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Rogin E Blogger Challenge Update:

I’m already tired of making excuses to myself on why I’m still far away from my 6-pack abs goal in 2008. My strategy is to do it the right way with a determined mindset, regular workout and eating the right kind of food. I already did it once in the 90s and I will do it again. No more excuses that I cannot exercise because of travel. No more excuses that I need to taste a little bit of that tempting dessert. No more excuses that I have to try this restaurant to blog about it (my favorite excuse). No more excuses of eating chocolates.

I finally got back to the gym last week with Jopet to help me out with my workout. I went to the gym 3x last week and I do hope to keep the momentum up this April! I can start to feel the impact of Rogin E because it is giving me the energy to survive my hectic schedule nowadays. I’m excited to go back to the gym and eat the right stuff. I had a minor setback with eating the dessert tarts plate in My Mother’s Garden (Garden Room) last Monday night. So now, I will eat clean from today onwards.

If I’m personally successful in meeting my goals, I will thank Rogin-E forever for it… To Carlos Celdran, keep up the great progress on your weight goal!

I’m taking personal accountability… No More excuses!

18 thoughts on “No More Excuses…

  1. Go anton! Remember, we exercise to stay healthy, and not to join a body building contest. Therefore, it’s okay if you don’t get those 6-pack abs soon, it will just appear before you know it. Besides, my friend who is in sports medicine said that one generally needs to do about 300 sit-ups/day consecutively for 6 months to get a 6-pack. What’s important is you maintain a habit of going to the gym regularly for health. If you’re looking for really, really fast results on weight loss and muscle toning (I lost 7 pounds in a month based on the Tanita scale in Fitness First Trinoma), my tip is you take supplementation because it makes your workout sessions even more efficient (How? Visit than hardwork alone. You may start with the basic combination of Hydroxycut Hardcore (1 tab, 1 hour before exercise) for weight loss and Whey Protein (1 scoop/glass of water before and after workout) for muscle toning/building. From (muscles) to MUSCLES. =) Btw, you may not want to combine these with Rogin E.. hehe.

  2. Looks like everyone is trying to lose weight this days. 🙂 I’m trying to lose 5 kilos by May 1. But I didn’t join a gym. It’s all home-based stuff. Jump rope, crunches with an exercise ball, power walking on the elliptical trainer and a Body Attack video. (Shh! Don’t ask how I got that!) 😀
    Good luck to all of us! Hopefully we get to see results by iBlog4! Ha ha!

  3. Looks like everyone is trying to lose weight this days. 🙂 I’m trying to lose 5 kilos by May 1. But I didn’t join a gym. It’s all home-based stuff. Jump rope, crunches with an exercise ball, power walking on the elliptical trainer and a Body Attack video. (Shh! Don’t ask how I got that!) 😀
    Good luck to all of us! Hopefully we get to see results by iBlog4! Ha ha!

  4. ….me too im slacking so now i am twice my size from decades ago lol recently i gained even more from eating too many buffets my latest effort in excercise is ‘just’ ‘staring’ at my high tech threadmill by the laundry room that’s all my excercise lately lol! i could’nt help eating swiss lindt milk chocolates the only halo halo filipino turo turo from a distant city from where we live ay hindi ko makayang mapaglabanan lagi lol! tapos yung leche plan custard cake sa american restaurant 12 blocks away from us
    eh hindi ko rin maiwasan lol tapos i recieved emails from high school schoolmates with a questionnaires like….if you love someone and he cheated on you how would you take that{something like that}lol! at are you more attractive than others? i almost felt ‘insecure’ lol! but instead of exercising i went to the kitchen loaded 2 packs of steak-chicken meals and drown myself to it thank god i don’t have leche plans gallons of ice cream today lol! omg am i really capable of silly insecurities o excuses din yung questionnaires para may dahilan uli akong kumain even i just had lunch 15 minutes before the mails lol mga kaeskwela in high school honestly hindi ako naniniwala na that marriage if he’s ‘validly’ unhappy should become a prison life sentence it should not become a jailterm for anyone meaning it is wrong i will not tolerate such behaviour but i cannot also physically restraint o force anyone to stay if someone felt trapped or para bang prisonero ang buhay may asawa or even from breaking my heart syempre iiyak ako siguro that would be the breaking point for me to ‘exercise’ i mean seriously excercising lol tama yung effect ng questionnaire syempre na alarm ako kaya i need to exercise to go back to size 7 at the least[tell your husband to read this too}lol! lol

