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Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion (P145/ P895). Two light layers of chocolate filled with whipped chocolate cream and walnut praline bits.
Almond Crunch! Toffee candy ,made with whole roasted almonds and semi-sweet chocolate. Definitely, a crunch and a must try!

Our favorite dessert place in Greenbelt 5 is Classic Confections! We heard of them from the Pink Kitchen event and we are glad that they opened their first retail store in Greenbelt 5. I will let my wife Rache who is the blogger-of-the-week in Sanrio Town this week to share with you our experience:

GB5: Classic Confections by Mrs Awesome Planet

I’m proud that she is starting to be recognized as a blogger in her own right.

We love it so much that we decided to buy Aidan’s Birthday Cake with a design of Lighting McQueen (P1,450) for his 3rd Birthday Celebration. We also bought Classic Confections’ signature sugar coated cookies (P45/each) as a souvenir for the kids on Aidan’s Birthday. Rache was disappointed with the size of the birthday cake (I did not intend to make it bigger in the photo above).

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Classic Confections

2/F of Greenbelt 5

4/F 87 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City

+632.746.2773; +632.490.7896 (Kat) ; +632.729.9243; +63917.524.5892 (Baba)

14 thoughts on “Our Classic Confections

  1. thank you for posting about classic confections.
    we will have to try this new place soon!
    someone brought their nono’s chocolate oblivion and mocha sans rival to our pot luck party and they were finished in seconds.
    where in greenbelt 5 is it?

  2. ….happy happy birthday aidan….my micro tiny mini love lol!….that is one big huge birthday cake and aidan deserves the treat….just think of all the field trips he made his age lol!….thank you aidan for helping showing us what makes this world planet earth philippines so awesome…..

  3. Hello. I found your wonderful site two days ago while surfing the net and I am hooked. Reading your blog entries makes me want to return to the Philippines and try out the many restaurants and spas you featured. I’ve only been back twice since I left the country a decade ago and I was disappointed with the limited dining choices. Thanks for a very informative blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. ….i was wondering for many years why filipinos as such good cooks prefers street food businesses than opening decent mall spaces restaurants or build your own with the help of genuine small fee architects & interior designers coz using them will save your money bigtime than spending small but unworthy if discarded later would cost you more coz you’re investing in something you need to redo often which pentagon always does…..money or capitals are spent on gamblings drugs mistresses cigatettes or overseas illegal fees….but they don’t they won’t gamble on decent one in a lifetime decent food business adventures….too late when they realize all their savings legitimate loans or available credits all went to nowhere…..they all dissappear coz they gamble on NON SENSE but not on one in a lifetime decent business try lol!….

  5. ooh! i saw this at the Pink Kitchen event but the nono’s chocolate cake was sold out. will definitely go try it out at greenbelt.

  6. hi there nicey cake for aidan….i need a favor could you also send a pic of sugar coated cookies?kasi my son’s bday is coming na..interested din ako sa cake ilang days yung lead time…DISNEY CARs sin kasi theme nya yung cookie lollies ba is cars din?then ano yung flavor ng cake..pls reply..

  7. happy birthday aidan!!!ei anton have u tried ADARNA FOOD & CULTURE in kalayaan avenue Quezon City? nice ambiance, great food..in case u wanna try sabihan u lang me at ipapakilala kita kay chef giney..baka u wanna try their specialties..thanks and see yah..

  8. after reading many positive blogs regarding classic confections, i knew i just had to try it given the dessert addict that i am. arriving at the store was a feast for the eyes, it definitely looked like a place where you can go sugar crazy! i love the light colors of the interior (it reminded me of sprinkles cupcake store in Beverly Hills, same concept and even the packaging is very similar!) i ordered the chocolate oblivion (of course!) and the banana cream pie. im very happy to say i was not disappointed by my very high expectations! i loved every bite of it! even my bf who do not have a sweet tooth said he will definitely be back again to try other cakes. ditto! *drool*

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