Heads or Tails – a new kaya place in Mall of Asia

Heads or Tails-4


Heads or Tails is a franchise from Thailand and I heard stories of people lining up in the food court of Siam Paragon (The flagship beautiful mall in Thailand) just to get a taste of their buttered toast and kaya toppings. We love kaya so we decided to try them. They are trying to replicate the concept in Manila by situating Heads or Tails in the food court of Mall of Asia.

(BTW, I forgot to ask why it is called Heads or Tails)

Heads or Tails-5

Heads or Tails specializes in Buttered Toast and Toppings. We tried the Strawberry Fruit Jam topping (P40) and the Taro Kaya Topping (P40). We like the Taro Kaya but we find the fruit jam ordinary which I ordered for Aidan.

Heads or Tails
She is a Thailander on loan to train the local staff. They just opened middle of December in Mall of Asia.

Heads or Tails-2
We would suggest to try the kaya toppings which come in Taro, Vanilla or Pandan flavor.

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Heads or Tails
Thailand – Singapore – Malaysia – Indonesia – Philippines
2nd Level, Main Mall, in front of SM Food Court.

20 thoughts on “Heads or Tails – a new kaya place in Mall of Asia

  1. Thanks for the information on the latest trend in town. You just dont give lovely pictures but also added information about the place and something about where it originate or its branches internationally.
    When I go to the mall, I dont feel alone, since I remember everything about what I learned from you. My friends are really appreciative of what I tell them! They feel as if they also know you through the stories i tell them about you and your family.

  2. lol!….definitely aidan’s best ‘ intense ‘ photo so far….i just love it so much….lol!….if the background is those shabby slums-squatters area by the railroad and aidan is looking like this…then finally YOU’ve got your first ‘great picture ‘…..background here was the obstacle….but still a really good expression of aidan….i can’t get over it lol!….

  3. What an adorable picture that is, up top! 🙂
    I went to Siam Paragon several months ago, but can’t be sure if I saw this stall, since there were just TOO MANY things to try! Just on my own, I think I tasted about 10 different items. :-P~

  4. I remember seeing this in MOA because of the huge mound of butter! I’ll try it later cos you featured it, ehehe! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  6. We tried their pandan kaya on toast today and it’s a sure winner! Better than Kopi Roti and Toast Box! It’s a good thing I steered clear of the peanut butter – Skippy peanut butter lang pala siya ehehehe.

  7. i’ve tried this in platinum mall food court in bkk if i’m not mistaken and the bread with butter and condense milk was quite good.

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  9. @ jacky: I was wondering if this was the stall at Platinum Mall’s food court as we do love their pandan kaya there. Hmm, must visit soon to verify… 😉

  10. Merry Xmas to you and your family!
    I just love it when you feature MOA stores and restos. I live nearby MOA so I check your site before I head to the mall to know the what’s latest shops and to go to and food to check out.
    As always, good Job Anton!

  11. Im 1 of the local staff before in H&T
    but i have to went away coz of a persoanl reason..
    ol i can say is tat u guys shud try their cuisine
    ….cuz’its totally yuMmy!
    goodluck H&T++++

  12. your aidian’s so cute.. i think this is one of his best shots! love heads n tails! they offer free taste. love the vanilla spread! yummy

  13. I know why they used “Heads or Tails.” A husband and his wife want to start the business, his wife has Kaya as her signature dish. Then they decided to open a Kaya shop near ABAC University in Bangkok. Before they opened, the husband said the shop’s outcome might be “Heads or Tails” which means “neither good or bad..”, but let’s try. Anyway the outcome is “Heads” or “Good”, so they start selling their franchise.
    Admittedly Thai kaya is a kind of watery, but we like the light Kaya.
    Chilli paste and pork floss is good too. Thai has 2 kinds of chilli paste (Nam prik pao). Sweet one is for spread on bread and the hot one is for cooking Tom Yum.

  14. Hi is that butter or margarine, the mound doesn’t seem to melt? i went there and all day it didn’t melt, traditionally butter even in an Air conditioned surrounding does get soft….

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