The Rebirth of Chateau 1771 @ Greenbelt 5

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Congratulations to Chateau 1771 for a successful dry run over the weekend! They invited friends and family of the owners last weekend to try out Chateau 1771 for FREE while they fine tune the operation of their kitchen. We got a slot for last Sunday’s brunch @ Chateau 1771 and we fell in love with the interiors, the food, and warm service. I personally love the high ceiling which gives it a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Loyal followers of Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas will be happy to know that their favorite resto has a new home at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. They have the best location and is very close to the sacred grounds of the Greenbelt Church. You can hear mass in the morning and have Sunday Brunch with family or friends after. Chateau 1771’s grand opening is today, November 28.

Chateau 1771-5
I’m personally happy that syoti Joshua was able to join us in trying out Chateau 1771. My brother Rommel also joined us for the Sunday Brunch @ Chateau. The breakfast menu reminded us of our Portico Breakfast in Serendra.

Check out their menu:
Filipino and American Breakfast | French Toast, Pan de sal Sandwiches, Healthy Breakfast, French Omelette |Specialty of the House, Appetizers, Soups and Salads | Poultry, Meat, Seafood and Pasta | Coffee and Tea | Desserts

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Kesong Puti, Crumbled Chorizo Pandesal and hot chocolate (3pcs) (P250 +sc) and,
Native Beef Tapa (P280 +sc) served with fried/ scrambled egg, salted egg & garlic rice with a choice of drink with 1 refill (coffee, tea or chocolate)

The pandesal was not worth it while the beef tapa was decent. I still miss Country Waffle’s Angus Beef Tapa which is reasonably priced at P250++. I’ve craved for it but I cannot have it anymore.

Chateau 1771-14
Tinapang Boneless Bonuan Bangus (P340 +sc). Smoked fish for breakfast, definitely low fat. My kind of breakfast. It was not too salty and perfect with the salted egg.

Chateau 1771-11
Baguio Longganisang Durog (P260++). Reddish, crumbled & crisp. We like our longganisa that are sweet and crunchy.

Chateau 1771-2
This is the facade of Greenbelt 5. Chateau 1771 is located on the left side, ground floor.

Chateau 1771-1
In front of Chateau 1771 is a spacious plaza and a view of Greenbelt 3.

Chateau 1771-30
Welcome Joshua to Our Awesome Planet!!

Contact Information:

729.9760; 729.9761; 0917.862.6467; 0920.951.9565 (Ms TJ)

G/F GB5 Ayala, Makati

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12 thoughts on “The Rebirth of Chateau 1771 @ Greenbelt 5

  1. salamat for taking the time to feature all these goodies you’ve discovered. makes my day. one place i know for sure fooodlovers with kids like you would enjoy is angel’s kitchen in greenhills. masarap to the last takeout. from the toast/dip served soon as you arrive all the way deserts plus the googies in the traiteur to take home or gift to friends & family. really!

  2. Congratulations on the gorgeous specimen of boyhood that is the newest addition to your family, Joshua! Make sure lang that his yaya can pronounce his name correctly ha?! Have you ever heard Kris Aquino’s husband James refer to her elder son? “Dyos” ko ‘day!

  3. Yey, I love Chateau 1771. Especially their Hunters Chicken. I did a study/research paper back in college for their Ortigas branch and very nice yung marketing person nila. so i became a fan. Super cutie Baby Joshua and Ahya Aidan.

  4. Hi anton!
    Just wanted to welcome Joshua to the blogging world. =)
    Btw, I was scouting for a wedding photographer, and Mango Red is on our shortlist. While browsing their site, I saw Aidan’s pic (in your brother’s wedding yata). I really love this kid’s face — so cute, so innocent, yet pilyo at the same time. =)

  5. He is sooooo cute! Aidan is a kuya now.
    Is the rest of Greenbelt 5 open na? I heard Chef Baba Ibazeta is opening her first outlet of Classic Confections there. Can’t wait!
    Will try Chateau 1771.

  6. Congratulations on the new member of the family! Joshua is so adorable just like his bro Aidan! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  7. thank you very much for posting these wonderful pictures and detailed descriptions you have! I enjoyed them very much. Very thorough and entertaining and informative. Again, thank you!

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