The Ultimate Kapampangan Show-Off!

The ULTIMATE Kapampangan Show-off!
Saturday December 15, 2007 | 7:30 am – 12:00 mn| Tour cost P4,500 (all in plus surprises)

Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung-49-2

The Tour Summary
“Well, not quite Manila but still close…. Journey to the Northern heartland as we immerse ourselves in things Kapampangan! From Baroque to Betute, its fun-filled day as we poke around and get intimate with the very best of Pampanga’s cultural offerings. We’ll gawk at the jewel-box of church in Betis while wading through the half-buried town of Bacolor. We’ll stuff ourselves silly with the best Kapampangan fare by one of the country’s best known Pampango chefs! To it cap-off, we’ll have front-row view of the most dazzling display of Kapmpangan artistry- the Parul Festival of San Fernando! A tour screming with Pampango pride!”

The Tour Experience
* Betis Church* Town of Bacolor*Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung Restaurant* Pampanga Specilaty Shops* Ligligan Parul Festival in San Fernando
This tour is brought to you by Our Awesome Planet, Ivan About Town, Manila Boy and Old Manila Walks . This will be the best Pampanga tour experience by people who love Pampanga!

To reserve for this tour, please pay P4,500 before December 10, 2007. Email me on payment arrangement.

Giant Lantern Festival 2006 - 11

Finally, we have taken the first bold step to launch our first awesome tour. We plan to redefine the way tours are done in Manila and elevate them to world class standards. It is a bold statement I know, but the Filipinos can do it and we can show the world the beauty of the Philippines. Our vision is to provide hassle-free worry-free all-in-cost tours to all the awesome places in the Philippines starting with Pampanga. We are hoping that we create unique experiences that each participant of our tours will never forget.

We also intend to post all free information if you want to do the tour on your own. We will be launching (soon!) to be the one stop shop for all travel information for Filipinos who would like to travel. We are looking for sponsors, investors, or contributors for this project if you are interested.

Intentionally, we did not put all the details of the tour because we want to provide a lot of surprise element into it. I personally have been to Pampanga more than 10 times and I’ve learned how to organize an awesome tour. Spanky, Ivan M, Ivan H and me have been brainstorming about how we can create an experience people will never forget. We are going back to Pampanga this Sunday to do more research, to do a travel time study, and to brainstorm further on how we can make this worth more than P 4,500 J

I am personally excited and we target to have 20 people and we have confirmed bookings of more than 10 already. Thanks for having faith in us and let’s have fun on Dec. 15!


P.S. Here is a sneak peak on what you would see in the tour…

Know the story of the Bacolor Church buried by the Lahar.

Bacolor Church Bacolor Church (by Enzo)-2 Bacolor Church (by Enzo)-5

Have you been to Betis Church , the Sistine Chapel of the Philippines?

Betis Church - 1 Betis Church (by Enzo)-9 Betis Church (by Enzo)-7

You should experience this 4 hours awesome slow lunch by Claude Tayag in Bale Dutung!

Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung-10 Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung-24 Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung-57-2

Have you seen these Giant Lanterns of San Fernando Pampanga? Simply Awesome!

Roland Quiambao's Lattern Factory Roland Quiambao's Lattern Factory-10 Giant Lantern Festival 2006 - 37 Giant Lantern Festival 2006 - 42 Giant Lantern Festival 2006 - 46

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Kapampangan Show-Off!

  1. OnePhilippines sounds like a great idea. I love your advocacy and I’d love to help if I can.
    I’m also delighted to hear that you’re trying to figure out how to create the most beautiful experience and value for your tour participants. And free info for those who want to travel alone?!? That’s just so generous and St. Ignatius-like!=) Good luck you all! If my wife and I cannot go this tour or the next due to a personal commitment (aarrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!!), I will definitely be there with you some other time.
    If anything, I certainly believe that nothing beats a tour conducted by extremely knowledgeable people who LOVE what they are doing.

  2. ….anton rache aidan in some best state of the art tours a visit to government buildings with quality architectural historical importance designs are a must….a quality open flea markets parades-parties-
    festivities you can show up by surprises….into middle of very green ricefields to visit different groups of filipino painters artists and farmers….huge fields of purely vegetables flowers how they go about doing those gigantic tasked as they race fights agaisnt nature of storms typhoons floods pests thieves loose wild animals….quality town markets with organized artistic proud vendors publicly displaying their quality products etc…..even rare trees architectural designed infrastructures are curiousities group tours awed desires….great opportunities to see how romantic white sand sea shores living dry their catches how they bargain sell their fresh catch how to rush coconut climbing competitions are fun things to do in tour groups…..even just how to milk cows or one minute ride animals in very green rice fields surrounded by coconuts fruit orchards or in a crystal clear streams brooks or by waterfalls as background scenes for learning is a dream fantasy come true to people like us around the world….but anton rache aidan please always think of common senses when planning ahead…. of each every quality-comfort-almost perfections if it is high ends….good luck lol!…..

  3. I love the Kapampangan dishes. They are expert in making buro (fermented fish with rice), tocino, longaniza, and sisig. My grandfather and his mother are from Magalang, Pampanga and I used to visit my relatives in Angeles City and Magalang. We, the Balajadia families are Kapampangan also that’s why I love to cook and eat also.
    Also, they are expert in making beautiful Christmas lantern in San Fernando City. Many people from different provinces and Manila are visiting in San Fernando City to buy the Christmas lantern starting from the month of September up to December.
    Right now, the province of Pampanga is the Culinary Capital of the Philippines because of their expertise in cooking especially during the town fiestas.

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