Barney Live in Manila!

Barney Live
Aidan was speechless. It was priceless to see the wonder on his face when we saw Barney Live on its opening night last Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007. We told him that there is a surprise that awaits him that night. I’m sure he did not expect to see Barney live 🙂

Together with his cousin Carlos, they danced the night away with Barney. He was so happy.

Barney Live-3
Baby Bop, B.J. and Riff joined Barney in his adventures in Manila. It is like watching the actual Barney CDs live. Rache and I enjoyed seeing Aidan, Carlos and other kids dance with Barney.

Barney Live-2

This is our favorite Barney song “I Love You, You Love Me” which was the last but memorable song for the night.

I love you, You love me
We’re a happy family,
With a great big hug And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?

I love you, You love me
We’re best friends Like friends should be
With a great big hug And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me too?


You still have time to catch it until Dec. 23, Sunday @ the Araneta Coliseum.
For ticket inquiries call 911-5555. P1,575 | P1,260 | P1,050 | P945 | P735 | P525

7 thoughts on “Barney Live in Manila!

  1. ….lol!….oh….so cute me too….i wanna dance and hug with barney too lol!….what a great stage color coordinations job they have….great job….

  2. wow. hahahaha. my niece used to loooove barney too… A LOT. until she discovered Dora and now she’s into backyardigans.
    We’ve a different version of that song that is strictly for adults and born out of craziness from too much Barney playing in the house…
    I love you, you love me,
    Lets go shoot and kill Barney,
    With a shoot bang bang
    Barney on the floor
    No more stupid dinosaur.
    Have a blessed Christmas =D

  3. Hi Anton. It was nice meeting you at the Barney show, the kids really enjoyed it and as parents, when we see our children happy makes us more happy too.I saw the happy faces of Aidan and Carlos as well as my kids – they had a blast!

  4. ….gosh!….you people are mean….how could you not like barney….even thought of shooting-killing him lol!….now i will have nightmares….oh barney lol!….

  5. Hi Anton!
    Im a regular visitor of your blog =) We also went to see Barney Live Yesterday and my kid had a blast.
    Just want to drop by to say Hi!
    I heart your blog! =)

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