Josh Groban in Manila, Last Leg of Awake World Tour


Josh Groban in Manila

He was only 17 years old when David Foster discovered Josh Groban and that was 9 years ago and finally, he gets to perform here in Manila! I liked the Josh Groban self titled album released in 2001 and the Closer album released in 2003. I should have listened to the Awake album before I watched the show because some of the songs do not resonate with us. The grand finale song was Awake and it was the first time I heard it. So I guess, I’m not a die hard Grobanite after all.

Up Closer with Josh Groban with Ricky Lo

Josh sang our favorite songs like: You Raise Me Up, To Where You Are, She’s Out of My Life, Remember When it Rained and the Prayer. One of the awesome concert moment last night was the duet of Lani Misalucha and Josh Groban on The Prayer while I’m hugging my wife. It was also fun to watch the UP singing ambassadors who were the backup singers in the song, You Raise Me Up. Feel na feel nila yung kanta ๐Ÿ™‚ We also loved the solo performances of Lucia the violinist. Galing!

It was disappointing that Josh did not sing “You’re Still You”. This was our ultimate theme song and I can still remember this was the song when Rache walked down the aisle during our wedding in Caleruega. Why oh why, Josh?! Most people were waiting for Josh to sing this song during his encore performances but all of us got disappointed.

Is paying more than P3,000 worth it? Yes, if you want to get a closer look at Josh and get a good picture of him and possibly with him. Even the P25,000 crowd was crazy over Josh when he decided to sing his song amongst the crowd. I would have paid for more if I realized that camera and video taking was allowed. In any case, the P3,000 balcony seats were OK already since you watch the concert to hear his voice. Thanks to Gerald for the MTV complimentary tickets!

I liked it every time Josh would converse to the audience during his spiel in between the songs. He is young, funny and cute, as the ladies around us would shout. There are girls shouting “I Love You Josh” and he would respond back with “I Love You More”. He was cool when a mother brought her daughter up the stage to give Josh roses and have a picture.

It was almost sold out alright with only a few seats not occupied. But there is no doubt that it was priced so high that it seems you are paying for the two days concert performance. I share Nikka’s disappointment in her post No More Josh Groban for me.


PS. I have three extra copies of the People Asia October Issue where Josh Groban is the cover page. This was used as the “souvenir program” for the night. Email me if you like to get my extra copies and send me your address so that I can mail it to you.

25 thoughts on “Josh Groban in Manila, Last Leg of Awake World Tour

  1. please…. it’s #1 balete street south forbes park makati 1220
    i heard the smart infinity gala last 17th was worth it… for me, hmmm a p25k ticket is still ohhh soo pricey. so i hope you still have extra copies as of today ๐Ÿ™‚ (jay jornales)
    ps. more power. love your site!

  2. WOW, you’re sooooo soooo lucky, Anton. Please may I have one? (If yes, I will email my address.) My twin sister very much wanted to watch but its sooo expensive. I can’t afford to spend that much on a concert and she can’t go if I don’t go. But I’m beginning to regret it now that I read all these reviews about how sweet and wonderful he is. I’m sooooo GREEN (parang la salle). Thanks. Do u have pictures pala? pls share. =)

  3. would you really send an extra copy? i really don’t know you and vice versa. but i love reading your posts, very interesting and helpful as well. anyway, hope to hear from u..
    ps. your son is cute and ur wife is very pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ its always nice to see someone so inlove with his family.

  4. Hey Anton, I guess I am too late to request a copy of that magazine, and I am way over here in the US, but if there is any way I could get a copy from someone, I would reward them by sending them a Josh pillow! I make pillows with Josh photos on them! (Yes, it’s sounds nutty, I know…. lol). I also run a Josh forum here:
    Everyone is welcome to check it out! I try to keep up with all the latest news about Josh! (Warning: it’s a PUB…har har har…..:-)….)

  5. Hi Anton! Would really be glad if I could have one of your extra copies of the magazine. . I really wanted to watch the show but the prices of the tickets were just too much. Anyway, my address is 711-C Lunas St., Mandaluyong City. Thanks a lot and more power to you!

  6. Hi Anton,
    I would really love to have a copy to pass on to Josh’s mother…I am in the US and would be happy to Pay Pal you the cost of mailing it to me…
    Alice Quade
    8032 29th Ave NW
    Seattle, WA 98117

  7. Hi Anton! If you have any extra copies, I would like to purchase one from you. I would be happy to cover the cost of postage and your troubles. I live here in the US. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Anton,
    I am probably too late to request one of your copies of the above magazine. If by chance you have a copy left, I would appreciate if you could let me know. I am an avid fan of Josh’s and collect as much memorabilia as I can pertaining to him. If you are out of copies, is it possible to let me know how I could obtain a copy of such from the publisher? Thanks ever so much!

