Ark of Avilon

Arc of Avilon

37 Jesus said to his disciplines: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 In those days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, merry making and giving in marriage, up to the day that Noah entered the ark. 39 They did not know until the flood came and carried them all away.

So will it be also at the coming of the Son of Man. 40 Two men will be out in the field; one will be taken, and one will be left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken, and one will be left. 42 Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come. 43 Be sure of this: if the master of the house had known the hour of night when the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and not let his house be broken into. 44 So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.” (Matthew 24: 37-44)

This was the Sunday Gospel last Dec. 2 when Ark of Avilon soft opened to the public. Seeing it for the first time gives you a visual feel of Noah’s Ark. As we enter the huge facade, you’ll start to see the animals interacting with people similar with the setup of Kinder Zoo in Manila (beside the Manila Zoo). The days of Avilon Zoo’s Ark of Avilon has arrived (located beside Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas).

Arc of Avilon-4
Our favorite was Jenny Orangutan. She was playfully innocent and wants to interact with people.

Arc of Avilon-30
On one side of the ark, you can see one pair of puma, lion, jaguar, and tiger.

Arc of Avilon-7
The Albino Python was a little bit scary for Aidan.

Arc of Avilon-10
You can have a close encounter with the white breasted Sea Eagle.

Arc of Avilon-8
Anyone care for a donkey ride around the Ark?

Arc of Avilon-12 Arc of Avilon-13
Brahminykite (commonly known as Lawin) and Philippine Eagle Owl

Arc of Avilon-9 Arc of Avilon-11 Arc of Avilon-14
Rufos Eagle, White Breasted Sea Eagle and Baby White Horse with Baby Aidan…

Arc of Avilon-15
Alligators under the bridge…

Arc of Avilon-16
On the other side of the ark, you can see the Silvery Gibbon Monkeys, Sunbear, Booted Macaque, Gullem and Orangutan.

Arc of Avilon-17
As you go up the second floor, you’ll see more birds and the soon to be famous butterfly cafe

Arc of Avilon-18
Turtoise similar to the ones we saw in Kinder Zoo.

Arc of Avilon-25
Coffee is served by Cafe Amadeo in the butterfly cafe. They said that butterflies only has a 7-10 day life so they constantly change the butterflies on a weekly basis.

Arc of Avilon-26 Arc of Avilon-27 Arc of Avilon-24
At first, Aidan was scared but some of the little girls showed Aidan that these creatures were harmless.

Arc of Avilon-20
Aidan kept on raving about these live interactions with the butterflies as we went home…

ENTRANCE FEE: 250/ head

By the way, thanks to Jojo Gloria for the tip!


48 thoughts on “Ark of Avilon

  1. How come Anton does not answer to questions like
    “Where is this?”
    “Where can we find this?”
    I just wonder why…..

  2. @ tricia – Anton answers naman. I think he will still edit this post to include more text and info. I’ve encountered some of his posts before, photos palang. When I check again later on, the post is edited with more info. Be patient. 🙂
    If I’m not mistaken this is near Fun Ranch? A small branch of Avilon Zoo for those who don’t want to go all the way to Rizal?
    Aidan looks so happy!

  3. nasa frontera verde (sa may TENDESITAS, PASIG) tong avilon zoo, sa likod ng FUN RANCH. if u decide to check it out, go here na din sa office namin, sa NISSAN GALLERY ORTIGAS. hehehe

  4. aidan looks so cute with the orangutan.
    im torn between wanting to see this place and the belief that animals shouldn’t be held in captivity. 😉

  5. @Tricia – As a long time reader of OAP, I can say that Anton is very diligent in updating his site. He may not answer your questions directly, but he makes sure that all the info you need is posted as soon as possible.
    He is not being paid to do this. But because he is a good fellow, he willingly shares his good “discoveries” to other people.
    For other un-answered questions, you can always google it! =)
    Merry Christmas!

  6. As a long time reader of OAP, I can say that Anton is very diligent in updating his site. He may not answer your questions directly, but he makes sure that all the info you need is posted as soon as possible.
    He is not being paid to do this. But because he is a good fellow, he willingly shares his good “discoveries” to other people.
    For other un-answered questions, you can always google it! =)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Anton, I would like to personally thank you for updating us with one of the finest! My life wont be complete without reading your blogs.
    I have already tried the pudding of La Cocina, eating at Kanin Club, being at Antonio’s after we checked in at Tagaytay after Milenyo! I t’s all because of the influence of Anton.
    Though we cant go to all these places , we had experienced being with the family of Anton vicariously.
    My friends usually ask me the latest because I update them with what I have read at your posts. My friend ‘s brother had already eaten at Kanin but hadnt convinced her.
    Mind you, my friends way back from Medicine days came along from Quezon City, San Pedro and my sister who is super bz because of her very hectic schedule as an obstetrician gynecologist sonologist really had time because of what I told them.
    Aidan is so lucky to be exposed to these places and to learn alot from you at an early age, from photography, to travelling, to eating! But a word of caution! I would like to remind you to watch out for you cholesterol and blood sugar. I know you dont need any reminder but this is a friendly advice. I know you have a balanced life and you are interested in sports.
    Allow me to greet you and your family Happy Holidays!!! Thanks for being our mentor! I hope I can meet you someday in some of your activities! MORE POWER and God Bless you!

