We love our Sanuk Sandals!!

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We LOVE our Sanuk Sandals! Sanuk is a thai name for Pursuit of Happiness. It is definitely better than Crocs in terms of comfortability. It is a perfect Christmas gift for surfer dudes if you can find a nice design in Glorietta. Otherwise, visit their website and ask somebody from the US to buy Sanuk Sandals. Their website is soooo cool and if you read the philosophy of the company, they are soooo cool as well!

This is our pasalubong from my brother Lorenz from the US. Thank you cool bro!!


23 thoughts on “We love our Sanuk Sandals!!

  1. i bought a pair of sanuks last feb (impulse in black) and they’re super comfy! even after a whole day at the mall carrying my 3-year-old, my feet had no complaints!
    the only sad part is, the soles got worn out in less than 6 months, but it would be totally worth it to get the exact same pair again!
    I think they have a store open in glorietta now, and i think they’re fully stocked. =)

  2. Been a lover of sanuk (i have 3 pairs)and even tried a local version (yes tribu put together a scaled Php1,300.00 version with rougher cloth which is a bit painful to the pinkies)… soles havent worn out even if i climbed the great wall and walked for miles in the forbidden city. its a great shoe (not neccessary a fantastic buy) its slightly more expensive here by Php 300-500 bucks.

  3. they also have it at shoe salon and kickers (bought mine there). haven’t checked glorietta again because of the manila pen thing earlier, but i do remember seeing a store and sneaking a peek.

  4. Hi Anton! My hubby just bought a pair a while back (from Shoe Salon in Rockwell) and what a surprise to see them here! He loves them too 🙂

  5. great shoes!!! i bought one last night. i 1st saw them at the mall of asia… but got one from alabang town center… i got the camouflage design!!! cooool!

  6. sanuk shoes can be found in limketkai, cagayan de oro city.. newly opened!!! wohooo…. gonna buy a pair!!!!!!

  7. Sanuk makes some super comfortable sandals and surfers. I have worn some surfers for a while and really enjoyed them. I want to try a pair of the sandals next. Hopefully when I get my rebate check.

  8. I got my Sanuk Plain Jane sandal last night at glorietta and as soon i paid for it, i immediately put it on and went to moa, walk the entire mall and was really happy, my feet had no complains, it was like walking with slippers or barefoot in a carpet. I had my pair in white, it’s machine washable so no worries on keeping it clean. I plan on buying another pair soon and their slippers specially the smile zori, it looks cute and i’m sure it promises comfort too

  9. it looks like a pair of classic loafers only with cloth, best with dark denim jeans to emphasize your chosen design. price is a bit steep for 2990, but who cares, as long as they feel comfortable. downside? rain.

  10. FYI: Sanuk is celerating it’s 2nd Anniversary and is giving 20% OFF on ALL regular-priced items from Oct 12-18, 2009!

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