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Since we are on the topic of M/V Doulos, and Manila Bay Cruise, I am super excited to see Manila Ocean Park. The Manila Ocean Park is the “Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand” (Official Website: Manila Ocean Park).

I can’t wait to see if it lives up to its promise or would it be just another marketing hype. I just visited the location and it is nowhere near completion by Dec. 15 of this year. I do hope they open a part of it before Christmas.

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54 thoughts on “Manila Ocean Park?

  1. I hope it’s good so it attracts lots of tourists which would be really good for our economy.
    I can just imagine Manila becoming a truly world class tourist spot boasting of old spanish ruins and houses in Intramuros, bustling Binondo, magninficent Manila Bay, lively Malate and an Ocean Center. Wow.

  2. Wow this is opening this Dec already ? I pass by Luneta everyday and had no idea that this was nearing operations. Anyway looking forward to the opening just hope the traffic on Roxas doesn’t get too bad… BTW, what’s up with the official website ? How come you need to have a user name and password to access ?

  3. ….a hit openings….first put a lot of park like garden sceneries anywhere possible but corners must be visible…..wholesome entertainments and lots of sense of humors can delight grouchy guests lol!….lightings at night in particular must be color coordinated so it doesnt look so bland and uninteresting when it is closed….meaning close or not it must attract curiousities so they would come back to check what’s the BIG DEAL about the place….very charming appealing staffers-employees state of the art ‘LOOKS’and uniforms colors-styles varies on levels of employments just to create extra more attractions-curiosities to draw more crowds around the world kahit just thru word of mouths….an ‘interesting’state of the art gala ballroom opening nights….{cocktails or buffet parties for business wishers etc.}…..will surely add more extra curiousities-attachments to the public
    and the media around the world if not on those openings….surely later…..state of the art also means ‘anything’ not needed in the area like a wrong place for a waste basket or even just one hook or any kinds should not be anywhere….micro tiny details that no one knew can irritates some guests…. believe in the effects of ‘negatives’thru word of mouths….mostly reasons why businesses don’t lasts long without them knowing how did it happened….no more-no less different than any politics that organized groups-customers can bring down with them….so if you are serious with success please take a second look on what i said….and thank you we are so happy for bringing us ocean park….

  4. Cathy and I are so psyched for this! Nathan enjoyed himself at the IMAX Theater for ‘Deep Sea,’ so any chance for him to experience something like this up close and personal is something I’m definitely game for.
    Thanks for the info, Anton!

  5. it’s funny why others are against the MOP. Of course animals such as fishes, whales, sharks and dolphins will be safer in huge tanks compared to the risk they will take if they are living in the outside world. Dolphins are able to interact with humans with care and security while dolphins in the oceans are at risk of getting butchered. Best of all, the Manila Ocean Park will add the much needed money for our country. The Philippines, as of today, is the only country without an oceanarium. I’ve visited Singapore’s Underwater Word in Sentosa, The Aquaria in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and the Oceanarium in Hong Kong Ocean Park. I am excited that the Philippines wold finally have its own oceanarium.

  6. been to underwater world at singapore and siam ocean world at bangkok…i cant wait to see our very own.
    opening na pala sa december…excited ako!!! 🙂

  7. Im so excited to take my son to this place. Im concern though about the opening date. It’s already December and they haven’t announce the exact opening date. Is there a delay? Bad marketing arm? Even their website is not working!
    As of any other government projects, is this another case of bad management?

  8. Great!!! More foreign tourists are coming in Philippines to visit Manila Ocean Park and attractive places. Our enocomy is improved in our country will be succeed. We are so happy for successful economy to be richer in Philippines.

  9. hi Anton, would like to ask if you know bout the science museum at MOA? How much is it? And is it worth to visit and spend time and money? please i need your reccomendations coz were having anniversary of my bf. Thanks… can u email me atleast? thank you so much!

  10. They say MOP will open on the 15th of Dec. 2007. Well, tomorrow will be December 15, 2007. Any updates on this ? I’ve search the net and I can’t find any news about it.

