Banaue & Batad Expedition


Battad & Banaue Expedition
I decided to join Michelle Morelos in her Battad and Banaue Expedition versus joining the Camiguin Travel Workshop. The Banaue expedition costs P9,000 inclusive of transportation (via Bus) and 3 days and 2 nights food, lodging, and local guide fees. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces and I will finally visit it on Labor Day Weekend 2008. Watch out for my Banaue Rice Terraces photos… Any tips and things I should not miss?

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33 thoughts on “Banaue & Batad Expedition

  1. The morning in Batad is just ethereal. The soft light plus the morning mist makes a great photograph. And don’t leave your CPL at home! Make your blues and greens pop!

  2. Hi there Anton…
    how are u?
    Btw, sana makapunta ka din sa Sagada… or nakapunta ka na?
    Went there 4 years ago. It was beautiful and simple. may falls and caves…
    and of course my favorite resto, yoghurt house…

  3. Hi there Anton…
    how are u?
    Btw, sana makapunta ka din sa Sagada… or nakapunta ka na?
    Went there 4 years ago. It was beautiful and simple. may falls and caves…
    and of course my favorite resto, yoghurt house…

  4. hi! like joan wrote, hope you can go to sagada, too, if not yet.
    tip? wake up early and take a photo of the sunrise (and same goes for the sunset).

  5. check the back of a thousand bill… you will find the exact location of that rice terraces along the hway… don’t miss it…. go down a bit & have a picture taken there…. careful not to trip on the muddy field…

  6. Yeah, like with the previous comments, since you are there already, might as well go to Sagada.
    Try a meal or 2 in Banawe Hotel. Food is great, although a little pricy comparing to other establishments.
    The Battad Rice Terraces are more majestic, I must say, than Banawe’s. If you are staying overnight at Battad, stay at Mang Ramon’s (Ramon Binalit – 0927.678.3932) place, where you get to stay in 100-year old traditional Ifugao houses and he would even tell you Battad’s history, with bonfire and local wine or coffee.
    Also, don’t miss the Tappiyah (I hope i spelled that right) falls. Bring swimming clothes. It’s a looooong walk but all worth it.
    Have fun.

  7. Hey! Be Prepared! I did Batad before going to Sagada…. and its a long walk going down and a suicide going up. Yeah dont miss tha tapiya falls…but its another walk πŸ˜€ Drinks can be very expensive πŸ™‚

  8. 9k is a bit expensive, for that 3-day trip don’t you think? Batad accommodation is like 100 per head a night.
    Tapiya falls is great! The water was cold though. But the photos will be worth the trek. Don’t forget to try Batad’s pizza. It’s simple but good.

  9. hi anton, im glad na sasama ka pala dun sa trip ni michelle morelos… hindi nga ako nagkamali… πŸ™‚ hehe actually nag email ako sa kanya… iniform ko cia na you were intersted… and you even posted it here in your blog… im sure matutuwa yun dahil nga madami ka readers so malaki yung chance na dumami pa yung participants nila….
    sana nga i could join din kaso parang nakakahiya diba kc nga wala pa ako alam sa photography plus pa na point and shoot lang yung camera ko…

  10. Look for the fireflies in Batad. When I went there a couple of years ago, there was no electricity, and at night I would look out my inn’s window to watch the fireflies- the tree outside looked like a Christmas tree in the dark and it was magical.
    I agree with cedsaid that dusk and dawn are amazing also, because it’s as if you’re viewing fires and flickers in the sky from below the deep crater of a volcano or another planet.

  11. ang mahal. hehe. with 9k you can do banaue-batad-sagada twice πŸ™‚ anyway…i’m sure there are other perks. πŸ™‚ the rice terraces is best to be photographed before harvest time. so pray hard that it’s that time of the year. in banaue itself there’s really not much to see. it’s already crowded with people and concrete structures. you have to go further like batad and mayoyao to see the least degraded terraces. enjoy your trip. we’ll be waiting for your pics. πŸ™‚

  12. hi Anton, read your article in the Inquirer about the top family destinations in Philippines. You mentioned Subic and of course the best restaurant in Subic–MEAT PLUS!…thank you for mentioning this!…Just to let you and your readers know, MEAT PLUS has a sister restaurant in Manila—Tender Bob’s!..You can get your favourite Meap Plus items in Manila now. Tender Bob’s has 3 locations–Shangrila Mall, Greenhills Promenade and SM BLOCK North Edsa. Thanks. Hope to see you and your family there.

