The Tirta Spa Difference

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What is the difference between a P250 Massage on the white sands beach of Bora and a P4,000 Massage in Tirta Spa in Boracay?

This debate went on and on in my mind. But the practical side of my brain is already losing the debate to the adventurous part who is yearning for a new spa experience in Boracay. Unfortunately, the debate happened when I was already in the main reception of Tirta Spa. At that time, all of my senses are now excited with the serenity and peacefulness of the place. Meeting the lovely owner, En Calvert, just fueled my desire to experience the unique spa packages that I have not seen even in Mandala Spa. It is the irrational side of me that won finally in the end because I can’t resist how awesome this place is.

Let me share with you the Tirta Spa difference in Boracay…

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welcome to tirta spa
“Tirta” is the Hindu word for “Holy Water”.

The gates open to reveal a sacred paradise enveloping the spiritual healing powers of water and a private path that will take you on the road to relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and renewal.

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I’ve never seen such drama in any of the Spa in the Philippines. The Tirta Spa difference starts with its “contemporary old” gates guarded by two ugly guards. They are there not to scare you but to scare the evil spirits, evil thoughts, and evil intentions surrounding you. As you step past the yin yang and ascend into the gates, this entire scene reminded me of the time portal in Star Gate where it will transport you to a sacred paradise. Then you’ll hear a gong to further remove the bad spirits clinging into your soul just like the scene in Spiderman 3 where the sound of the bells were used to drive away the evil Spiderman.

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After the cleansing drama, 10 balinese guards holding a torch and an umbrella welcomes you to Tirta spa. I can just imagine how impressive this scene would be at night.

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Tirta Spa is the manifestation of En Calvert’s passion to bring the benefits of holistic spa experience to the Philippines.

“In 2001 I took the plunge and decided that I would commit the next stage of my life to becoming more holistic and helping to improve not only my own quality of life but also that of others and enrolled in college in Hong Kong. Thereafter followed four years of intensive study, graduating with diplomas in Physiology, Anatomy, Holistic Massage techniques, Aromatherapy and Spa Management, receiving certification from both ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) and CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), the world’s two most respected bodies in these fields.

“During that time, I also made several trips, with the aim of developing my holistic principles. Some of the more interesting experiences are worthy of mention. First was a retreat to Sedona, Arizona, organized by world-renowned aroma-therapist and psychotherapist Michael Scholes, where one was encouraged to delve into the deepest recesses of one’s mind, problem-solving by focusing on root causes, rather than the conventional practice of treating only the symptoms. Another involved spending time with the doctors in Kerala, India, learning about the practices of Ayurvedic medicine. I have also visited Cape Town, South Africa, a recognized centre of holistic treatments where I studied crystal healing and Reiki and have spent time in Hawaii where I studied hot lava stone therapy.” (About En Calvert)

I love meeting a Filipina who decided to establish her roots here in the Philippines and show the whole world how we can create the finest health and wellness spa in Asia.

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I recognized these egyptian perfume oil bottles which contains the oils you can use for the massage. You have three options: Uplifting oil composed of rosemarie and grapefruit; Healing Oil composed of eucalyptus and lavender; and Exotic oil based from lemongrass. I chose the healing oil because of its pleasing smell on your skin.

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The buddha centerpiece gives an overall peaceful aura to the garden with the hilltop view of the Sibuyan Sea.

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Tirta Spa is a young spa with three royal suite villas designed for couple with thai or indian themes to choose from. Each villa has full amenities of a private bathroom, an outdoor bathtub, a vichy shower, and a Koi carp pond to complete the serene ambiance. There are two outdoor Thai pavilion seated on top of the Koi pond where you can enjoy your preferred massage amidst the surroundings.

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You will appreciate the careful attention to details in the villa — from the indian doors, to the intricate trellis surrounding the villas, the traveler’s palm carving, and the skills of the masseuse. You’ll never want to leave this place. Just see their official website: where I appreciated the attention to design, usability and completeness of information. Each of the villa houses the personal collection of En Calvert from her travels all around the world.

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I chose the Herbal Compress massage where a special blend of herbs and spices wrapped in a muslin cloth are heated and the oil extract are massaged into your body. They create their own herbs used in their massage which includes the cinnamon scrub, cucurma, and galanga from the ginger family.

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One of these days I would like to surprise and bring Rache here and enjoy this outdoor bathtub. If you are on a honeymoon in Boracay, I suggest you give Tirta Spa a try.

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The massage begins with a foot massage and a healthy drink of ginger tea…

Tirta Spa-66

and this is the last scene I saw as I felt the herbal oils from the muslin cloth massaged on my back…


After the massage, I did not want to leave the place and I want to enjoy every minute. Unfortunately, we have to fly back that afternoon. The Tirta spa experience is not complete without Rache so I firmly resolve to go back with my lovely wife. I’ll save up for Tirta Spa’s 3 hours pampering treatments for us…


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11 thoughts on “The Tirta Spa Difference

  1. hey anton,
    Glad to see you were charmed by Ms. En, too! i was able to try out Tirta Spa last May, when it was just newly opened. I thought the place was really great (hindi naman ‘ugly’ yung guards sa gate ha :d), pero the massage wasn’t particularly great.
    i actually posted about it at my blog,
    p.s. to Aline, yup Tirta is much nicer looking than Mandala by a mile!

  2. I plan to visit Bora for the very first time this year. And I want to make really memorable.. I’m adding Tirta to the list of places I NEED to visit.. 🙂 Really nice! Need to save-up for it.

  3. i love pampering myself and indulging in spas as much as anyone, but i find myself somewhat turned off by one of the owner’s comments. somehow, a lifelong commitment to “improve quality of life for others” does not exactly bring high-end massages to mind.

  4. What a beautiful concept. I actually like the healing process initiated from the moment a person walks in. It seems very symbolic and at the very least has a psychologically calming effect.
    From the pictures alone, I already feel the peace emanate.

  5. The same thing kept going in my mind when I tried Chi Spa at Shangri-la Mactan…do I spend P6000++ vs P600? But you know what? It was completely worth it for a once in a blue moon experience that’s out of this world! Sometimes life is not about comparing apples to apples but more on the experience you get out of it. I’m willing to pay for that but I know not everyone shares the same view…my husband still cannot get over it!

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