  11. this is really amazing.. i just wish that going there is also safe from thieves, snatchers, or pick pocket…your exciting holiday will turn into night mare if you get victimized by them….

  12. ….one of your viewer’s concern is very TRUE….thieves pickpocketers snatchers can ruined exciting holidays{unnecessary holiday-vacations stresses}that can lead to ruining your tourism industry in the future{results fluctuates}….when your fun goodnes kindness intentions suddenly become VICTIMS of the few criminals or behaving like one….i just had semi same experience a week ago….i sent 2 holiday packages as christmas presents para sa mga beloved old high schoolmates from almost 4 decades ago so i thought giving them on their grand high school reunion is the best time to say i am sorry i can’t be there but here to remind you ‘i never forget you’ and never will ‘have a happy HS grand reunion’….thank you for all the good fun great experiences with you almost 4 decades ago been ages the last time i saw any of you… best-happiest moments-time of my life….i sent both packages address via MY OWN sister{a swiss citizen who has money more than we do for life in a way}who takes care of family station{drop by first}condo and as i requested earlier to be pick up by some of my school mates so they could share those pesents among themselves….my happiness excitements my good intentions turned into nightmares embarrassments and huge stresses among all of us{me and my old schoolmates}kasi….my own swiss sister basically stole the fun-packages when she initially opened those boxes meant not for her and denied about the existence of the 2nd package that resulted to chaos inventories….one has this one but not that one no i don’t have the other ones as you said but maybe still on the second box if it exist{constant back & forth repetitions of same questions-remarks}….checking who has what and NOT put us into a lot of stresses coz of the absence of the second box….so it was’nt fun or happiness anymore….i stop boxes meant for my my sister & her families discouraged of her latest behaviour-intentions behind….my sister lolita wants to control my life in my absence{known attach criminal behaviour}she wanted them ALL for herself{ang maghangad ng kagitna isang salop ang mawawala}….but she has her own money to buy them….even 2 of her children are even wealthier{millionnaires}lol!….i called it unnecessary ‘2007 stressful christmas’ event….my schoolmates who experienced that same unnecessary sister ‘stresses’ took their entire family{dozen}here in america shoppings lol!….filipinos or dual or half breed….hopefully can learned from this lesson of ‘unnecessary holiday stresses’….thieveries pickpocketings snatchers….are a let down behaviours….i am not looking forward for any philippines vacations this year or anything sooner….meaning manila ocean park’s visit will have to wait until….my trusts hopes ‘excitements’ comes back again….

  13. oh it’s really exciting to visit this new attraction of Philippines buit i would like to ask if there are rides in manila ocean park…….. coz here in Hongkong ocean park we have great rides here.i really hope there are also rides there it would be so cool.especially kids and adults like games like rides like roller coaster or something

  14. Ireca, the Manila Ocean Park won’t have the fun rides as seen in Ocean Park Hong Kong. If you want fun rides, there’s a separate attraction which is located near the Manila Ocean Park, it’s called ‘Star City’. Manila Ocean Park will have an oceanarium with a tunnel path measuring 22 meters while HK Ocean Park’s oceanarium has 5 meters of tunnel path which contains only shark species. I just hope the other tanks in Manila Ocean Park would have the similar huge tank found inside HK Ocean Park’s Atol Reef attraction.

  15. I’m soooooo excited…i just hope the operator of the manila ocean park would no longer delay its opening on February 15…

  16. Philippines own most of the ocean species in the world. Kung sa africa makikita ang pinakamaraming land animals, sa atin naman ang pinakamaraming sea creatures. This is one of the many facts we should be proud of. Di mananalo sa atin ang ibang bansa pag dating dyan. Definitely it will be more exciting to see Manila Ocean Park this February.
    It will also include a interactive kiosk and multimedia section that will educate visitors of a lot of things. Gawang pinoy ito(I know kasi kasama ako sa gumagawa hehe).

