World Pyro Olympics 2008 – Summer Fireworks


UPDATE: Check Out World Pyro Olympics 2009!

Phils @ World Pyro Olympics - 5
China @ World Pyro Olympics - 11
Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

Finally, the World Pyro Olympics is all set for all Saturdays of May! Thanks to Henry Sy’s SM Mall of Asia and Pepsi for sponsoring this year’s World Pyro! You should watch this because you have not seen any fireworks like this in your lifetime. Each year gets even better than the year before. If you can only watch one Saturday, I would suggest that you don’t miss May 3 — China and Germany’s show; May 24 — Australia’s Show; or the Philippines Finale on May 31. For the first time, La Mancha will attempt to do a pyro-musical show that you shouldn’t miss.

This year, the main stage of the World Pyro will be in the center of San Miguel by the Bay in Esplanade. I would recommend that you reserve your seats now (as in today). I would recommend all the 2nd Floor Entertainment Mall restaurants specially the center ones. It is best that you reserve the table outside overlooking the Bay Area. Also, I would recommend Padi’s Point and Pier One areas if you want to hang out and party with friends. It took me almost an hour to collect the contact information from all the restaurants for OAP readers (see below). Expect to spend P500 – P1,500/ head for the entire night. I just talked to all of them last night and you can still conveniently reserve your spot.

If you don’t plan to watch, avoid the Mall of Asia area at all cost — all Saturday evenings. It will be super traffic — please share this with your family and friends.


May 3 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS! | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics
7.30pm China’s The Glorious Group — Its sensational pyrotechnic out-door sky painting concerts have no rival. In last year’s WPO, I can hear the ooohhs and aaahhs throughout their presentation.

9.00pm Germany’s Nico Lunig Event — One of the leading and most requested pyrotechnics company in the globe.

May 10 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS! | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics
7.30pm Canada’s Pyro Studios

9.00pm France’s Fetes et Feux

May 17 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS! | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics
7.30pm Italy’s Parente Fireworks

9.00pm Venezuela’s Venefuegos Fireworks C.a.

May 24 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS! | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics
7.30pm South Korea’s Hanwha Corporation

9.00pm Australia’s Explosive Productions Pty Ltd– 1st World Pyro Olympics Champion. They produced the designs used to win the 2005 and 2006 Gold Medals at the World Pyro Olympics.

May 24 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS! | Mall of Asia, Pasay City | 3rd World Pyro Olympics

7.30pm Fellowship of Fire – Collaboration of all Countries with Philippines

9.00pm Philippines! La Mancha Pyromusical Grand Finale — This is what I was waiting for… Pyrotechnics choreographed with music!

World Pyro Olympics!


1 Read FIRST: Tips for an Awesome World Pyro Experience
2 Don’t Park in the Mall of Asia area. I would suggest that you park in Blue Wave or HK Sun Area at around 5pm and walk to Mall of Asia. When the last fireworks show is completed immediately start walking back to your car. You can watch the last full show after the World Pyro so that traffic would be less after the movie.
3 Reserve Your Seats NOW! I want OAP Readers to have the best seats during the World Pyro so I created the directory of recommended restos below.
4 Learn Fireworks Photography from OAP! I am still thinking if there will be people interested who would like to learn from me. Please let me know. I can accommodate 10-15 max per night. (You can form a group and I can join your group )
5 Any Tips?
I learned many times that I’m not the authority and most of my readers have better tips than me. Some would watch in Folk Arts Theater Area or book a room in Sofitel with a view of Manila Bay. Can you share your own tips and tricks?


