Six Figure Blogging by Darren Rowse

In 2005, I attended the course that changed my blogging life and catapulted me to the maven status in my blogging niche. I owe them this testimonial. Read more: Six Figure Blogging In Depth Review

Six Figure Blogging Review

Greetings from Our Awesome Planet! I remember back in 2005 when I started my blog, I always want to be a problogger (meaning earning money from blogging the things that you love).  One of the best decisions I made when I was starting, was I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in … Continue reading Six Figure Blogging Review

The Day Gary Vaynerchuk Rocked My Internet Marketing World

With a wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Gary spent every weekend of his college years at his parents’ store, rebranding the family business as Wine Library and establishing himself as a respected expert. … While his youthful following broke down barriers in the wine industry, the business world (and Web 2.0) admired Gary for creating a new generation of branding, focusing on the internet. … He encourages all Internet Marketers to give ALL their content for FREE instead of ethically tricking people to share a FREE report expecting sales on the backend with higher priced products.

Frank Kern – Mass Control

He is so cool and he gave a “weird” presentation on CORE IDENTITY on how to effortlessly market and influence people. … This is your CORE Identity and the more you align yourself on the CORE identity, the happier you will be. Once you identified and attained your CORE Identity, help other people who has a similar CORE identity and guide them to reach the lifestyle they want to live.

Paul Scheele’s Hypnosis & Nonconscious Communication

You are actually giving a powerful suggestion to the person that he is lazy and if you repeat it 5 times within the day, you are like hypnotizing that person to be lazy. … Instead, if there is something that you think you cannot do, tell yourself: My mind can do this, I don’t know how long it would take, but I can surprise myself . … Paul shared with us evidences that the moment you say “I cannot” the mind will abort the subconscious to even work on it.

Rich Schefren’s Important Elements of A Maven

Currently, Rich maintains an elite marketing coaching program, where many of today’s top Internet Marketers and service providers are among his clientele. Rich opened the conference with inspiring us Internet Marketers to be the Maven — the friend and expert who leads and provides value to the market. One of the key messages of his speech was being different is greater than being better in this attention age.

Stragic Profits Live Event: New Beginnings

Allow me to be off topic for a bit because I’m attending this awesome conference in Orlando called: New Beginnings Strategic Profit Live Event 2008! All the best internet marketers of the world are attending this no-pitch event conference to teach people like me on how to take our internet marketing to the next level. This is an awesome event and I would like to share with you some of the insights that I got from this conference.

Diddy Riese Cookies

LA is crazy about the Diddy Riese cookies and you can see the long lines above to prove it.
…The bestsellers is the Cookie Sandwiches where you can select any two flavor of cookies and a choice of Dryer’s ice cream.
…I think that a Kris Aquino Deal or No Deal arcade version would be a big hit in Manila.

Red Mango-licious

Indeed, you can taste the yogurt’s tartiness and this is exactly the taste of Cold Spoon’s frozen yogurt we tasted in Pampanga, Philippines. … It is packed with live and active cultures and they have healthy options in terms of toppings — Mandarin Orange packed with Vitamin C and they don’t serve Oreo cookies.
… The Verdict: I love Red Mango because of its yogurt taste and benefits vs the creamy deliciousness of Pink Berry.

Piccolo Mondo’s Pizzas

Piccolo Mondo is now located in Tagaytay for some time now coming from its humble beginnings in Aguirre St and Casa Susana in Alabang. It is owned by celebrity Chef Mervyn Whitfield’ s whose claim to fame is being the chef of the Beatles at one point of his career.
…We ate at Piccolo the day after Valentines so you can still see some decent attempt to have a romantic atmosphere using cut out hearts.