  17. ….well….GREAT then lol!….as long as NONE of you took those CORALS….weeds at sea shells i planted not far from my bahay oceanside dyan lol!….pag nawala yun lagot kayo sa akin lol! pag nakita ko yun dyan sa AQUARIUM NYO lagot talaga kayo lol! lol….i am just having fun with you lol….i am just ‘ joking ‘ lol!….well keep ‘doing’ a good job lol….

  18. It’s officially open to the public and we are going there later this afternoon! woo hoo! It’s pay day, my treat! tee hee! now where’s my camera..

  19. ….WOW….lol!….i saw it in world news AZN channel….it’s like life o experiences living under sea world lol…they said that the rest of the surprises are not finnish yet but will continue working on it….meaning more wow additional scenes later which is better for me lol….

  20. I realy want to visit manila ocean park asap.I want to see different kinds of fish though its big or small.I’m so excited to be there.see you there…

  21. I was at the MOP last Sunday March 2, 2008. My only criticism is the prohibition of using flash photography inside the MOP oceanarium. I have been using the flash of my camera inside the oceanariums in Singapore’s Underwater World, Kuala Lumpur’s Aquaria, Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Atol Reef/Shark Tank. The reason from the staffs of MOP is that sudden flashes of light scares the teeny weeny miniscule adudu adada fishes, okay … I am all for that but why shout it in a rude manner. The employees inside the MOP should be trained more to give courtesy to all of the guests, afterall…there is no reason for them to be discourteous specially the ones inside the Tunnel of ‘Buhay na Karagatan’ geez ! Understandably it was overcrowded and the lack of a ‘walkalator’ inside the tunnel ‘stagnates’ the crowd just like in a bottle neck traffic jam, yet still the employees should have at least the patience to deal with the chaotic crowd.
    Exteriors of the MOP is still unfinished and the planned hotel and mall construction isn’t even initiated yet, the Open Marine Habitat is still under construction. All of the overall experience of an oceanarium is still hal-baked although the oceanarium itself is complete but I was disappointed with the Tunnel for it contains small fish varieties compared to the huge fishes in the oceanariums abroad. I bought MOP tshirts afterwards as I routinely do in other oceanariums but the tshirt staff didn’t gave me a receipt…double geez ! ah yes, this is the Philippines where you can purchase items without a receipt, oh dear !
    The journey even though half-baked is still enjoyable specially if you bring your whole family with you but to emulate the experience from other oceanariums abroad still lacks enthusiam at the MOP. Another thing, at the Touch pool, how can you appreciate the sea life creature if you don’t take them away from the water?! The lady staff managed to give me a holler after I mimicked Mel Tiangco seen at the YouTube I posted above. oh well, Pinoys are still the friendliest peeps on the planet compared to the rude suckers in HK hehehe.

  22. I haven’t been to the MOP yet as I plan to go visit when things have calmed down a bit …. lesser crowd and HOPEFULLY more courteous staff as what I have read from the post of remzamora.
    I too have seen the oceanarium in HK and even the gigantic oceanariums in the U.S. Yes, I agree that the fishes in the Tunnel are small fish as compared to the ones I have seen overseas based from most of the photographs and videos of the MOP online.
    However, the one BIG thing that disappoints me and is very noticeable even in the photographs and videos is the design and seascaping of the aquarium interior. I was hoping to see a more natural effect …. one that mimics the naturalness and natural look of the ocean floor. What I mean here is that in the photos, I can clearly see objects that are man-made structures. The drain on the flooring of the aqaurium inside the tunnel is so clearly visible. In some aquariums, I can see man-made, objects like a ship steering wheel inside … I am aware that the designers are trying to add some sort of “seascaping” (as opposed to landscaping) but those man-made decors becomes more of a distraction to the naturalness of the seaquarium instead of enhancing it. I think that the interior designers of the seaquariums should adopt a more natural and more calming look to their seascaping effort.

