Green Hat SEO Practices


in support of the Blog Action Day

It is NOT about the money, it is about following GREEN SEO best practices to protect the internet environment. I firmly believe that protecting the environment begins with the mindset and values of each person. Bloggers, in particular, should start with themselves and follow these GREEN SEO best practices suggestion:

1. Don’t Pollute the Internet with crappy and spamy sites. Why create an adsense site that does not contribute and make a difference in the internet? Instead create websites that would live forever and people will remember you even after you die. Start an advocacy campaign on things that you are passionate about.

2. Follow the Google Terms of Service. I’ve been slapped once by Google for still unknown reasons and I was put on the secondary index. It could be that I violated Google’s TOS and since I’m back in the SERPS, I learned not to ever violate it in whatever form.

3. Don’t sell the soul of your blog for a link to spammy sites. Would you link to a crappy site for $100? Most of us would but if you can resist that temptation, it is a good way to reinforce your self discipline. Don’t link or support ads from porn related sites.

4. Buy only licensed product and Don’t violate Copyright. Do you download pirated software or pirated music on the net? Or maybe, you set up a lyrics site that violate copyright? Do you download all rights reserved photos and use it on your own? Do you plagiarize? It starts with you and resist that temptation to violate the natural laws of what ever you believe in.

5. Don’t comment just to put a link to your blog. Why spam the comments section just to put a link back to your site? To increase your technorati ranking on your own? If you need to link, link to the permalink of a blog post. Or those people who spam the forums creating two login accounts and create a fight between the two login accounts just to create a link to your blog? Let nature takes it course. If you have good content, links will follow.

6. Be honest about your identity. Be a man and don’t put anonymous identity in the comments section. If you have a point of view put a valid email address and not just a generic email like, etc.

7. Support worthy causes like Blog Action Day. Evil only wins if the good people don’t act. Support advocacy like Blog Action Day, Filipina writing project, Sports for a cause activities, etc.

8. Donate your adsense earnings to organization that protect the environment. It is NOT all about the money. You have to give back to the environment in your own way. Believe me it will return to you a hundred fold.

9. Don’t go to porn sites. Trekkie Monster once said that the Internet is for Porn and a lot of guys would laugh. You’ll just be populating your browser cache with such junk if you patronize these porn sites. This is the ultimate self-discipline test for any bloggers out there.

10. Teach your children about Green Hat SEO practices. Everything starts when you are young. By about 3+, I’m sure Aidan would start blogging and I’ll start to teach him the right way to do it. He knows texting and blogging words already and he would often tell us No Text or No Blog when he wants to play with us and even close our laptop and get our cellphones.

Any other suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Green Hat SEO Practices

  1. What is SERPS and TOS and how are you expected to know when something violates google’s terms? Seems weird that they wouldn’t tell you what happened so you could avoid it the next time.

  2. Hi anton, guess you have good intention publishing this article..but no need to attack John Ritter he just expressed his opinion the way you did on your blog..i think it’s what make blogging richer..these exchange of opinion….

  3. i agree with the idea of protecting the internet environment..but dont you think your suggestions are way too pretentious….

  4. Here are a few contributions:
    – check your grammar and spelling (ooh, this blog is so full of grammatical errors!)
    – be responsible and don’t use your blog to wield power you really don’t have
    – don’t be abusive to the point of punishing with a bad review restaurants that don’t give you what you want
    – FACT CHECK! Names of people, nationalities, addresses, etc.

  5. @Miles — you’re right, it did not come out right. Shouldn’t use the email as an example.
    @Mickey — it could be… but I was already burned a few times because I did not follow it… so these are learnings that I want to capture during my 2+ years of blogging.
    @Maria — Thanks for adding to the list and constructive feedback… we’ll definitely improve on it. Sometimes, I write with the search engine in mind, which should not be the case.

  6. just to say i dont agree with number 5 suggestion. i dont believe that there are people that just leave their comment so we visit their blog…we give our comment becoz we support each other’s causes…and putting a link in one’s blog is very healthy way in making this blogging experience a live….

  7. I hope Anton you would find time to read, edit, and correct your grammatical errors.
    Your La Salle educators would surely frown on your numerous grammatical mistakes ie subject-verb agreement, and use of the appropriate tenses.
    Reading it downgrades the concept of Filipinos’ superior skills of speaking the English language.

  8. I have read numerous entries by Anton and frankly, I don’t mind the “errors” in his grammar. I think he expresses himself well and sends his message across in his blogsite.
    Nobody is perfect. Alot of the Europeans and Americans whose native language is English don’t care about the grammar as long as they get their point across.

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