John and Yoko – a SumoSam Upscale Resto

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John and Yoko is now celebrating its first month of operation at Greenbelt 5. I’m excited to try it out ever since Greenbelt 5 opened. My excitement led to high expectations which were not met when I found out that it was just an upscale version of SumoSam (by Marvin Agustin and business partners). Essentially, it is SumoSam in Greenbelt 5 with additional menu choices (pizzas,etc..), brilliant branding, snazzy interiors and sexy servers. I liked the Japanese movie projected on the wall which adds “authenticity” to its Japanese inspired Filipino Food.

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The John and Yoko concept is very good. In reality, John and Yoko is a Filipino Restaurant pretending to be a Cosmopolitan Japanese place. The head chef is Filipino. If I were to describe John and Yoko, it would be: SumoSam + Omakase + Teriyaki Boy + Snazzy Interiors + Sexy Servers = John and Yoko.

I liked the food because it was suited for the Filipino sweet taste buds. But we hate paying for over-priced food. It would be a good place to have a birthday treat or barkada blowout. I would recommend that you go with family and friends because it would be expensive if you eat only with 2-3 people. Expect to pay P500/ head.

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The John and Yoko menu is a photo album of its food selections. There are no descriptions just photos and captions. The photos are enticing but some of them can be deceiving.

John and Yoko | Japanese Salads on the Sunset Strip | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 1 | Ginza Tapas and Big City Teasers 2 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 1 | Soho Sushi and Broadway Rolls 2 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 1 | Rockin Ramen and Noodles of Immortality 2 | Soups in the City | Wagyu Packing District | Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 1| Our Theory on Tempura and Teppanyaki 2 | Steak of the Nation and Yakitori Republic | From the Deep Blue Sea |A Nation of Blowouts | Big City Bowls | The Sun Rises in the East | Too Hot to Handle and Too Cold to Hold | Brain Freeze Time

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Sunset Prawn Salad (P 269 +SC) This is a 300 peso salad with only two shrimps, chopped to look like it was more than 2 pieces with a few vegetables on big plates. Learning: Don’t order that salad.

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Tofu Cheese Melt (P158 +SC). This should be described as Fried Tofu with melted Chiz Wiz and bacon.

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Crunchy Squid Teriyaki (P138 +SC). We enjoyed the crunchiness of this squid appetizer. I would order this the next time around.

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Beef Teppan (P289 +SC). We resisted ordering the Wagyu because it would only taste like Beef Teppan.

John and Yoko-30
Wagyu Rice (P289 +SC). We fell for this wagyu trap. For a small bowl of rice and a little bit of Wagyu (which you cannot tell the difference between ordinary beef), you pay an overpriced fee of P300. Good for one person. Learning: If you plan to eat Wagyu, don’t eat in places like these…

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The kitchen has poor ventilation. Expect to smell when you get out of the restaurant.

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John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese
2nd Floor Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village Makati, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 729-8698


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28 thoughts on “John and Yoko – a SumoSam Upscale Resto

  1. i love reading your site. my hubby and i will definitely try out the places that were featured here.
    yung wagyu, based on your review, parang naging “wag-yu” eat tuloy ito. hhhmmmm, “nget-pa” lasa? joke! 😆

  2. I would IMAGINE
    that John and Yoko,
    although not explicitly identified
    as Lennon and Ono,
    may feel offended if this restaurant
    is an example of hip marketing
    taking priority over food quality.

  3. Hay naku punta na lang kayo sa Tokyo para kumain ng japanese food – at wala kayong mahihita dito. Dito para makitipid they use the bland corn oil or soya oil, while in Japan when cooking tempura they use sesame and peanut oil combined …. dito they all pretend to be classy and authentic pero pricey at kulang sa sarap, hindi po ba?

  4. Dont order the sashimi at john and yoko. my wife and I had a bad case of food poisoning when we ate their tuna sashimi.

  5. Dont order the sashimi at john and yoko. my wife and I had a bad case of food poisoning when we ate their tuna sashimi.

  6. Dont order the sashimi at john and yoko. my wife and I had a bad case of food poisoning when we ate their tuna sashimi.

  7. Awww not so good review of John and Yoko. Sayang naman.. For the past 2 weeks I’ve eaten there at least once I think and obviously I’m enjoying eating there. Price, yeah a bit pricey, but of course you should already know that since its in GB5.
    For those who would still like to try eating there, I’d recommend Japaella (you can ask the toppings be served separately – para feeling mo dami niyo food.. hehehe), Tofu Steak, and any Yakult drink 😉
    Although napansin ko lang they use items na may Sumosam branding pa rin like plastic, tissue, pero paano na propromote and John and Yoko Resto without being in the shadows of Sumosam. Kaya I guess the title serves them right, an Upscale Sumosam lang…

  8. The concept sounds interesting but the description they wrote about themselves…full of cliches, inaccuracies and stereotypes. They tried hard to be so hip but you know they aren’t quite that.

