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The Ateneans are starting to celebrate the 2007 THES Top 500 Universities Rankings where Ateneo is the only University that improved its ranking from 488 to 451 while University of the Philippines is ranked 398 this year (from 299). De La Salle is ranked 519 and UST is ranked 535 out of 566 Universities. Spanx started to provoke Gang Green and Lasallians in his post Hail! Hail! Hail! Just remember, the last time La Salle was out of anything, we came back and became champions. Animo La Salle!!

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  1. am not provoking anyone, brother.
    just stating the facts.
    and to all those ateneans and la sallians
    who think you won’t be able to get along,
    the Ultimate Pampanga Food Tour
    is being organized by two La Sallians
    and two Ateneans.
    i was la salle grade school, remember?
    so, this hurts a little….

  2. ….it is because filipinos get smarter and smarter everyday….filipinos must realized that LIFE without challenges and difficulties
    is not….a life at all….so keep moving on to the right directions….why right directions?….kasi if you don’t…. that is one gigantic accident in front of you….nothing mysterious….just common sense lol!….

  3. Hahaha! Finally – their quest bore fruit! I still couldn’t forget how the blue guys JUSTIFIED their being ranked lower than us in their freaking website! hahahaha.. 🙂
    No matter what rank we are in – ANIMOOOOOOOOOOO LA SALLE!
    Nothing can bring us down – NOTHING!! 🙂

  4. The Philippines once had one of the best educational systems in the region and still has one of the largest college populations in the world. And yet it could field only four schools in the ranking (and they don’t represent most Philippine schools), and all are ranked near the bottom of that list.
    Currently, 50 percent of Filipinos drop out before they reach or finish high school, and only around one out of ten make it to college. From that number, 1 out of 2 will drop out.
    Filipinos are ranked near the bottom of the list in science and math international exams. The required number of years of pre-tertiary schooling in the country is 10, in contrast to 12 or 13 in other Asian countries. The average class size is 60 in contrast to the Asian average of 25, and more than 50 percent of Philippine schools lack classrooms, roofs, potable water, electricity, and even teachers. The student-to-book ratio is 3:1, the same for student-to-desk.
    In terms of national exams (when they still existed; the Philippines is one of the few countries in the region where there are no national exams) Filipino students receive scores of 10 to 30 percent for Math, English, and Science tests. Most Filipino teachers also cannot pass their own board exams.
    These numbers are not surprising because at least 40 percent of Filipino children are undernourished and the poverty rate may be as high as 80 percent. Also, the amount of money spent for education is only around one-fifth of what is spent in neighboring countries.
    Finally, here is one statement about the results at

  5. ….i feel good-great that they’re others like pumpy who’s not intimidated and has time to air social-educational-geographical concerns that’s causing philippines-filipinos once embarrassing nightmares….’rotting’ educational social and government status….if will you read all other posts comments here in our awesome planet like I AM PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO or TRINOMA MISADVENTURES WENNSHA SPA EXPERIENCE MANILA BAYWALK or WHY NOT? BAKIT HINDI? etc….filipinos will realize how important awareness….in awakenings self serving passive non chalant complacent philippines had become….that in the past decades brought down this great humble creative imaginative talented smiling people who once put this country above it’s beginning….and now filipinos around the world are finding themselves salvaging saving what could be saved so once again to put this country in it’s own GREATNESS GLORY it once deserve pumpy’s comments are good example of what filipinos can do to erect this country back to basics…..but to greatness….to it’s relevances….to common senses to achieve wealth from it’s rich natural resources….to share and extend to all others all it’s wealth income profits to reach it’s once lost NATIONAL COMMON SENSES to fight hunger poverty social injustices….hopefully by the time lady president ends her presidential terms after 2010 all teachers salaries are doubled…..all PUBLIC elementary high schools has ZERO NO ONE PENNY TUTION FEES NATIONWIDE FREE SCHOOLMEALS BREAKFAST & LUNCH{choices of sticky arroz caldo-large meat siopao-vegetable spring rolls-lumpiang sariwa-fresh fruit juices only} FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES & BOOKS FREE SCHOOL UNIFORMS{FROM PHILIPINES LOCAL PRODUCE MATERIALS}EVERY SCHOOL ROOM HAS ONE LARGE HIGH TECH SCREEN WHERE ALL SUBJECTS ARE WRITTEN AND TO BE READ AS TEACHERS GO ALONG….all schools weekly monthly quarterly review exams is a MUST nationwide….all public schools must collect SIN TAXES like in tardiness disobediences no homeworks unclean-improper uniforms untidyness
    rowdy no i.d.’s on absences etc.etc. all public schools must have BICYCLE DRIVING CLASSES to encourage HEALTHY SMOKELESS VEHICLES….and a lot more like a million better things to do to improve filipinos lives and living….this is just one of them….to start with in 2008 lol!…

