The Why Not Forum 2.0


For those who missed the first Why Not Forum, check out the second Why Not Forum at Mag:Net Cafe Bonifacio High Street

The Why Not Forum 2.0
Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society
Leonard Co, Ethnobotanist
Erik Mana, Master Illusionist
Grace Dimaranan, President of the Animation Council of the Philippines
Fr. Jomar Legaspi, Founder of Learn.Ph
The Philippine Everest Team
+ spoken word performance by Juddha Paolo and Kooky Chua

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9 thoughts on “The Why Not Forum 2.0

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  4. ….not agreeing….is good….and healthy…. meaning you are aware of the issues….ibig sabihin you took the time to think-scrutinized the issues your way….my comments here in our awesome planet’s….sala’s makati reincarnation….can explain why not agreeing is o.k…..can be healthy….since i can only tell-express my views thru another lens-another sides….meaning ‘i am not’ here to pressure anyone to agree with me…..simply to express my views that maybe? of useful-helpful to anyone concerns….there are millions of things i can tell that ‘impossibly’ happened but none of us will agree that it did-could happened kasi we have no power na makita ang lahat ng mga happenings ng mga tao individually as if we are standing above the horizons to see their entire life scopes o di kaya large cinema screen like that could pin point ‘focus’ automatically on any person in particular when or while the ‘impossibly’s’had happened or those ‘impossibly’s’ are just happening….to prove….confirmed it’s existence….uncasting of the doubt’s……that millions of things that are impossible….are actually ‘NOT’….they look-seems-appear that way maybe because of people like you….who do’nt want to try bigger but simple pictures but feel-has needs to settle to things that failed to deliver dreams{with imperfections in between is common sense}…that can come true….but will not come true….because you don’t want to find out to know….reasons why ‘impossibles’ are still not possible….it would never be….unless we challenge all those unchallengeable….

  5. ….why not?….what’s wrong with free ‘basic’ poor public filipino schools education…..what’s wrong with providing the public poor pupils-students basic schools with something they cannot afford….but only dream about….but needed to have….to start with something….what’s wrong if filipinos has big dreams big thoughts big brave agendas to confront hope fight for….if brave thoughts are possible or….for example only:….if it failed….would you rather be like some particular white american husband who’s idea of big thoughts is to NOT to have thoughts…..better to be playing silent initially on possible misfortunes of others maybe like his wife….so that if other people with big dreams & big thoughts failed….that particular husband & others whoever was on his side ‘initially’ can get lucky…of course NOT…just my personnal analysis on what is happening in some parts of the world….that others didnt know coz the worsts parts already happened now this kind of particular american husband is playing so cool just like his old younger fresh ‘initial’ in love days character….as if his initial silence in all mysteries what his wife was asking begging him for….means he never did what he did so his ‘concerned’ wife could feel desperate asked reached out for other people including strangers of what’s going on….so now there ‘s something going on coz his actions of total silence that could disturbed his wife could burdened her further so it needs some solutions….solutions of reaching out to the world….that we must all hope will NOT fail….solutions that separate good dreamers great thinkers brave doers from ‘opportunists’cold blooded bystanders that can be someone else spouses….or neighbors…..or relatives…..coz opportunistic person can be selfish unworthy or a disaster to great results that big thinkers dreamers brave doers hopefully can prove to the rest of the societies that thinking big like a free public elementary high school educations can overcome negatives-non supporters-social ills-unnecessary accidents by ignorants{like strange spouses or any citizens around the world}}that it can direct all poor children to ‘test’ themselves in early school levels….if they should GO to college or simply just be someone else spouses or a miserable junky kind street vendor….but their early free levels of public educations without any doubts will not or at least will ‘lessen’ their desire to be NOBODY or just a male female sex objects of low dirt businesses…..those early free public educations can help prevent if not stop them from becoming a sources-pools available as societies easy targets or even anyone’s spouses innocent ‘victims’….so let’s call all ‘drop outs’ in smiling beautiful loving humble philippines to get out from your caves….from your’safe’haven & go back finnish your elementary high school educations now….please….do it for your under priviledge children do it for your suffering spouses for your communities peace….your societies contributions….and one day when you become useful to the world….remember all those taxpayers WHO sacrifices in giving you the educations you needed….so you can have a life….a life that is wiser happy healthy lovely hopefully…..with or without any particular spouses like the ones i was talking about lol!….good luck to all those WHO have courage to even TRY and WHY NOT?….

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