  9. their servings are huge. but proportion of rice to its viand, as in the case of their curry toppings, is irregular.

  10. Just ate there a few hours ago. The Japaella is good and I think reasonable yung price na din for the serving size. Their selection of maki is good too. We ordered 7 dishes plus 6 drinks for P2800…yah 500 each person pero pwede na yun.

  11. I’ve eaten several times there, and I’ve come out satisfied each time. I guess becaus the first few times i ate there, i had no idea it was a sister company of sumosamo. Once some people know that, they tend to compare it with sumosamo – for the snooty pinoys, it loses its snob appeal. Also, price was not really an object as it was a business lunch. My thinking there is GO PINOY. Why prefer to pay for foreign franchises. Anyways, Iive had several of their salads, tempura and sashimi. The crunchy squid was something i found unusual in a Japanese restaurant. Anyways, it was good.

  12. service has deteriorated drastically since my first visit there. I will not go back there anymore. Fingers are dipping at the food they serve.

  13. John and Yoko is a concept restaurant, with the emphasis falling on “concept”, and not so much on the “restaurant”. The first moments of the dining experience are promising with the allure of beautifully designed interiors and unique food concepts. However, the promise fails once the food is served. My experience is that the food on your plate barely measures up to the pictures seen on the menu. A good example is the Wagyu rice. The preparation is also a tad too greasy.
    I’d still give the restaurant a second chance. All it needs is a little fine-tuning to deliver the promise.

  14. I love John & Yoko! For sure it is the best Japanese resto in the country! Wagyu is terrific! The tempura tastes like those I’ve had in Tokyo! Japaell and sushi creations are unique and remarkable! Great concept and wonderful food! Pure genius!

  15. I totally disagree that John & Yoko is an upscale Sumosam. I think both are upscale and aspirational serving different genres and offering distinct concepts. The price is the same. Averaging 500 per person. The difference lies in the concept and the execution. Sumosam is Japanese-American creations while John & Yoko is east meets west, as in Japanese dishes in cosmopolitan cities. Hence, the paella and the pizzas. The food and service in both concepts are great and worth every centavo. I’m actually surprised with your unfair assessment of John & Yoko.

  16. I love SumoSam and John & Yoko. Pinag-isipan ang concept and food and service are exceptional..To say that John & Yoko is an upscale Sumosam is a sweeping generalization and an unfair judgment of the 2 concepts. Kasi magkaiba naman talaga. I’ve been to Tokyo several times and the taste is actually comparable to Sumosam and John & Yoko!

  17. At first, I was hesitant when my friend asked me to have our dinner at john and yoko since I have read the above reviews. But just to give it a shot, we decided to try it. I love the pizza (the mango and teriyaki chicken) and the bottomless iced tea. We ordered the tempura and tofu steak but we were disappointed.. HOwever, I’d still want to go back for the pizza! love it super and it’s only less than 200 bucks

  18. I can say that the foods @ John & Yoko are very awesome! I like their wagyu beef & Japaella!! yum! The resto itself is really cozy and the servers are hippy! One of the server there who’s name is Richmond assisted me & my friends well. He’s nice.. Keep it up! John & Yoko, u rock! ill visit you again.

  19. I am currently a Chef at Zuma in London and I must say that I’m very impressed with John & Yoko! Cheers to the food and the concept! Manila’s best Japanese restaurant!

  20. It was my first time to eat at John and Yoko last week to celebrate my best friend’s birthday, and I would definitely come back there to eat again. I like the ambiance of the restaurant: the interiors are stylish and modern. The food all looked delicious and luckily, I was not disappointed with the taste. It was very busy when we came so we were expecting the service to be slow. But given the amount of people eating there, the wait time is acceptable. The wait staff are very friendly and polite, given that they are really under the pump, particularly Richmond, d guy with d mole. He was the one who was assigned to our table to serve us, and he definitely made our dining experience worthwhile. Since it was my first time to dine there, I had lots of questions with the menu and he was really very patient in answering my questions. Me and my friend had a few requests while we were eating like extra bowls, cutleries, glass of water etc. but he didn’t seem irritated with our requests. Given the amount of people dining that night, I could see that he is under pressure and is already tired, but he still tried to be cheerful and served us with a smile. I thought to myself, this is how a waiter should be! This is why I am writing a review here… to acknowledge nice, hard working and professional people.

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