Haagen Dazs Fondue in SM Mall of Asia!


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Fondue. (P760 net) Haagen Dazs Original. Perfect for sharing with that special someone. Luscious fondue scoops — Choc Choc Chip, Coffee, Macadamia Nut, Strawberry ice cream served with slices of fresh seasonal fruits, crunchy nuts and baked pastries, accompanied by a warm pot of rich chocolate sauce.


We were patiently waiting for the opening of the first company owned Haagen Dazs ice cream store in SM Mall of Asia. It finally opened to the public last November 11, Sunday. We saw the Haagen Dazs promotion from Circuit Magazine where the first 5 person who will present the October issue would get a free Fondue! (When we ate yesterday, we were the second to redeem it)

Unfortunately, it was not yet available on its opening day so we had to go back again with Aidan to enjoy our Fondue. We let Aidan visit us in the hospital to see syoti Josh because he was already wondering where we were after sleeping for two straight nights without his parents. After the visit, I surprised Aidan with a Haagen Dazs fondue in SM Mall of Asia.

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What makes this Haagen Dazs MOA Store special? Rumor has it that the Haagen Dazs company was not happy with the current franchisee of Haagen Dazs so they decided to bring the overall brand experience to life themselves. Most of the interior design elements are imported and the menu is one of the finest menu I have ever seen.

The MOA store is the only Haagen Dazs store which offers a medley of ice creations in its distinctive collections:
Haagen Dazs Original — introduces you to our iconic creations offering unique ways of experiencing the perfect Haagen Daz moment. Fondue is part of this Original collection.
Ultimate Indulgence Creations — a perfect combination of the rich and creamy ice cream with scrumptious pastries
Pure Pleasure Creations — brings recipes the features harmonious combinations of ice cream flavors with various sauces and toppings.

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This is my perfect Haagen Dazs moment: Dipping the Haagen Dazs ice cream balls in the hot Calebaut Belgian Chocolate dip, then letting the chocolate solidifies before eating the entire chocolate covered ice cream!

The only thing is, it costs P760 for the fondue set and it would be perfect for a group of 6. The fondue comes with seasonal fruits like apple, strawberries and bananas. It also comes with pastries baked from Betty Crocket recipes.

Creating the perfect Haagen Dazs moment for your kid

Mall of Asia Christmas Tree-1
Haagen Dazs is located in between Toy Kingdom and Bread Talk, 2nd floor main lobby of SM Mall of Asia. You can see the Giant Christmas Tree in the main lobby of MOA and this is always a hit with the kids. After taking some pictures of the Christmas tree, it is inevitable that your kid would go to Toy Kingdom first before Haagen Dazs.

Toy Kingdom MOA
Let me share with you a secret. At the back portion of Toy Kingdom, there’s this Little Tikes car parked with the other toy cars and bike. Aidan loves to ride it and goes around store with it. He loves Toy Kingdom so much because you can play with the toys without buying it and the TK staff are very helpful. Aidan loves to play with the remote control cars / helicopter and the toy piano/ drums. He and his cousin would often come back to the Christmas Tree display that showers snow around the tree.

Haagen Daz-12
After Toy Kingdom, go to Haagen Dazs and let them choose their own flavor. Aidan loves the chocolate flavor and good thing, the Haagen Dazs folks won’t hesitate to offer you some free taste of the ice cream. Aidan would keep on asking for more to taste the other flavors of Haagen Dazs.

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You can order your Haagen Dazs ice cream sundae creations. Our favorite is the Fruity Sundae (P275)- a scoop of Summer Berries & Cream and a scoop of Melon ice cream served with fresh slices of strawberries, apples and peaches. Delectably crowned with whipped cream and a drizzle of strawberry sauce.

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I suggest that you also check out their finest menu and order from the Haagen Dazs Originals collection.
Fondue | Seventh Heaven | Flower Blossom | Why does Haagen Daz taste so perfect? | Choose your Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Flavor

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The fondue is worth it especially if it is enjoyed with friends and family. You have to attack the ice cream immediately because it easily melts.

Haagen Daz-1
This is the Haagen Dazs scene on opening day last Sunday. On regular days, it does not look as crowded as this. I can see a lot of foreigners eating at Haagen Dazs and most people opt to buy for take out (with dry ice). We also saw some people buy their pint size ice cream and eat it there, a lot cheaper i think than buying a scoop of ice cream. But then, you’ll miss the overall ice cream experience that goes with the sweet crunchy cone.

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Thanks to Tess Panganiban and Faye Matriano of Haagen Dazs for the promo we availed! Let me know about your own Haagen Dazs experience.


10 thoughts on “Haagen Dazs Fondue in SM Mall of Asia!

  1. Now this is very useful information! Thank you so much for this great bit of news. I’ll probably get my wife to finally go to Mall of Asia because of this. =)

  2. i first had my haagen dazs fondue experience early January of 2006.. in beijing. and 2 weeks from that date, i found myself on the same haagen dazs table THRICE. 😀

  3. i surprised bf with a chocolate fondue at haagen dazs last Wednesday. It was great! perfect for sharing with special someone.*_*

  4. wow! haagen dazs fondue! people in manila are still lucky though as it only costs 760 pesos there. here in singapore, we have to shell out 46+ SGD(arnd 1300 pesos) just to eat that super sinful but heavenly tasting fondue. but it’s worth it though ;). i’ll definitely bring my family to MOA during my vacation this coming december so we’ll get enjoy the fondue together 🙂

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