
+63 917.8238198

Best of Baker's Fair-10.JPG
Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas de Leche (P250/box). While they also offer ube flavored pastillas, we still prefer their pastillas de leche. Great for pasalubongs! My sis-in-law just loves them! (See my previous post: Lecheng Pastillas ‘to) I would love to meet Iya though.
ruit stall in Market! Market!
+632 729.0325


26 thoughts on “The Best of Baker’s Fair @ Rockwell

  1. elaine’s cakes are the best! i tried a lot of her cakes and cookies. Some of my favorites are tia maria (coffee-flavored cake), chocolate chip cookies, and devil’s fruit cake (with marshmallow icing)! yummy!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me, Anton! Next time you go, I will let you try my cheesecake cookies. They’re really unique and have gotten a tremendous response from customers.
    Just wanted to inform you that there will be an extension of the Baker’s Dozen fair all weekends of October and “The Sweet Life” will be participating, along with Sanlo’s Famous, Vargas and others. Please do check it out if you have time!

  3. everything looks yummy!!!
    i don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that i missed it, since i’m on a ‘diet’ right now. it will sure mess my diet! hahaha

  4. Baker’s Dozen will be extended for the Holidays! Please come and visit them every weekends at the Concourse area of the Power Plant. For the weekends of October they will be positioned towards the True Value area to give way to other product exhibits. True Value is located also at the Concourse level of Power Plant. Hope to see all of you there!

  5. I missed it, darn. But I did get to sample some of those sans rival chips when an officemate brought them to work yesterday. Oh wow, they were divine.

  6. hi anton! i agree, i love love love the sansrival chips!! i was also able to try coffee flavored cupcakes by Minnie Puno. she was there during the 1st two weeks i think Ü yay! they’re extending for october? that’s great news! that gives me another reason to go to rockwell this weekend. 1st the negros fair at the tent and this is the 2nd.

  7. haay i should go!! can’t believe i haven’t been there the whole month of september. bf loves the pastries at bazaars pa naman. 🙂 good thing it’s extended till october.

  8. I went there last Friday…wala ung Sans Rival Chips! 🙁 Ka-sad! I got the buttercake na lang…I’ve always like it naman e…Iya’s pastillas is really good too..but I can buy anytime from the stall at Market2! naman e…

  9. Great reviews Anton! These deserts look divine!!! In case you didn’t know, there is this best kept secret in Batangas City. I was given a gift once of a sampler of the cheesecakes. It is honestly the best here in the Philippines. It is homemade like most good food here in Manila. If you want to try it their number is (043)7231761 and the goods are by Myra Kabatay. I really think it is worth a try. She makes really good brownie squares too with cheesecake filling in it. Yummmmmmy!

  10. Hi anton! For those who missed this.. Baker’s Fair at Rockwell has been extended all weekends of October.. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
    Went there last Sunday, and what can I say?.. YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

  11. Finally i found this website! I have been craving for the lace crisp by “SUCRE ET SET” oopss i hope got it right…thought Cebu’s lace crisp was the best!!! The lola was right, that this LACE CRISP of DASMA VIll is better than the Cebu’s. Guys i hope you can help me find the baker, my kids are craving too, can’t go to Cebu now to get it but only at DASMA VILL.. anyone pls? will share this website with my friends & officemates.. 🙂

  12. I very recently got to try the cupcakes of Sweet Life and I totally loved them! I shouldn’t really be eating that much sweets but they were just too difficult to resist. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll still be in Power Plant tomorrow. I just gotta have a 2nd round! =)

  13. hi! the lace crisps from dasma are made by roselyn tiangco. not sure about the exact address but the number is 8120908. a MUST try is her banana toffee pie. so so YUMMY.
    hope this helps. haven’t tried her lace crisps but i super LOVE the one from Cebu! must try hers now…

  14. hi anton! i have some good news for u the baker’s fair will be back starting next weekend! yahoooo just saw the banners around rockwell last friday 🙂

  15. They have this on again this year! I was there on Saturday and I was so happy to see that ESTREL’s CARAMEL CAKES were there.

  16. yes the BEST blueberry cheesecakes are from BATANGAS CITY, made by a very pretty , petite housewife named Myra Atienza Kabatay… made from scratch with the finest ingredients…every bite is heaven… they are simply divine.. if you wanna try you can call her at (043)723-1761.It is truly the most delicious in the Philippines!!! She also makes those yummy Crossroads Squares which are also the best brownies with cheesecake filling…ummmm!!!

  17. i’ve been to some far places and whenever there’s a chance to eat cakes, i cant stop myself comparing to myra’s blueberry cheesecakes from batangas city! hers is really really better!!!

  18. Hi, where can I get the jumbo pastillas? What number do I contact?
    Please e-mail me the details.
    Thanks so much!

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