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Serendra and Boni High Street are getting crowded these days. We would usually drive around the area hoping to find a hidden resto gem that is not busting with people but provides a good ambiance and would serve good food. One of such places in the Fort Boni area is Paul Calvin’s Deli. The yellow and orange color motif is warm and inviting that lured me into going inside and check it out.
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Chef Jonnathan Paul Em has a passion for making great food with no gimmicks. He was one of the pioneer chefs of Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan and got his culinary studies degree at the Institute of Culinary Education. I always celebrate stories of Filipinos who decided to go back to the Philippines and live to share their learnings here. I prefer to promote establishments with personality.

Paul Calvin's Deli-4The meats and cheeses selections are very good while the bread needs improvement.

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The meal started with a complimentary pizza bread. The bread was quite dry and hard. A day-old and several times heated perhaps?

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Breakfast, Pasta and Salads | Desserts and Pastries

The all-day bestsellers in this deli are the Home Made Tapa, Smoked Sausages and Ham Pasta and Paul’s Pastrami. This was my ideal meeting place with Carla from Ogilvy One.

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Croque Monsieur (P 199). It is a fancy ham & cheese sandwich… But you can’t argue with classic Country ham, cheddar cheese topped with melted gruyere on whole wheat bread.
The bread is as big as an Oliver’s sandwich which could be shared by 2 persons. We both love the farmer’s ham! But the bread that prevented us from totally raving about the food. Carla said the Gardenia whole wheat bread is a lot better. This reminds me of French Baker’s Walnut Whole Wheat (P78) which I now love munching.

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Mac & Four Cheese (P199). Macaroni, Swiss Emmenthal, Australian Cheddar, Italian Mozzarella and Swiss Cheese. I love the 4 cheese πŸ™‚

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Malunggay Bread. It tasted more of a banana bread instead of malunggay bread. According to studies, malunggay leaves contain 7x the Vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium in milk, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 2 times the protein in milk, and 3 times the potassium in banana. Wow! Very nutritional at the same time, made me violate my diet regime once again because of my curiosity. I should’ve just brought this miracle malunggay loaf to Rache to enhance her milk supply.

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Paul Calvin’s Deli
Unit F 111 Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City
Near Mcdonalds and Forbes Wood Heights
Take Out. Grab and Go. Call Order.
Delivery. Call: +632 856-5900

24 thoughts on “Paul Calvin’s Deli, Fort Bonifacio

  1. i love love love paul calvin’s. i always go there during weeknights and the breakfast buffet is to die for. thank you anton for posting this.

  2. hey anton, if you want malunggay bread, get in touch with maricel cua 09154339836. she is a friend of mine and sells this bread. =) hi to rache and the boys.

  3. ….i wonder if they have chinese own branch in china….yummy if they have so easy access for the international pinoys asians europeans africans north americans down under countries etc. etc.familiar in this food….coz of this coming huge and exciting palarong international families-communities exciting fun filled grand affairs of all chinese and foreigners alike around the world including tibet ‘wow’ for tibet’s promising future hopefully things will get better sooner as everyone are concern about ‘violences’ going on there and of course around the world…..filipinos or americans democrats o republicans o independent parties anywhere not excluded lol….i heard dozens of american groups could’nt wait to go to china for the ‘GREATEST COOLEST EXTRA ORDINARY WONDERFUL’ chinese biggest in the world fun filled palarong international this COMING SUMMER i say good luck enyoy and have fun lol “WOW”…..

  4. yellow and orange ambience hmm…inviting ang place pag ganun haha!!! di naman halatang fave ko mga colors na yan haha!!!

  5. the only problem with paul calvin’s deli is the second floor exhaust. we always eat there during breakfast, and since we are a group of 8, we have to stay upstairs. after every meal, when we leave the place, we smell like ulam na. πŸ™

  6. Paul Calvin is my favorite stress-buster hang-out place. It reminds me of quaint street shops I frequented when I was in New York. At the Second Floor, especially in the morning, the greenery right across just makes me think “i deserve to slow down…”
    Regarding the exhaust problem, I heard they are addressing this by expanding their second floor so as to have better air circulation.
    Paul’s pastrami is perfect! Having their blended drinks/shakes in the morning would also make you say, “it’s a good life.”

