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I can still remember our excitement in the office when Starbucks first opened its first cafe in 6750 building. Some of our meetings then are held in Starbucks so that you are seen as cool. We feel so happy to have our Starbucks coffee every morning. A P100+ Starbucks coffee was a big deal at that time and there was a debate on why you should pay for that price. I realized that Starbucks 6750 opened 10 years ago, December 4, 1997. Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Starbucks!

Starbucks Planner-2

For the first time, I will be raving about their 2008 Starbucks planner. They have been doing this for 5 years now and this is the only planner that appealed to us. The leather cover was more than enough for me to ignore the marketing messages embedded into the planner. It is similar in feel to the moleskin notebook that I use. In our office, it is cool to have one of these planners and the race for these planners started last November 6, 2007.

Christmas Blend Release FIvvNAL, Beverage Release FINAL

After 24 cups of coffee (12 Christmas blend + 12 usual flavors), you will get this 2008 Starbucks Planner. You can collect the stickers until January 15, 2008. For each redeemed planner, Starbucks will make a donation to Project Sparkhope, a joint program with UNICEF Philippines providing early learning facilities for pre-school children in remote barangays all over the Philippines.


13 thoughts on “The Starbucks Planner

  1. Starbucks Philippines has been giving away these planners for at least 4 years. I think it’s been 5 years but I’ve been collecting them for 4 years. And I agree, the 2008 planner is the best they’ve come up with thus far.
    Great entries! Congratulations on such a popular blog.

  2. aside form the leather, i am seriously lamenting that the planners are degrading(IMHO) year after year… i prefer the weekly layout from the first planner(was it 5 years? i thought 4?)… and this year, they don’t even have the pen – only a pencil… last year, i completed the stickers, took the pen and gave the planner to a friend. i love the pen as it writes nice and smooth. it is good though that this year’s planner is lighter than the last.
    i think they are still having the double stickers promo until the 25th.

  3. I’ve been collecting their planners ever since their promo started. I have to agree with kayenne, their planners are kinda deteriorating in quality, well at least the paper. If not for the leather cover of this current planner, I’d be hesitant to avail of it even if it’s been a tradition of mine to collect it yearly. The paper they used this year spells UGLY and BAD QUALITY over it. It feels like ‘pambalot ng tinapa’. The very first promo they had of this was a good one (the paper). I remember then, you needed to puchase 60 drinks (or was it 59?) and a merchandise to be able to get three planners.
    They concentrated way too much on the leather that they ignored to put attention to the quality of paper they used to have.

  4. lucky for me, their double sticker promo made me buy just 12 drinks. kaya i only have my coffee at lunch time 12.30 to 2.00 pm. i haven’t had any of the earlier planners so i can’t compare. i must agree that their paper is not so good, but that’s ok. the planner is cool!

  5. other retail and food establishments followed the “planner” bandwagon —
    Belle de Jour
    SM Mall of Asia
    Seattle’s Best Coffee
    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
    some of them launched a better version by having coupons and merchandise items.

  6. this is my very first starbucks planner and i like it…:) for one, the leather covering is so worth the money! plus, the planner in itself may be reused- after this year, you can use it as a notebook. and give credit to them for using ‘recycled’ paper, helps save the environment right? 🙂

  7. for love..
    i drank 24 cups of coffee just to avail of “THE PLANNER”.
    i not a coffee drinker.
    i just did it for love..

  8. i should have drank starbucks and get this planner. have completed my SEATTLE’S best card, that is 20 stickers for a planner, mug, etc. up to now, SB hasn’t given me my planner yet. and its february already. reason — no stock yet! why will they have an offer like this if they dont have stock? stupid isnt it?

  9. You can make your own – better quality book – with the paper wasted on 24 cups. NO, this is not a paper rant. Listen to yourselves! You’re such happy numb consumers. Enjoy.

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