My Mother’s Garden, Formerly Called Garden Room


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My Mother’s Garden restaurant is Malu Antonio Veloso’s tribute to their mother, Dona Marina Antonio, wife of National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio. Malu Antonio Veloso and daughter Letlet Antonio Veloso are famous bridal gown / fashion designers, who alternately runs the restaurant depending on reservations.

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The former Garden Room café in Pasay City was transferred to this 1940s residence of Pablo S Antonio and re-branded to My Mother’s Garden. If you are an architect, your house is a showcase of your architectural prowess.

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The best time to go is during lunchtime to enjoy the garden views in this ancestral house and have a slow lazy lunch in the heart of Pasay City.

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The set menus ranges from P700 to P900 and comes with Fresh Fruit Juice (Just OK), Fresh Green Salad (Just OK), Oil and Garlic Dressing (Just OK) and Assorted Dessert Tarts (Awesome!) .

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Menu 1: (P700) Mustard Chicken. Seafood Pasta. Melanzane.
Menu 2: (P700) Mustard Chicken. Pasta with Black Olives. Melanzane.
Menu 3: (P700) Mustard Chicken. Putanesca. Melanzane.
Menu 4: (P800) Tenderloin. Chorizo Pasta. Baked Sole with Capers.
Menu 5: (P900) Roast Leg of Lamb. Pasta with Pesto Sauce. Baked Sole with Whole Tomatoes.

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The best parts of the meal (you should try them) are the Mustard chicken, Pasta with Black Olives and the Dessert Tarts. So Menu 1,2,3 should already be a good choice and no need to go for the expensive ones unless you like the baked sole or do not eat meat..

The tenderloin should be called hardloin, while the chorizo pasta is a bit salty. I don’t blame them because we reserved on the day itself and they were gracious enough to accommodate us. Don’t go at night because the mosquitoes are waiting to feast on you.

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I totally lost my diet when I saw the dessert tarts plate of Mango Tart, Mango Square (We love this!) , Brownies, and Strawberry Tart.

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We would recommend this place and we do hope that it will be wildly successful because there are rumors that the family is planning to demolish the ancestral house.

My Mother’s Garden
2650 Zamora St. Pasay CityTel. No. 831-8407
Malu Antonio Veloso (+63 917 600 8886)
Letlet Antonio Veloso (+63 918 702 2125)

Driving Directions:
From Makati, drive along Edsa until you almost reach Taft Avenue. Almost near the LRT Taft Avenue Station overpass, you will see a small eskenita with Metropoint Mall at the corner. Turn right on that small street right before Taft Avenue and follow the jeepneys turning into the two-way Zamora St. Just drive along until you see 2650 Zamora St.

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

7 thoughts on “My Mother’s Garden, Formerly Called Garden Room

  1. The architecture reminds of of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House interior because it’s somewhat organic. 🙂 Beautiful.

  2. Love the place! Been there last night. The place reminds me of my home and has lots of character. Lots of interesting antique pieces and paintings which are for sale. I love their seafood pomodoro…pretty much similar to the pasta with black olives but with shrimp and squid. The eggplant dish is also really good! For the first time I didn’t have room for dessert! I love the strawberry tart with fresh strawberries. Ms Malu Veloso is also very charming and will chat the night away with you. 🙂

  3. Malu, it is quite special for me to find out about your restaraunt. I visited your mother at the Pasay City house often in my youth and have amazing memories of her, your ancestral home, as well as the family’s weekend home in Antipolo. My family rented the Antipolo house from your mother from 1978-1985. It was a magical place to grow up in. Your mother was a talented and gracious woman and I have missed her since we returned to the US in 1985. Your father’s approach to these two dwellings was extremely intuitive and elegant. because of my exposure to his architecture, i have been driven to study art and architecture. I hope to visit the Philippines again one day. It will be a special treat to have lunch at My Mother’s Garden! Thank you, Jess Marie Walker

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