Learnings from the Transit Photo Contest


Mayon Seaport by Gary Mart Domingo.jpg
1st Place: Mayon Seaport by Gary Mart Domingo


Congratulations to the Transit Photo Contests Winners Gary Mart Domingo, Arnold Jumpay, and Maylene Espera! I want to share my thoughts on why my photos did not win so that I can improve my shots for the succeeding contest. You might benefit from this too especially for those who wants to join such contest in the future. But I’m still happy that two of my photos were short listed as finalist. (You can see all the photos below)

On the Go, Lokal! Transit Photo Contest

Transit Photo Contest Theme:
Summer Destination Pictures of the Best Destinations the Philippines – like Siargao, Bohol, Boracay, Pagudpud, Batanes, Cebu , and other vacation destinations. Photos may include famous landmarks like historical churches and houses, animals, rivers, beaches, etc.

Learnings from the Transit Photo Contest

1. Tell a unique story about the Philippines’ Destination.
First, you need to be able to identify where the place is by taking photos of the popular landmarks and places. I noticed that there are a lot of great shots of unknown beautiful places but the judges might not appreciate where it is. At least that is my hypothesis. Since it is a popular travel destination, you need to make sure that you take a unique angle on it like Mayon and the Port, Boracay and the silver surfer. Most importantly, the photo needs to tell a story especially that this is a newsprint medium so it needs to have a photo journalistic appeal.

2. Take the shot, Enter the contest, and Do a Post Analysis
You don’t need to be a pro to win in these contest. What is important is that whenever you take photos, you have to automatically have these kind of contests in mind. Make sure that you submit your photos so that you have a fighting chance because you’ll never know if you’ll win. It does not matter if you win or lose, what is important is that you learn from it. So, visit the exhibit of the winners and this is a good way also to develop your photographic eye.

That’s it! See the other winning photos below and my two photos that entered as finalist.


Bora Beach by Arnold Jumpay.jpg
2nd Place: Bora Beach by Arnold Jumpay

Not Your Silver Surfer by Maylene Espera.jpg
3rd Place: Not Your Silver Surfer by Maylene Espera

Solitude in an Island of Balesin by Jose Antonio Diaz.jpg
Finalist: Solitude in an Island of Balesin by Jose Antonio Diaz

Kayaking in Big Lagoon by Jose Antonio Diaz.jpg

Finalist: Kayaking in Big Lagoon by Jose Antonio Diaz

5 thoughts on “Learnings from the Transit Photo Contest

  1. wow that 1st place photo really is something!not your typical mayon photo.
    you’re photos still are serene and lovely 🙂 being a finalist (with 2 entries to boot) is a great accomplishment too. congrats 🙂

  2. I like the composition and the color tones of your image. I haven’t tried to shoot Mayon in that vantage point and elements. My congratulations to you sir. Cheers!

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