MV Doulos is back!

M/V Doulos Floating Bookstore - 5

Read: Doulos Bookstore: The Floating Bookstore in Manila
Official Website: Doulos. Bringing knowledge, help and hope.

It is now currently docked in Batangas and will go back to Manila on Nov 29th until Christmas (Dec. 26, 2007). During the visit to Batangas, the vessel is undergoing a routine period of maintenance that takes place annually. (see: Where’s The Water Gone?) The best time to go is on the first day it is opened to the public. All of the best books would be gone by that time.

Can anyone give our family a tour of M/V Doulos? Aidan would love to go around a big ship. It will be a surprise for him and syoti this coming December 🙂


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  1. A few years ago I was able to board the MV Doulos when it was docked at Cebu. I was a bit disappointed actually since majority of their books were of Christian/Religious nature.

  2. The ship is on a dry dock at Batangas and is not open to the public but they have a bookshop spot in Manila, at the University Belt. Lots of books at lower prices than last year.More choices on Non-religious books. The shop at University Belt is just until the Nov 25, if Im not mistaken. The ship will be open to the public at the Manila port from Nov 30-Dec 23 only.
    Anton, I will try to set up a tour for you and family. The crew is quite busy this season but if our schedules match, it will be great!

  3. Hi Anton and Tulip
    I was actually at that University Belt Doulos temporary bookshop this afternoon. Everything was on 50% off!!!! Aside from religious titles, there were also a lot of non-religious titles as well. So many children’s books too. I bought 6 books for only P300. This is located in a Christian Fellowship Center on Morayta, across the street from FEU, beside a Mc Donalds. It will only be there up to November 24.
    This was my blog entry about the Doulos visit earlier this year:

  4. Where will the Doulos be docking while here in Manila? My family and I would love to go visit and take a look at their books.

  5. Hi Anton,
    So where in Manila is the ship docking this time? Also do you have directions on how to get there? I’d like to bring my daughters to the ship.

  6. Hi Anton,
    We were able to visit MV Doulos last Sat. Yes, there’s a lot of religious books. There’s an entrance fee of P10.00 but for children 16 years and below its free.

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