  7. And yes, do try Basilio’s at the corner of this strip along Rizal Drive… πŸ™‚ Their 50-cent chicken is awesome… Their interior are great… And yeah, Barcino is a great place to unwind… You better try these places…
    I’ve written a review on Basilio’s so check my archives last November or December…

  8. i know carla! πŸ™‚ hehe
    i saw paul calvin’s while driving around Fort this afternoon πŸ™‚ thanks for the review anton! will try this out soon

  9. hola anton! πŸ™‚ i finally got around to trying this out. we had breakfast there last sunday and we were the only ones there. the waitress was soooo attentive and in fact we were really impressed with her people skills. super accomodating! as we told her that it was our 1st time, she was really helpful in giving us suggestions on what to order. finally we ended up with the three cheese omelette which was a-ok for me, the egg wasn’t that fluffy and the flavor of the cheese was rather weak. my sister naman got the croque monsieur and we enjoyed the kamote fries! the sandwich on the other hand was pretty ordinary. luckily i enjoyed the coffee which was pretty good! πŸ™‚ we were also given complimentary goodies to bring home! malunggay loaf/malunggay tasty and something else that i’m not really sure what.
    i will go back to try their mac and four cheese πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Jonathan, this is tita Lot…the place is awsome! Congratulations!!!!! you did a great job!
    I will surely visit when i go home in October….
    wish you more success!!!! Hello fr Gally & Kaye,they’re proud of you…..

  11. Hi Jonathan, this is tita Lot…the place is awsome! Congratulations!!!!! you did a great job!
    I will surely visit when i go home in October….
    wish you more success!!!! Hello fr Gally & Kaye,they’re proud of you…..

  12. hi guys, please do visit us(Paul Calvin’s Deli) once again this coming September and try our new and HEALTHIER Menu and expanded 2nd floor.
    we do appreciate all comments and suggestions and we are working twice as hard to serve you guys better….thank you all and GOD BLESS.

  13. Every vegetarian’s dream- the malunggay and calabaza cake are sooo good, as well as the pandesal! I can’t wait for them to make malunggay pizza dough- and there’s also an NGo that makes malunggay pesto- less garlic, soo good- can you imagine malunggay pizza? yumyum =)
    try the chocolate pudding at Chef paul Calvin’s deli too!

  14. Hey Anton,
    Thanks for a great review. We hope you can visit us again. Paul Calvin’s is doing some changes on the menu giving our clients healthier options. We hope that you visit us again.

  15. My officemates & I absolutely love Paul Calvin’s Malunggay cake. We always buy our merienda there and call it our 5 o’clock habit. πŸ˜€

  16. we realy like ur food..
    We really enjoyed our dinner….
    But about your restroom, i suggest that it is better to separate boys’ restroom from girls…
    that’s all..
    thank u….
    God bless

  17. SUPER DISHONEST STAFF. Accidentally left my phone inside the deli’s washroom (beside the sink) last week (July 8, 2009) and when I went back after about 10 minutes, it’s gone and the staff denies having anything to do with the theft. Note that we’re the last customers in the restaurant and nobody could have possibly taken it except for the staff. My friend tried ringing it the moment we got back to the resto and perhaps the stupid thief doesn’t know how to operate it and accidentally answered – from the background sound, the person is already outside. Two of my friends stayed in the car when I went back inside the resto and they said a staff left the deli the moment we were inside. The manager held a search but of course, my phone was already taken somewhere safe. By the way, the manager said this is not the first time — in fact, one of his staff already lost a cellphone before. Of course, I’m at fault for being so careless but it would be good if restaurants would train their workers to be trustworthy. That’s all.

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