Manila Bay Cruise by Metrostar Ferry @ Mall of Asia

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-5

Mall of Asia complex is already an integral part of Aidan’s childhood memories. Every time we would go out, Aidan would say “go to SM” or “go to Mall of Asia”. I don’t want to sound like an endorser of SM but it is now part of our daily conversation with Aidan.

Another awesome addition in the MOA complex is the Metrostar Ferry Manila Bay Cruise. For P120, you can enjoy a one-hour round trip around Manila Bay. Aidan love boats too so having a one-hour ferry ride was awesome! Most of the Manila Bay cruises have disappeared already when the Manila Baywalk was cleaned up by Mayor Lim.

The Metro Ferry dock is located beside The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and the Life (Church across Mall of Asia). I would recommend to take the sunset cruise (5.00pm) or the evening cruise (6.30pm) on Fri/Sat/Sun in time for the MOA fireworks. (I need to check the exact time again because the soft opening departure hours are different from the regular schedule. Please comment if you know the actual schedule.)

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-4
This small Metrostar Ferry dock was originally meant to connect SM Mall of Asia to Cavite City.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-3
Here is the MOA to Cavite City schedule, in case you are interested.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-6
During the soft opening, we rode on a small Metro Star Ferry boat. They would use a double decker boat during the regular tours.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise
We got Aidan in for FREE (for now).

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-7
The cruise is recommended for a gimik with a special someone or for surprising your kid.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-9
The first thing you would see is the SM Mall of Asia facade. There is a recorded narrator during the tour.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-10
EXPENSIVE snacks are available on board. But you can bring your own food and drinks. Some even brought their own wines during the one-hour ferry trip.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-8
SM Mall of Asia view from Manila Bay. The fireworks are usually done in front of SM Mall of Asia.

Metro Ferry Manila Bay Cruise-11
Global Fun Carnival Manila Bay View.

The only thing I don’t like about the tour is the foul smell of Manila Bay in certain areas we passed by.

Contact Information:

Manila Bay Daily Cruise (P120, Free for kids below 3ft.)

Soft Opening Schedule: 11.15am | 3.30pm | 5pm | 7pm

Metrostar Ferry, Inc.

Mall of Asia Termina, SM Mall of Asia

Tel No. +632 407-8826 to 27,

Cel No. +63 928 677 4221

Mall of Asia to Cavite (P75/ P60)

Departure: 7:45am | 11am | 3pm | 6.30pm

Arrival: 8.30am | 11.45am | 3.45am | 7.10pm

Cavite to Mall of Asia (P75/ P60)

Departure: 6.30am | 9.30am | 1.30pm | 4.30pm

Arrival: 7.15am | 10.15am | 2.15pm | 5.15pm


47 thoughts on “Manila Bay Cruise by Metrostar Ferry @ Mall of Asia

  1. ayuuuuun! finally, a post about the manila bay cruise! we’ll definitely try it out. 😀
    thanks mr awesome planet!

  2. any info on the route of this 1-hr cruise? can we really bring drinks with us without corkage fee? really been planning to take this cruise, but the last time we were around Mall of Asia, a storm is coming!

  3. Awesome indeed! Kaya lang sana linisin na rin ang manila bay. When I was working at Roxas Blvd, there are times hindi talaga maganda ang amoy!

  4. hello. thanks for sharing your experience on the metro cruise. when our kids were small we used to take the manila bay cruise. all the while i thought they have stopped it. so now i am planning to take them even they are now adults and even take my best friend and her daughter with use. good wodk, anton. thanks again.

  5. bf and i had an awesome experience!!!
    best to take the evening cruise(7pm).
    Be there by 6:40, ferry departs at 6:50 just in time for MOA’S pyrotechnic show.perfect with special someone..
    and yeah you can bring drinks w/o corkage fee.
    For inquiries you can sms or call Metrostar : +639286774221

  6. ….filipinos are missing a lot of fun and adventures if they miss this ferry boat rides….sure some things on the way maybe not so all that great{just like true love}….but at least you had the experience{you had your greatest uncomprehendable highs of feeling in love}nowhere near ignoramus on ferry boat rides{way better than never had experience true love at all lol!}….think of what you’ll miss without the experiences like kakaba-kabang dibdib
    dahil nakita mo o narinig mo sya lol!….o hindi ka makatulog minsan kasi naa-alala mo na naman kung gaano kasarap ang may minamamahal o laging nakangiti kasi you know someone loves you lol!….no difference in ferry boat rides lol!….have fun ladies and gentlemen….those men-women in philippines armed forces in PARTICULAR lol!….

  7. ….filipinos just don’t know don’t realized how lucky they are living in their own country no matter how hard how poor life is for most people there….at least you are with the ones you love….i hope filipinos can start on….STOP ‘focusing’ on CASH money and luxurious material dreams as basis-measurements for happiness….one of my great dream or hope believe it or not is not a BILLION U.S.DOLLARS and i mean that literally…but to ride a ferry boat with my first love from junior high school just for one day so i can experienced what i wanted to do but i haven’t….i will appreciate all those possible things that are not so ‘great’ and wonderful along those water routes…..what matters is….HE is next to me just like when we were still almost children….but of course i will return him to his wife by midnight lol!….{i don’t mean unhappiness for anyone i cannot imagine myself if the situation is reverse}….lol!….