  6. ….unorganized systems paralyzed entire nations….organized systems cut all the unnecessay CORRUPTIONS unnecessary EXCUSES unnecessary CHAOS unnecessary QUESTIONS & ANSWERS….meaning lost of unnecessary time multiply by salaries minus productivities minus
    quality assurances equals lost products lost causes lost customers in between….losts of DREAMS….

  7. i enjoy visiting this blog a lot for the many new things i learn…sad i even stumbled into this entry.. thought it was some brand or what 🙁

    Circa 1930’s
    (Bugle blast) Rah! Rah! Rah!
    (Bugle blast) Rah! Rah! Rah!
    On into the fight Green Archers, (Rah!)
    Fight to victory, (GREEN! WHITE! FIGHT!)
    For LA SALLE, you valiant marchers (Rah!)
    Ever fighters be. (Rah! Rah! Rah!)
    Glory for LA SALLE, Green Archers (FIGHT!)
    Our motto ever be, (GREEN! WHITE! FIGHT!)
    Let your arrows fly true, Archers
    Till we down the enemy.
    “Faith & Zeal drives us”…Saint La Salle

  9. I felt sad when I read about the 2007 THES-QS World University rankings. Coming from La Salle, I am of the opinion that the school from Taft Ave. has actually overtaken Ateneo in terms of the quality in education. Hindi po mga bobo ang mga estudyante sa La Salle. 🙂 Marami rin mga magaganda ang ginagawa ng La Salle ngayon, but that is another matter….
    With that being said, may pagkakasala rin ang mga taga-La Salle. Biruin niyo, to tumpet the 2006 results as if it were gospel truth? Eh di ngayon, we have the whole 2008 to eat our fair share of humble pie(well, until the 2008 results come in the year after).
    I just visited La Salle last Saturday (9Feb08) and got a spare copy of The LaSallian Dec 07 issue. The THES-QS results changed crieteria daw for the 2007 rankings plus ang laki talaga ng weight sa peer rankings. In short, its just an opinion survey.
    Lesson: Next time we get one up over the Ateneans, HUWAG MASYADO MAYABANG.

  10. my degree from dlsu taft (id 90…..) did not give me the competitive edge during my job search in the US, a situation that would have been avoided had i stayed in the philippines where a diploma from any of the top three universities would easily secure a job for the graduate. it was a humbling experience as most job interviewers (school principals) would give me a blank stare upon hearing de la salle’s name in response to their queries about my academic qualifications.
    kaya i would like to echo what the previous poster wrote: “huwag masyado magmayabang!” A number of universities that have a much better ranking than DLSU are not given the kind of prestige and accolade filipinos normally reserve for schools like de la salle. We should examine our benchmark..getting that kind of ranking is no big deal.

  11. ….some of the many reasons why filipinos for many years are way left behind in education is because students instead of reviewing studying practicing researchings spent most of their free days & time attending political social events meetings or street protests that ended most of the days in coffee shops restaurants or hotels if not friends home for mating sessions or social games other personnal activities outside their curriculums while using political unrest activities as an excuse to to get out to meet….many other countries who were once looking at philippines when it comes to learning are finding filipinos lower in most educational tests levels in the past….luckily with 2008 philippines lady president gm. arroyo who works with wonders & fast….almost like a ‘speeding’ bullet redirected and overhauled the nations ‘entire’ educational system into highly innovative high tech advanced system fast but in gradual sense….now filipinos are finding themselves advancing as quality high tech industries penetrated their system gradually to help improve stagnant unreliable complex & outdated management system nationwide and still moving gradually so by 2010 filipinos can finally test themselves on their own independently if they will ‘survive’ to better thenselves or ‘back’ to square 1 once again with the absence of the never tiring innovative very smart sometimes over considerate phils.lady president….may god help all honest hard working filipinos to maintained or even surpassed the great job gigantic responsibilites ahead for filipinos as required by necessities….

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