  23. ….why would project planners managements financiers allowed ‘mediocre’ below standards poor plannings non cohesion or some unnatural ‘distractions’ get in the way in this mega million project if the case is true….well learning from this advanced ‘observations’ i-we expect a better higher quality standards in all ‘non finnish’ additional MOP projects….quality will keep visitors coming….mediocre o below standard qualities o expectations will not bring those who visited the mop again after seeing it once with dissatisfactions o frustrations….the additional non finnish projects will hopefully WOW! all viewers first time or not lol….good luck and create o build ‘only’ the best by looking-comparing at all other world’s best aquariums in america o europe…..thank you again….

  24. i suggest that all posts here should be forwarded to the management of Mla. Ocean Park. My family is planning to go there on Easter Sunday but after reading some posts, i was quite disappointed. Maybe we should go there if the park is already fully-operational and the crowd is less. Im giving my thank-you’s to all posters ‘coz you’ve given me a glimpse of MOP.

  25. ive been to MOP and to be honest i didnt enjoy =( its not what i expect!!same thing what told to my friends and officemates.. if you really want your kids to enjoy underwater schene, watch IMAX Deepsea they have almost the same fee and i bet they will trully luv it. if you dnt believe me i bet you will remember me after you go to MOP, btw im not connected to IMAX=)
    and those who are planing to go there this easter i advice pls do it on monday
    what i hate in mop
    the lines before you enter the rat hole..
    dig it? then do something b4 its to late..

  26. Manila Ocean Park was sssoooo disappointing! I was just there yesterday. How could they advertise it so well!?…to be honest, it was really emabarassing for the Filipinos. It was not worth it! Nothing was in order! The visit was very stressfull…really crowded…felt really sweaty and hot! not even sure if the place was air-conditioned…i think those were just blowers!…skin to skin w/ people you don’t even know! i’m not exagerating! no one to approach…no crowd control! pleaze!

  27. Had a bad experience this morn. Got there with my two sons early to beat the lines. 15 minutes before opening, they tell us to line up in “express lanes.” Opening time passes, and there are no cashiers for the express lanes. Meanwhile the “slow” lane is flowing right in. Seven green shirts are milling around, studiously ignoring our pleas. Well, OK, we weren’t just pleading. We were angry and were yelling at them.
    I thought, a typical Pinoy response to irate customers. Ignore them completely.
    After 15 minutes some guy comes along and tells us, go right in, there are regular cashiers. We got out of the line (those of us courageous enough) and indeed inside there were hardly any lines.
    The manager tells us sweetly that express lanes were set up to help process the crowds. Well my darling, you just got a whole bunch of us hopping mad.
    To top the whole story off, my seven-year-old was embarrassed his dad was making such a big fuss. I had to apologize to him too.
    On the plus side:
    Minus side: the actual tour took all of 40 mins. And we took a slow time, looking at every fish. Paid P 1100 (400 for me, 350 for each of my under-4.5 feet boys)
    Plus side: stunning if few aquariums. Good design. Friendly attendants. (Who will not talk to you if you are angry.)

  28. i did not enjoy my visit at manila ocean park! very long line!!! kids are very exhausted before they can even enter the oceanarium hope they do something about it… but i’m planning to go back perhaps on december i hope by that time i can enjoy my visit there!

  29. my family went there last Black Saturday. the lines were indeed long. i’ve been to such places before outside our country, and MOP does indeed have a lot of downsides to it. but personally, i think it was worth it. the hassles one may experience with MOP now are just probably “Birth pains”.. staff inexperienced how to handle such a large crowd, inadequate ventilation (again probably due to the very large crowd), etc. let’s give it some time. we don’t need to bad mouth this place immediatly. let’s give MOP a chance we can really do it. let’s show them Filipinos can.

  30. sana makapunta na ako sa Manila Ocean Park sana maganda doon para hindi sayang ang pagbili ko ng thicket.

  31. hi…
    i enjoy my scuba diving activity here abroad..being with the angel fish which is a big as the chopping board every weekend experience that you will never forget…anyway ,,i feel obligated in maintaining the awesome sea creatures…is there a way that i can be a part of the staff of the manila ocean park…
    im coming home this February 12,2009 for vacation and i have 55 days to enjoy my stay in bad..
    i can be a diver on call and in case you are in need of one,please email me and i will not hesitate to offer my help.

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