  13. Hi Anton! Check out Hapao also while in Banaue. The trek is easy compared to Batad. It has its own charm too. If you have time, go to the museum in Bontoc. You will see the different Cordillera ethnic groups – Ifugao, Itneg, Kankanays etc.. These people have so much to be proud of.

  14. Hi! I also read your article in the inquirer about the 10 Awesome Family Destinations. We really don’t need to go out the country to spend our summer vacations because we have the best summer spots here in the Philippines. I just hope you included the contact numbers of the resorts you featured in the article, for the benefit of those who doesn’t surf the net.

  15. a bit warm during daytime, but very cold during the night. banaue… such an amazing place to visit and photograph.
    good luck sir! will watchout for your photos.

  16. hi. my travel/dining buddy and i are regular readers of your blog. i am glad to learn that you are going to batad and banaue. batad has the best rice terraces because it really looks like an amphitheater. we went there april, 2003 when there was still no electricity in the area but didn’t quite appreciate the terraces as the rice have just been recently planted. we returned there may, 2007(better roads, thus minus 3-4 km of walking, plus electricity) and saw the terraces in their glory green.
    our usual itinerary is batad-sagada-baguio. someone commented that 9k is quite expensive. i agree. it only costs 100 per night at batad. our favorite guide there is simon illag who owns simon’s inn, on which balcony GMA had her photos taken.
    enjoy your trip!!

  17. TIPS! Bring foodstuff to Batad. There will be fresh vegetables, but you’ll crave for your favorite salad dressing, so bring a bottle. And some prosciutto and cheese. You can even bring some pasta and instant San Remo sauces. AFAIK, the only canned stuff they have there are Ma-Ling and sardines. Enjoy your trip.

  18. Hi Anton,
    I read the article you wrote on Sunday inquirer Magazine last April 13, 2008, on 10 Awesome Famili Destination. I am very much interested in one of the location which is Cali Rana, Lake Caliraya, Cavinti Laguna. I would very much appreciate if i could get a contact number for the place. I am thinking of bringing my family there.
    Thank you very much

  19. i agree with one of your readers that 9k is expensive for a trip to batad. accommodations in batad range from 100 to 200pesos per night. but i hope a cultural tour of banaue compensates.
    i was there in 2005, and there was no smart/globe signal then. di ko lang sigurado ngayon. but advise your family and friends that they may not reach you during those days when you’re trekking the mountains.
    be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the climb.
    have fun! πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Anton!
    your site is really Awesome! keep it up!
    Batad is really such a wonderful place, very photogenic. I was there in 2006 — Banaue, Batad, Sagada. Hope you could visit Sagada too.

  21. Hi Anton,
    I love checking your site πŸ™‚
    btw, you might want to check, its an outreach program, where volunteers go to mountains and bring school supplies for kids. For this year, its in Kibungan, Benguet. You might want to try it.

  22. it was foggy when we were there so i did not enjoy banawe the most. so i guess i’ll get also some tips here for our next trip back. i find jen’s (comment #5) tip very helpful.

  23. its a 1.5hrs to 2hrs trek from saddle point to batad village. be careful on your way down as there are areas that your walking along the edge of the cliff… be physically fit .
    enjoy your trip.

  24. Hi ANTON!
    1. Bring a flashlight just in case. 2. Do some stretching before the hike. It’ll be hell on the thighs and calves.
    3. Bring light snack and water – although when you get to Batad, there are little stores that sell refreshments. 4. Use a tungkod or a long stick to aid you in the hike. (very helpful)
    This is no exaggeration – it took my 2 friends and I almost 5 hours to do the hike – going and coming.
    Exhausting! But everything will be worth it!
    Have fun and take care

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