  9. hi anton, i’d like to share with you this exchange my wife and i had over the josh groban:
    Ligaw days:
    Levy: You like ricky martin, di ba? You want to watch his concert?
    Married (7 years later):
    Ellet: I want to watch josh groban…
    Levy: Bumili ka na lang ng cd niya…
    I heard josh groban wants to come back to manila and this time, the concert would be at the araneta coliseum (less pricey tickets). I hope this is true so i can make it up to my wife:)

  10. Hi Anton,
    I guess I’m too late to get hold of a copy from you, but could you look inside the magazine for me and let me know what the photo credits are, please? Many thanks. And thanks for posting that pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Anton, my name’s Farida and I live in Perth. I had the privilege of seeing him live in concert as he finished his last leg of his Australian tour. This tour is called the AWAKE tour, so it would be quite obvious if he sang most of his songs from that album. You should get it. It’s absolutely gorgeous; his best album yet! I ‘ve read a lot of people writing in concerned about high ticket prices in Manila. It’s a shame that true Grobanites couldn’t see his concert, and yet all these ‘elite’ few were able to. I wonder if they were really Josh Groban fans??!! He’s one of the nicest guy you could ever meet (I know, I’ve met him, too!) I hope next time he visits Manila, his real fans will get a chance to see him perform live.

  12. Dear Anton–
    Is there any way any of us American fans can get copies of your magazine. I would really like one.
    Thank you,
    Carol O.
    P.S. I have heard some rumors out here that Josh was not too happy that the tickets for his concert were so expensive and, therefore, excluding some people and that the concerts were by invitation only.

  13. Hi Anton,
    I guess it’s quite late for that copy.But if there still is the address is Department of Pathology, East Avenue Medical Center. East Ave, QC. I had to contend myself listening to his CDs since the ticket price is quite expensive. I’ve also listened to his Christmas CD. Just love his voice.

  14. You’re right anton ๐Ÿ™‚ His concert was so awesome. I was swooning in my seat when he sang So she dances. Although the tickets were 5 thou a piece it was so worth the price. The only bad thing about it was him not singing When you say you love me. That song would’ve made his concert complete for me.

  15. ……josh groban’s ‘ let me fall ‘ is one of my favorite after ‘ lost without you ‘ by: bread…..followed by ‘ i’ll be seeing you ‘…..’ amazed ‘ ‘ how am i supposed to live without you ‘ by michael bolton and ‘ stan ‘ by a great wonderful heavenly singer named DIDO with eminem….
    they too should have concert in the philippines DIDO in particular… will love her cil.

  16. hi! i was at the oct 18 concert and as far as i could remember, josh sang you’re still you at the encore (he even mentioned that he sang it for ally mcbeal). what he didn’t sing was “to where you are”. plus, i agree that it’s really so much better if one was an awake-cd fan too since most of the songs were from that album. it was good that i had been listening to the awake cd since last december 2006. if not, i think i wouldn’t have enjoyed the concert to bits. :-)btw, i still have 2 extra copies of that mag in case you’ve had too many requests.

  17. Hi Anton,
    Do u still have a copy of dat magazine josh groban? can o have one and pls send it to 5 Finance St Victoria Village Proj 8 Q.C…thanks a lot po…btw, are u d owner of antonio’s grill or breakfast at antonio’s tagaytay? or any relation at all? or is there a hotel or resort ng antonio’s? lagi kami sa resto na yan but cant locate if ders a hotel….nways pls email me nalan if u have answer on my query at thnks nd regards

  18. Although I was not fortunate enough to have watched the show, I can feel your disappointment Anton when Josh did not sing “You’re Still You”. This is also my ultimate song! I used the main theme of the song and its tune when I dedicated to my wife Baby the building (CEV Mansion)which I built for two years using all our available resources and credits. I am privileged to have merited the friendship of Ed Manguiat and his U.P. Singing Ambassadors who patiently helped me out in singing the song which I titled “IKAW LAMANG” I have likened the building to my love for my wife which I have been professing for three decades now. The song ends with these lines:
    Asero’t kongkreto tatag lakas ang simbolo
    Moog ng pag-ibig na di maguguho
    Magunaw man ang buong mundo
    Ikaw lamang ang mahal ko
    Kailan ma’y di magbabago
    Music, indeed, is the language of the soul! A very powerful language at that. So powerful that it can make millions fall in love with Josh. So powerful that it can make you and I feel more deeply in love with our wives!

  19. Hi! It was such an experience singing back up for Josh Groban. Only regret though is that we didn’t get to see the concert because we were backstage most of the time. =(
    Josh seemed like a really nice guy, though. (Grabe nga lang talaga ang security.)
    Visit my site at I have posted a video there.

  20. hi anton! thank you for the mag. this is sooo delayed, i know — just got back!!! can’t thank you enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

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