One Night in Manila

I’m excited that my short contribution for Lara Day’s One Night in Manila article in Time Magazine was published already. Lara asked three people about their recommendation to people if they only have one night in Manila. I was interviewed together with Jake Macapagal, 40, theater and independent-film actor and JLizette Claudio, 26, head of artist and media relations, MTV Philippines. Check it out:

One Night in Manila by Lara Day

13 thoughts on “One Night in Manila

  1. wow. congrats sir anton. btw, your blog was shown yesterday in our lecture on web 2.0 as an example of a blog. galing! i was telling my fellow officers: hey! i know that blog! i’m an avid reader! hehehe..

  2. Hi Anton, I just noticed in the article that the walk in High Street starts from Recreational Outdoor Exchange down all the way to the Powerbooks Flagship store. Shouldn’t it be the Fully Booked Flagship store?

  3. wow, na-interview din si lizette — that girl opened up my eyes to the local music industry. she’s very passionate about it and has become a good friend from the rock ed meets.

  4. Yes, I read her article in Time magazine (Newsweek and Time Magazine are my preferred magazines:-) and I saw that she asked you about the best places in Manila.
    I was a bit surprised about the Powerbook – Fully Book mixed-up.
    Anyway, congrats!

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  9. ….bibles….are already always part of my world since day one i was born bibles are treasured everywhere i go….in churches homes hotels libraries meaning it has no comparisons no competitions so it has no insecurities….

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