  5. Good luck, Anton! I am also trying to lose weight and I am much too familiar with the disappointments that comes with the whole thing. Just keep going and aim to be healthy.
    I think I saw you at the gym today but I was not so sure if it was really you.

  6. Go, Anton! I’ve been a constant reader of your blog from 2006 to the present. And I must say, that you’re the only blogger who has caught my attention for this long!
    I’m turning 40 this December, and my goal is to be fit on my natal day. By fit, I mean, no excessive bulges whatsoever! I’ll try the natural way for now. Pag hindi pa umubra ‘to, ewan ko na lang! ;D I’m going for 130- 135 lbs. Goodluck to us!

  7. i am aiming under 160 lbs.this year just like gmmahoney i prefer people to like me the way i am
    …nothing superficial lol

  8. ….i want to loose some weight not for my husband but for me….mga kaeskwela sa jerry’s classmates in this college are not all good looking lol!….there’s a few gorgeous blond-brunette pero hanggang ‘looking’ lang sya lol if later they met again what can i say but good luck to me lol!….our hubby dapat alam na nila by now na gym like perfect abbs-body sizes must have reasons to be there i have membership here in the states so i don’t worry kasi kaya kong ibalik yung 165 lbs.shape if i am desperate lol!

  9. Go, go, go, Anton! I am also trying to be more fit! Been trying to go back to swimming. Hope to see you in the pool one of these days!

  10. hi anton.. been a quiet fan of your blog (thanks to you we went to hestia) anyway, summers the worst time to get fit but nevertheless good luck! I still feel running is the best way to loose the weight plus water (less sodas and sweets which are my personal waterloo)… its been a yoyo weight since joining Fitness First RCBC seven years ago ballooning 190 to 230 to 168 to 200 then going down again thanks to running.. i guess, for me, its perseverance of including something fitness oriented activity in ones day and getting out of the delusion of the 6 pack abs… not that i dont want them but as a jesuit friend says.. bonus nalang yun

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  12. Hi anton,
    i just came across your blog and got interested with your rogin e unbreakable challenge posts. am 38 years old, married with 1 kid (only 4 months old)and i’ve been on a look out for a good multivitamin supplement since i already feel the toll of stress (mostly from the office) and “old” age on me. it’s maybe because i also don’t eat very healthy but what can i do? may wife cooks a mean patatim and adobo. can you tell me if rogin e is really good for men like you and me? i recently saw a tv commercial about rogin e and would like to try it. (wala lang, i can relate to the dad in the commercial kasi) currently i’m using the usual vitamins and minerals supplements in the market, and some herbal as well. hope you can help me.

  13. …..i will be volunteering sports games but here in u.s. no earlier than next year summer of 2009 as part of my permanent gym like excercises but outdoors only to make sure loosing weight will be permanent so it is a good idea calling for all those law abiding heavy weights ctizens or fat people like me around the world who can afford luxurious summer families sport trip to the ‘greatest’ one of a kind extra ordinary unbelievable unique nature bless families sports summer affair in china this summer…..keep the sports spirits up make it your families best wonderful fun filled affairs…..set aside politics be happy so the world will surely have a healthy happy enviromentally friendly loving well excercise secured future fat or not lol!….anton rache aidan can you take lots of china’s extra ordinary one of a kind this summer sports affairs so me-gerald can see them via our awesome planet and thanks very much in advance lol….

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