Chefs’ Quarters – Malate version of Duo

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I’m happy that Robinsons Manila Midtown is bringing a new life to the restaurant scene in Malate. One interesting concept is Chefs’ Quarters which offers fine dining at P200-P400 price range.

What do Le Soufflé Restaurant in Makati, French Corner in Alabang, Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Serendra and Chefs’ Quarters in Malate have in common? Answer: the tandem of Larry Cortez and Chef Mauro Arjona. They were pioneers of Le Soufflé, worked with Billy King to setup Voulez Vous now French Corner in Alabang before they decided to setup their own restaurant Duo in Serendra and now, their second restaurant, Chefs’ Quarters in Malate.

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We love the concept of great service, good food at a casual dining atmosphere. We recommend the breakfast menu and they are open as early as 7am. There are plenty of parking spaces in Robinson’s Manila Midtown and we like to hang out here this holiday season to avoid the crowds.

Chefs’ Quarter’s Menu
Sharing Appetizers, Salads, Soups | Fish Selection, Pasta & Rice Selection, Desserts | Beef, Lamb & Poultry Selection | Breakfast Menu | Snacks and Pica & Pica |(Photo Menu) Breakfast, Pasta and Rice Selection, Beef, Lamb Poultry | Desserts, Fish Selection, Salads, Sharing Appetizers

Chef's Quarters
“Smile, papa!” said Aidan. This is one of those rare occasions when we would bring syoti with us during our food trip.

Chef's Quarters-10
Hot Chocolate in a mug (P100). We love this Belgian Hot Chocolate! You must try this.

Chef's Quarters-21
Tessie Tomas Salad “Old Time Favorite” (P295+). A Combination of Roasted Prawn, Marinated Salmon & Shitake Mushroom with Mesclun Salad in French Creamy Balsamic Dressing.

This was described by inquirer in the article Fine Dining on a budget as “A mainstay on the menu and definitely an attention-grabber is the Tessie Tomas Salad, named after the Imeldific’s occasional alter ego.” I would describe it as an ordinary salad with a bit of branding to give an excuse to charge P300+.

Chef's Quarters-17
Pan-Fried Salmon Gravad Lachs (P280+). In dill mustard; served with scrambled egg, hash-brown potato and coffee.

The breakfast menu items in Chefs’ Quarters are something to rave about. We were quite impressed by the quality of the salmon, and the way it was cooked.

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Chef’s Quarters Steak (P395 +). 6oz US beef top blade marinated in chef’s special blend with potato vegetable compote and garlic-parsley butter.

Rache loved this steak although I find it a bit oily.

Chef's Quarters-6<%2

18 thoughts on “Chefs’ Quarters – Malate version of Duo

  1. How I miss Malate! I used to frequent Robinson’s Place when I was still living in Malate (during my La Salle days) and when I was working in Ramon Magsaysay Center in Roxas Blvd. I’ll definitely check this out on my next vacation.

  2. wow so nice to hear that we can have tessie tomas anytime since we are just in the neighborhood anton hehehe =)
    anyway, if you are free you might want to try CAV, at the Spa(88 Area, High street, the fort). THey are wine retail and cafe which are still on their soft open. they have prix fixe menus of modern european cuisine complimented w/ an extensive selection of wines by the glass. they also have the coolest wine tasting machine, where you buy prepaid card then you choose if you want to taste, half glass or full. well im not a wine enthusiast, but the food is worth a try. open on jan 2 onwards for dinner. tel 8561798
    oops, i forgot to take photos of their menu but anyways, according to my friend who works there, menu changes every week! interesting noh?
    happy holidays to all!

  3. I haven’t been to Malate for a very long time. Time passes so fast and the place is changing so fast too.
    I remember during my college day in the 80’s,I always visit old Diamond Restaurant near Luneta Theater for the best noodles and dimsum. I also miss my disco moments in Bayview Plaza Hotel and the ex Midland Hotel – hang out of the St Paul students and PGH medical staff.

  4. I love the Tessie Tomas Salad! It’s my favorite starter when I’m @ Duo. I think it’s reasonably priced considering how large the prawns are and generous the portions of the smoked salmon they put in as well as the microgreens they sprinkle.
    All things considered it’s good value for money!

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  8. Quite interesting to see this post! I stumbled upon it after looking for Chef’s Quarters on google. We were staying in my family’s condo right next to Chef’s Quarters (One Adriatico Place) and ate there almost everyday for breakfast. We did eat dinner there once, I had the duck cooked in orange sauce accompanied with steamed veggies and roasted potatoes…I found it ok. The prices at Chef’s Quarters is pretty reasonable (3 people, full course meal ~€20 in total) and would recommend it to anyone visiting this area! We also went to the “Caribbean” restaurant next to it which I wasn’t very much impressed with. I quite liked the baguettes they served at Chef’s Quarters, would have to say it’s at the same level as the baguettes you get here in Europe.

  9. …this is my very first experience in a fine dinning restaurant and i just love it…i love the ambiance, the food, and the service that they provide to their customers…

  10. 4 years later and the food is still as good as it was before. Great service and delicious affordable food. I love chef’s.

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