  8. ….whoever thought of this idea of an stationary
    ark port{inventories checking point}’must’be a super caring protectionistic individuals or group of people….the best kind you want to join walk if your lost anywhere…. those caring kind of survivalist in nature….

  9. If you read then you don’t have to ask questions like “where is it?” and “how much?” ehehe!
    “The days of Avilon Zoo’s Ark of Avilon has arrived (located beside Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas).”
    “ENTRANCE FEE: 250/ head”
    Thanks Anton!

  10. We went to the Ark yesterday. Entrance is P200, regardless of adult or child. There were no photo ops with the orangutan when we went. I did not notice any butterflies too at the cafe. But the kids had fun posing with the friendly chameleon, cockatoo, small snake (not the albino python), bunnies and donkey.

  11. Hi Anton! Love the pictures! Aidan looks so happy, nakakatuwang tingnan. I hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays. More power and blessings to you, your family, and OAP! Ü

  12. ….oh that is tragic….so sorry….i feel bad that a child was biten by an albano snake in the mini zoo….the management should have not allowed open animals to interact with people unless they can control it’s behaviours….remember that both children & animals are not fully equipped to independently depend themselves they still both use instincts….blaming anyone is not right but giving-telling educational instructions or warnings & for next time is good policy….a first aid room must be A MUST available on site even if emergency cases are not expected….new warnings-rules must be implemented to avoid any same negative incidents….. i hope the child is alright now…. please be informed to informed the zoo managements of any progress that may arise into further complications later….better safe than sorry….trained animals are normally safe and behaved well in the past but that doesnt mean these are ‘guarantees’ to children who maybe unawared provoked these animals…..of course NOT….accidents can happened anywhere so we all have to watch out….to save ourselves as last resorts….

  13. oh my 🙁 hope Mr. Liao’s child is okay. that is a scary story. hope management improves on their facilities mainly the clinic and staff training.

  14. I’ve read Mr. Liao’s story. Someone from Ark of Avilon must comment. And they must improve their facilities. Or else it’s not safe to go there.

  15. I also saw Jeff’s note and responded in his blog

    Hi Jeff
    Our family was actually there on Jan 5th at about noon. The man with the albino snake came out I think at around 1pm. He did offer to pass that snake onto my shoulders, and kept saying that it was safe and the snake won’t bite. I gave him a stern look and said, “No thank you, seriously.” It’s a good thing we didn’t hang around with the snake very long bec we just weren’t interested. But otherwise we did enjoy our time there, particularly the animal feeding area on top.
    I have to say anything can happen when you engage in such activities as going to an open zoo. Part of learning and living is being exposed to such interesting “accidents”, which most of us have experienced as kids. (I’ve had my own mishaps, and my kids are as adventurous.)
    However, I think the main concern is that the Ark of Avilon should have adequate and trained staff support, including first-aid, considering indeed anyone can get hurt anywhere and in any manner in their facilities. If we want to advertise ourselves as a family place which is child-friendly, then we have to be prepared for these things. Finding fault in customers, especially in young children, is not a good response.
    By the way, we also noticed that the small bridgeway by the falls is also not safe bec the gaps between the makeshift “railing” is wide enough for small kids (like my 3-yr-old) to fall into the pond and the crocodile pits! Just be cautious.
    I’ve read in other threads that this e-mail is an over-reaction to the incident. It is this type of attitude that will get our country nowhere. If we keep on tolerating lack of concern and responsibility to others, then how can we expect our country to improve at all and be taken seriously?
    So I hope the Ark of Avilon takes all these comments from you and your readers as constructive feedback and improve their facilities to make it a real family-oriented and safe place for us to keep visiting. It’s a great concept, and we can all help make it better.
    And Jeff, I hope your daughter is well and is not traumatised by the incident. (although I doubt that if she’s only 2!) May she continue to enjoy more adventures in her life!

  16. ….jennysings is very right….there is no such thing as over reaction IF it concern a child especially a 2 year old….it’s easy to say & judged ‘over reaction’ if the child is NOT yours….we MUST be concern in any childrens welfare or adults EVEN in this case and all other human rights coz if we don’t then those non caring ABUSIVE experiences-incidences we all despised defied fought agaisnt to GET JUSTICES from those who victimized will again & again deprived us of any humane ‘understanding’ attentions or even just caring….in this matter we should all behave like a FIRST WORLD countries not the least….remember BELOVED filipinos HUMANS…..always REMEMBER ‘ SELF WORTH’….COZ WITHOUT IT….YOU CAN ALREADY FORGET NOT JUST WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR BUT ALSO YOURSELF….NO ONE’S FAULT only YOURS….cil

  17. Oh yeah, this is a major cause of concern if the child was 2 years old. But the girl the snake bit was 17 years old. A little common sense on the part of the teenager victim would have prevented this incident.

