70 KM Banaue – Sagada Trail Run to support Kythe’s children with cancer.

Ultra Marathon Posters

Our friends from the Pinoy Ultra Runners are running once again for their life to support Kythe. This time, they will do a 70km trail run from Banaue to Sagada on February 9. Please support them by pledging P500 for every kilometer run (minimum of 5 kms.). All proceeds will go to Kythe.

Last year, Ben of Photographer on the Run, Jaymie- The Bullrunner and Our Awesome Planet (all proud members of Happy Feet) joined the Pinoy Ultra runners to raise funds for Kythe. The ultra runners were running the Philippines first 100km ultra marathon at the same time with the Manila Eliminations of the Milo Marathon. Ben, Jaymie and I were running a 42km Milo Marathon for a cause. It was a memorable first marathon for me and thanks for all the support!

I am a Marathoner and I live to Tell about it

Together the Marathon-For-A-Cause raised a total of P60,000 pesos to support Kythe. Ben and I turned over the money last September 22 (a mOrninG with Kythe). Thanks to all those who supported us! The money that we raised was only good for a week that supported the expenses of the cancer kids patients. Let me tell you about the sad reality of these kids and why we should continue to support Kythe in their endeavors.


Kythe is a volunteer organization that promotes awareness and supports children with cancer. Their vision is to improve the Quality of Life for pediatric patients by uplifting their spirits and strengthening HOPE in these patients and their families. Kudos to the Ateneans for starting up Kythe!

We went to AFP V Luna Hospital at East Avenue Quezon City to meet the children that Kythe supports. We interviewed a few parents and learned that anyone’s child could have Leukemia. There is no logical reason why it develops and the chances of survival is 1 is to 10. I immediately thought about Aidan and Joshua. How lucky we are that they are healthy boys. Leukemia is a very tough cancer to beat. The parents will bring their kids to the AFP V Luna children’s hospital because they would rely on volunteer donation support to fund the chemotheraphy treatments.


Ben and I with Tita Aida and Ninin of Kythe during the turnover of the P60,000 donation to Kythe. (see: a mOrninG with Kythe)


Kythe provides one volunteer who would supervise this Kiddie Corner in the AFP children’s hospital. Tita Aida from Kythe ensures that the children are happy each day through games and other interactive activities.


During our visit, we met the Kythe Ateneo undergrad organization. How I wish La Salle had a similar program like this. One Big Fight to Kythe!


Allan Cabisaga created the Kapitan Kimo children’s book to explain to the young ones the ordeal that they will go through. My heart melted when I saw these children’s books.

During our visit, Foundation for Hospital Arts was sponsoring a painting activity for the kids.


We were privileged to meet the greatest president of the Philippines so far, Fidel V. Ramos.


Of course, the Kythe volunteers and parents pose with a thumbs up sign with President Ramos.


Before we left, we visited the children’s ward and found a patient named Baby Joshua who was just diagnosed with Leukemia. How could that be? The parents where shocked to find out about Joshua’s condition because this was the first case of Leukemia in their family…

So on February 9, Please Please support the Pinoy Ultra Runners as they run from Banaue to Sagada to support Kythe. You can donate directly to Kythe via:
1. Depositing to “Kythe Inc.” BPI Family Bank, East Avenue Branch, Account Number 6031-0529-02.
2. Visit any North Face Stores and donate through the Share the Passion Campaig


7 thoughts on “70 KM Banaue – Sagada Trail Run to support Kythe’s children with cancer.

  1. ey! I remember this day. How can I forget! that whole FVR encounter was a real treat. I Just hope this time around more people can support the cause. If with our combined effort (The Bull Runner, Our Awesome Planet, Photographer on the Run) can make 60,000pesos. Imagine how much more contribution can be raised if more people join the cause.
    Keep on running anton! hope to see you at the start grid in August. 🙂

  2. ….i am thankful grateful to former philippine president mr. fidel ramos
    for doing what he is doing for all this unfortunate heartbreaking tragic medical cases of children in particular….my tears alone{crying}is not enough….so SEE YOU this coming christmas i will be there to share what little i can give….can someone do me a favor?….can anyone hug all this patients for me….that would make me feel better temporarily….see you this christmas….

  3. There’s also the International Philippine Marathon on Feb. 24 which is for the Pasig River rehabilitation program. Our organization, Hands On Manila, is supporting the advocacy of Clean and Green Foundation and are also looking for runners, volunteers as well as sponsors for community runners. We hope to gather a lot of support on this. 🙂

  4. ….kythe inc…. hi!how about extending your childrens in need activities like creating another type-kind of groups to open-run government-public funded DAY CARE CENTERS of toddlers ages 4 and 5….hire teachers as field trips child care takers also for reading arts writings theaters and child sports etc also encourage other universities-colleges volunteers to help department of education to make sure nationwide has public day care centers in every towns every baranggays also everybody should pass around the news that ‘all’ philippines children age 6 can now go join study in any ‘public elementary’ schools nationwide with NO costs whatdoever for all childrens in extreme poverties i wish every adults in the neighborhoods college students will go their extra way to ‘find’all these 4-5-6 years old in every streets dark alleys road caves under the bridges in all open dirty markets places to make sure they are all in schools this year i also hope all law enforcements will help find these street children to make sure they are REALLY enrolled this school year i really hope you guys will stretch your volunteerism this year that would be extra nice lol….also the department of education should not wait for all the incomveniences to pile up meaning they should in advanced ordered ‘multi use-purposes’ huge typhoon shelters like tent homes para hindi mainit at mahangin pa nga as EXTRA classrooms just in case kinulang sila ng school rooms also dept.of education should order in advanced at least extra 5% more class chairs benches at textbooks school supplies blackboards teachers class table PLEASE TELL DEPT OF EDUCATION NOT TO WAIT MUST HAVE EXTRAS ALL THE TIME thank you KYTHE INC. philippines….

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