70 KM Banaue – Sagada Trail Run to support Kythe’s children with cancer.

Last year, Ben of Photographer on the Run , Jaymie- The Bullrunner and Our Awesome Planet (all proud members of Happy Feet ) joined the Pinoy Ultra runners to raise funds for Kythe. … The parents will bring their kids to the AFP V Luna children’s hospital because they would rely on volunteer donation support to fund the chemotheraphy treatments. Ben and I with Tita Aida and Ninin of Kythe during the turnover of the P60,000 donation to Kythe. (see: a mOrninG with Kythe ) Kythe provides one volunteer who would supervise this Kiddie Corner in the AFP children’s hospital.

Run For Your Life


Donate to the charity fund and let’s all help For your pledges on every kilometer, and every kilometer that we run – we contribute directly to the cancer aid fund, and hope to improve the lives of cancer patients as they try to win the battle against this deadly disease….  But these runners don’t just run because they think they’re strong – they run because of their love of the sport, and the feeling of freedom that comes with it… But the joy of running is doubled when you know it carries a meaning, when it has a purpose… This July – the runners will not be running with just their legs and muscles – they’ll do it with their heart, the heart to run as a passion, and the heart to care for someone.