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  9. actually my comment wouldnt be about the ferry ride.. i was just wondering if you have any information about the church church beside the dock.. The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and the Life.. if anyone of you could tell me what are the schedule of mass there, during saturdays and sundays..i would deeply appreciate it..tnx alot..GodbLess..”,

  10. I highly recommend the Metrostar Cruise. It will give you the perfect romantic setting especially on Saturday night so you can see the impressive fireworks of MOA. My family enjoy the cruise including my 2 toddlers. The fare is very cheap for P120.

  11. ay ganun di siya aircon di mas maganda pala ung Pasig River Ferry aircon siya, kaya nga lang di maganda view sa labas pero comfortable naman pagsakay niya malamig kasi…pero try ko ding sumakay dito….

  12. ….salamat sa yo metro star ferry tuwing ako nalulungkot ikaw laging ala ala araw man o gabi parang lagi kang kasama mula lunes hanggang linggo kinakausap kita sorry na lang kinalimutan kita musmus pa ako ‘diyos ko’ bata pa raw tayo nagalit ka nasaktan naman ako taon taon nagdarasal ako na kalimutan mo ang lahat pero ‘huwag’ lang ako….i am always late filipino time ‘bakasyun kasi’kaya metro star ferry have patience lol! baka kasi ma stranded uli ako kawawa naman ako lol!

  13. meron pa rin ba ‘tong cuise sa MOA??? i really need to know ’cause im gonna loose a bet w/ my gf kung meron pa rin… hehe

  14. ….lol!….people should’nt worry about ‘have or have not’ a cruise ferry boat in moa….just your debit-credit card to buy or rent an air conditioned ferry cruise boat to wait for you o me to board in front of mall of asia lol!….oh & you can always make request for an attendant to be included in personnal services you desire lol….

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  19. is this ferry boat still on cruise? im planning a one whole day treat with my girl on our anniversary.. we will take the night cruise to have a bottle of champagne in the fery boat.. answer me please? by the way.. does this boat has a roof deck where we can stand and enjoy the view? how much will it cost for a privsate ferry boat along manila bay?

  20. ….wow! a whole day ferry treat? i felt like crying lol ohhh what a lucky girl they have there ….i wonder if i will ever find my dream ‘chef’ who can bake chocolate cake better than those in ‘friday’s in boracay island when we visited lol!….

  21. I heard that a certain VP of a company was extremely rude to a potential customer who wanted to have an event on their boat. Ingat lang pag nakausap niyo yung VP na babae. She’s really rude.

  22. i and my friend was pass by there last Saturday at Metrostar Ferry but we are late for 5pm sched.. so better luck next time for us.. One problem is my friend has a phobia in water…. so how can we take the cruise… it was really safe for the first timer like us if ever… to take the cruise? thank you

  23. i was wondering kung kelan magkakaroon ng byahe papuntang orion… im exited na….
    ok na ok papunta sa condo ko sa bicutan. by the way naghahanap ako ng magrerent its 1 bedroom sa chateau ellysse email me at kung may interesado.

  24. uhmm…Spelling police?? i think you better “police” your own spelling/ grammar before you write anything accessible to the public eye… it hurts.
    and gmmahoney?? with all these “dreams” you’re having about finding love in ferries…you sound pathetic. Maybe you shouldn’t write here but sign up with those people-matching websites. Oh, i forgot, u have to pay to sign in those…

  25. i acknowledged thank you no problem no hard feelings this will be my last comment..gmmahoney-spelling police

  26. im non filiino but i have a fiancee in the Philippines… i am so blessed to have her as my soulmate… there is so much i can say about the hearts of the Philippine people and their generosity and kindness but i digress.. i just want to let you know that those of us who have searched the world over for a people that love unconditionally have found at least a like hearted people in the Philippines… i don’t mean to generalize, but if i jhave one thng to point to as evidence of the make up of the filipina heart it would be this.. that nowhere else in the worl will you find people everywhere singing love songs 24/7… hehehe … i love it and im not ashamed to say im tfalling in love with the Philippines, the peopel and the culture… thanks.. marty.. USA…

  27. the SHRINE OF JESUS was the first establishment build in the reclaimed area.that was the project of the Roman Catholic for POPE JOHN PAUL 11, during his reign as a Pope. but unfortunately He did’nt make it to see the church because of what happened to Him.

  28. great trip manila-cavite city , but someone told me that its not operating anymore , can someone please confirm me about this ,,, are they going to operate again , cos i am coming to manila on march 2011 and its just a big loss if this operation no longer exist

  29. yes, we went there this morning and according to the guard I talked to they are already closed. Few people rode and Metrostar Ferry couldn’t keep up with the operational costs.
    We once took the Manila bay (1-hour)and it was like we rented the whole boat for 1-hour. Two of us only on the boat plus the crew. So I guess few people really know about this service or there is just no market right now. Really sad 🙁

  30. My family and I tried cruising Manila Bay last Sunday (Jan 30, 2011) and it was a great experience…no awful smell promise…please try and support cruising Manila Bay.

  31. People who have offices in Manila and Malate would also savor having the best of both worlds as they go about their early morning routine without braving the frenetic traffic of the major CBD’s, while still enjoying the convenience of being near major shopping malls in Manila.

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