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Kozui – The legend of an ever flowing aromatic Water
“There is a legend in Japan which tells of a sacred ever flowing fragrant water in a well that comes all the way from Wakasa Obama City, Fukui Perfecture. The legned goes, Jitchu Kasho asked the gods from all parts of Japan to atten the shunie at Todaiji’s Nigatsudo. Onyu Myojin of Wakasa arrived late for the gathering, however, because he had been busy fishing. Mayojin deeply regretted his lateness and by way of apology promised to offer kozui (aromatic water) from Wakasa to Nigatsudo’s principal image. With those words, a black and white cormorant flew out of a rock in Nigatsudo and kozui fragrant water began to pour forth from the rock.”

“To commemorate this legend, Omizutori rite is performed every year. Kosui (aromatic water) is drawn from the Wakasa well in the akaiya, a place within Nigatsudo that contains the temple’s sacred wells. The rite is led by 11 torchbearers and when the water is drawn, a blare of conch shells resound to announces the services climax.”

Kozui Menu
Healthy Sandwiches and Soup | Soup and Fresh Fita Wraps | Fresh Japanese Salad | Japanese Eats | Chilled Asian Noodle Salads | Donburi Rice Bowls | Hummus and Soba

Beverages and Dessert Menu
Kozui’s Eight Premium Green Tea | Lemon Green Teaz | Kozui Tea Latte | Fruit Blend Korichio | Matcha Cream Korichio | Fruit Teaz | Anmitsu | Fresh Ice Cream

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Kozui Green Tea deserves all the raves it is getting these days from all the foodies. I must admit our drive to Tomas Morato from Malate was all worth it. I have to commend Kozui for the great marketing of its equity “healthy and green tea.” All the Japanese fusion food you choose from its menu is worth raving about. Best of all, it is a locally conceptualize Japanese tea cafe by Anthony So that can beat Coffee Tea Leaf and can be as popular as Starbucks given the right investments.

I guess the best things in life are colored GREEN 🙂 Animo Kozui!!

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Genmaicha Lemon Teaz (P70 Tall) – Genmaicha Green Tea is an exotic Japanese recipe that combines popped rice and popcorn with tender and delicate green tea leaves brew into a refreshing cup that’s both sweet and nutty.

The green tea taste reminds me of Mojito without the Alcohol.

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Spicy Dan Dan Noodle.(P148) Chilled Fresh Egg Noodles, on a bed of juliened cucumbers, topped with creamy spicy sesame dressing, red ginger, diced cucumbers, fresh cilantro, ground pork and green onions.

I can order a second serving of this salad without feeling guilty. We love the creamy spicy sesame dressing that transforms this salad to something worth raving about!

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Special Takoyaki (P98). Fresh pan grilled tako balls flavored with generouse chunks of ika, ebi and negi served with japanese mayonaise, bonito flakes, nori and special house takoyaki sauce.

These are the sosy cousins of the samurai balls with the thin bonito flakes that acts like wings. Highly Recommended!!

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Karaagedon (P178). Deep fried Japanese savory boneless chicken topped on steamed rice, garnished with bonito flakes, nori & negi.

A lot better than Teriyaki Boy and how I wish Kozui would expand to Makati soon.

Kosui Green Tea-21
Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap (P148). Deep fried breaded boneless chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber with japanese black sesame dressing wrapped in grilled pita wrap.

We wanted more so we ordered this pita wrap. The secret of this wrap is in the black sesame dressing. I’m wondering if they sell the dressing separately so that we can take it home.

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Mango Anmitsu. (P138/bowl) Shaved ice topped with mangoes, grean tea jelly, dango balls, sweet azuki beans, Taro jam and your choice of green tea/ vanilla ice cream.

Halo Halo with a simple twist of Green Tea ice cream. Don’t leave Kozui without trying out the Anmitsu.

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Kozui Green Tea CafĂ©. It’s healthy to go green.
258 B Tomas Morato corner Scout Fernandez,Quezon City
Telephone: +632.413-2705
Hours: 11 am – 12:30 am (Tuesday to Saturday) | 4 pm – 12:30 am (Sunday and Monday)


7 thoughts on “Animo Kozui!