  18. ark avilon is beautiful and awesome indoor zoo in the philippines,i was amazed mhen i saw the animals but most of all are the zoo keeper and rhe staff they are so very patient and accommodating.keep up the good work

  19. What time does the zoo open on weekends? I’ve tried looking for the info on the web but to no avail. Thanks.

  20. By now, i presume that Mr. Liao’s daughter is okay. It must have been horrifying to both the daughter and Mr. Liao.
    I have read the posts in and I believe that most of them are not really thinking when they posted their replies. Or perhaps they do not read at all. Mr Liao was upset not because the snake bit his daughter but because of how the management of AoA took this. They didn’t even offer to explain that the snake is non-venomous and that betadine would be enough to treat the wound. Regardless of age, any one who got bitten, had an accident INSIDE THE ZOO should be provided adequate attention by the management as it is their RESPONSIBILITY.
    I beg to disagree that Mr Liao should not have let his daughter touch the snake… Ark of Avilon boasted of it which denotes that it is SAFE to do it and that they do know 90% of the circumstances of letting visitors do it.
    His professional job is not the main issue here.. why are you guys fussing about it? Is it because he is popular and you envy him? I do not know Mr. Liao until today but I pray that all of us will not encounter the same trauma. He offered us all an advice worth keeping. I am forever grateful to people like him who knows how to care about other’s safety.

  21. … and for Anton, too. Thanks heaps for the wonderful pictures and the informative blog. I am excited to go and see it with my son. Have a nice day!

  22. … and for Anton, too. Thanks heaps for the wonderful pictures and the informative blog. I am excited to go and see it with my son. Have a nice day!

  23. nice anton. my kids would love it. we just have to be careful though. kids learn a lot as they explore. we are there to give the opportunity and make sure they are safe. will bring the kids there! we just came from ocean park manila the other day. nothing can ever ever match the happiness of the kids as they run around and watch the fishes as they swim. my kids, ages 5 and 7 years old enjoyed the fish spa so much!!!! (I did too hehehe!)

  24. May I know if this place is safe for Educational trip for the Preschoolers (kinder and prep.)? Can it accomodate 150 pupils?

  25. as as health & safety professional, i am appalled by the reactions of the posters in i am highly experienced in EHS and social audits in most places in Asia, and I must say that the attitude of most of the persons posting in that site is very typical of Chinese businessmen. “Sabotaging the business” and “abusadong customer” is just reflective of how many Chinese businesses do their business – money first! So much of the safety scandals rising out of China (including this current milk scandal) rises out of the need to circumvent the law and the most basic standards in order to save a buck now. Among the professionals in the industry, almost all of the different forms of cheating we have seen of standards all originate from China/Taiwan/HK-owned businesses. If Avilon zoo sees itself as a “world-class” institution, then it should abide by the highest standards.
    The Animal Welfare Act in the Philippines is mostly geared towards the safety of the animals itself but not of the visiting public. However, as an entertainment/tourist institution it must abide by safety laws in this country for tourist establishments which covers certification of staff (animal handlers), emergency/risk management, fire safety, etc. Where our own laws are silent/inadequate about H&S (such as the Animal Welfare Act), the best practice standards should be applied. These standards are defined by the Accreditation Standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the United States. As a voluntary association, they have a number of standards that are higher than State or Federal law. The advantage is that they define the best operating standards for the animal zoo/conservation industry so far.
    In these standards, there are very specific requirements for the education (i.e. all staff must be certified and qualified to handle animals, their education function for the visiting public must also be well defined, noting that education for a teenager is different from a 5 year old), safety (i.e. zoo must have facilities and training for all staff for all basic types of emergencies including injury by a visitor due to an animal attack as well as animal escape), etc. Full compliance to these standards will be expensive, given the status of the Philippines as a developing country. However, some items are basic and should have been considered non-negotiable. A first aid treatment facility is a requirement under the laws for tourist establishments. There had been some posters that said it would be too expensive to have a full-time doctor/nurse there. Wrong! The trained medical staff is not just for the visiting public, but is also there for the welfare of the zoo staff. That is a requirement under the Philippine Occupational H&S laws. There are arrangements for part-time duty, depending on the size of the establishment. If they do not comply, then technically their license as an EMPLOYER may be in question.

  26. To antonette,
    The safety of the institution must be PROVEN BY THE ESTABLISHMENT. They must show you proof that they have the adequate safety facilities and programs, trained staff, and proper education programs specifically targeted for this age group. 150 pupils of preschool age is a lot. I would suggest that unless they can show you specifically the areas/programs where you will be limited to, then you do not take this many kids there. Though they may have the ability to handle children of this age, they may not have the capacity to handle this number (taking into account that there maybe other visitors there that day).

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