  1. ….personally….i think the world….philippines in particular should thank japanese people for investing in the philippines
    ….this is a secret i was holding but not anymore….do you know that it is japanese investments{pesentable-first class ambiances} that majorities of the world really really want….why?….because majorities of them ‘take’ pride sometimes extreme{inspirational}pride in all the good things they do….they are called the ” silent artistic ” kind of civilization the kind who works{inventive}and think{imaginative}hard…..but i suggests to all foreigners ONLY if you want to prosper and become the big new corporations ANYWHERE in the world you will need to mix some local menus or even international menus to your lists to get diversified-international crowds but if your business is solely for ‘personnal national pride’ then it’s fine what you are now doing….another thing… can always have BOTH ways….one A to invite locals plus your international crowds…..and another same restaurants B just for your traditional…..that way to become a large corporations is not impossible sooner than later…..remember people will always pay for the GRANDEST first class state of the art restaurants-food place….second your families-friends need not go anyhwere….third people will always eat….eat forever….

  2. Oh we just love this place! We just got tipped off by friends when we went here and boy did we get a pleasant shock. It was just something refreshing and unique.
    Everything looked pretty too.=)

  3. The only thing I didn’t like about this place was that it was closed the first time I tried to go there for Sunday lunch, and ended up eating in a rather bad pizza place. I thought they were closed for the whole Sunday, but apparently open at 4pm. I’ve been there since and the food was good and the concept was indeed unique and refreshing. I think the owner is a graphic design professional hence the attention to detail.

  4. the drinks and snacks at this place were pretty good. we got atrocious service, however, being on the second floor. customers on the first floor who had arrived later than us got their orders much, much earlier than we did. would not go out of my way to try this again.

  5. ….businesses-companies should pay attention to details that upsets customers….here is a good example of how not foods-places was the problem but EMPLOYEES….bad services from uncaring non chalant not properly trained employees can loose-bring down your businesses….that is exactly what is happening here in america….lost or lower businesses profits-revenues-incomes does not necessarily mean that companies-businesses are-has inferior products items offered-available in the markets believe it or not it
    is because of those shabby rude complacent non caring non chalant selfish dishonest bitter low life employees….i know a lot of stores here in united states where we-my husband loves to eat shop but for years we refused to even enter those businesses….i believed those american employees we saw heard are intentionally being rascals shabby complacent non caring to those businesses is because they know the owners are not americans….racially motivated to bring down their businesses….these kind of shabby uncaring employees can sue you for descriminations or harrassments but you cannot sue them when your businesses profits are less or go{closed down}down because of them….majorities of customers ignores-not taking their time to complains since time is fast-charged in america i also notice how malls- businesses are so neglected so unorganized so messy now last few years working employees spends more time chatting with their friends{about personnal parties-families whereabouts-happenings}in telephones or with customers in lines with their co workers they are even nasty to customers who cut their personnal chats for an assistance or questions lol!….we heard many times here in america….that since they are being paid making money and americans are not the owners they could care less as to what happened to the companies-business owners{my husband told me that&i personally heard it too}the worst of all employees who intentionally discouraged-intimidates customers are from white castles hamburger joints….so obvious how hard they’re trying to make their customers shoot{very bad in the past}them lol!…not supposed to be funny but in a way it is coz customers just want to buy hamburgers but might ended up in jail lol!….i am really very sorry for laughing but i can’t help on remembering….

  6. im a big fan of kozui as well. but i was soooo disappointed today. i took out chicken wraps to let my friends taste them. unfortunately, there were live worms on them (im guessing the lettuce was not washed very well) so they had to just throw the food away. i called up kozui twice to let them know about what happened. i was looking for the manager but he was not around. employees of kozui do not seem to know how to handle customer complaints. i spoke with two different employees, but none of them even offered a simple apology. an ‘ahhhh’ answer and silence was all i got from them. i hope kozui will take time to orient their employees on how to handle customer complaints. no matter how good their food and drinks are, if their customer services suck$, it won’t do them any good at all.

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