1 WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS MAIN AREA | San Miguel by the Bay Center Esplanade (Near Fountain) | Ticket Net +632 991-5555. Main Office +632 817-3073 (x 102) | P150. P1,000. P1,500 with set menu
2 PIER ONE Bar and Grill | San Miguel by the Bay Center Esplanade (North Side of Fountain) | +632 636-5175 (For Big Groups only) | No Reservations. First come First Serve.
3 PADI’S POINT Restaurant and Bar | San Miguel by the Bay Center Esplanade (South Side of Fountain) | +632 386-3729. 986-9610. +63 921 738 4847 (Joanne). +63 921 738 4847 (Celeste) | P500 Consumable
4 TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS STEAKHOUSE | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Above IMAX North Side) | +632 556-0769. 5560768 | P 1,500 Set Menu
5 AZUL’s Filipino Spanish Cuisine | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (North Side) | +632 556-0742 | Set Menu
6 CAFE VIA MARE Filipino Cuisine | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (North Side) | +632 556-0770. 5560812 | Set Menu
7 GUMBO A Taste of New Orleans | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (North Side) | +632 556-0238. 556-0239 | Set Menu
8 PRINCE OF JAIPUR North Indian Cuisine | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (North Side) | +632 556-0839. 556-0867. 556-0869. +63 915 870-3024 | Set Menu
9 PINK PEPPER French Restaurant & Lounge Bar | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center North Side) | +632 556-0397. 468-8388. +63 906 268 8388 | P 1,500 Buffet Menu
10 MOJITO BAY Reggae Corner | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center North Side) | +632 556-0608 | P 750 Set Menu (tentative)
11 UCC Coffee | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Center South Side) | +632 556-0175 | P 499 + SC Set Menu
12 TANABE Japanese Restaurant | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0360. +63 917 306257 | P 1,000 / head consumables
13 HAI Chinese Resto & Bar | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0815 | P 800 Set Menu
14 HEALTHY SHABU-SHABU | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0354. 556-0355 | Set Menu
15 ITALIANIS Italian Resto | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (South Side) | +632 556-0549. 901-1401 | Set Menu
16 TAGAYTAY HIGHLANDS CHINA PALACE | 2F Entertainment Center Mall of Asia (Above Discovery Center South Side) | +632 556-0291. 556-0442 | Set Menu

P1,800 with Dinner Buffet and Drinks. For inquiries and bookings, call or SMS Raymond at +63 917 8081039.
Assembly Time: 5:15 PM, Manila Yacht Club. Departure: 5:45 PM. Arrival: 10:00 PM, Manila Yacht Club

Please share this with your family and friends who would like to experience the World Pyro Olympics this May 2008!

Text me if you have more questions +63 917 LOVE OAP (5683627). Please don’t hesitate to ask me, I just want to make sure that you have an awesome experience in the World Pyro!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

26 thoughts on “World Pyro Olympics 2008 – Summer Fireworks

  1. Hi Anton! Thanks for reminding us. Our friends and I have been waiting for the Pyro Olympics for the longest time. I think the setting for this year’s show is better than last year’s, as the walkways will not obstruct the view. I can already imagine it – the majestic firewalks plus the fountain equals a mighty great photo opportunity.

  2. ….the ‘ best time ‘ for yacht owners entrepreneurships to invest in a yacht’ dine in{restaurant like} plus fireworks ‘ and other entertainments like family non cash cards o bingo games cruises o disco yacht evenings lol…. a private yacht fashion shows or auctions
    sessions night later can be an additional excuses to party all fireworks nights….i wish middle east countries since they are part of ‘asia continent’ will join next year’s fireworks fun and george bush should not feel threatened by that lol!….

  3. Thanks for the update on this, Anton! I’m an avid fan of the WPO and been seeing the shows since it started. So far, the best spot I could recommend is at the empty lot just near 1 Esplanade. It’s a great place to have a picnic under the moonlight and fireworks! Just bring your picnic mats, snacks, and jackets as it might get chilly at night. The space is big enough for you to set-up your mats and more importantly, your tripod. Another tip is, if you can help it, don’t drink any liquids at all as the lines at the MOA restrooms can get very long. Hope these help! 😉 Go go go Team La Mancha!

  4. I want to watch the show with my hubby but since we have a three-year old in tow (who hates loud noises), we’d rather do it in a more comfy place where we can watch remotely. My question is, can we get a good view from a particular wing in Sofitel Plaza? We plan to check in on a Saturday and watch the pyro olympics from our room. Has anyone done this before? Would appreciate feedback on this. Thanks for posting the schedule and specifics by the way, Anton!

  5. All restaurant seats are at 1500? Or is this a first come first serve basis wherein we can just go there and order food without paying the 1500 pesos?
    I’m concerned because i live in Eastwood. Mandy Moore had her concert in Eastwood last month and TicketNet are the people in charge of the seatings… If you have been to Eastwood you would know that there are restaurants with a 2nd floor balcony namely Fazollis, Big Kahuna and Ipanima. All this are priced at 2,500pesos w/ free dinner. Ticketnet have taken all the balcony seats and restaurant owners are told that no people are allowed at the balcony unless they paid the 2500 pesos. TicketNet has their own security guard stationed at each restaurant and not even once in the whole concert that they allowed free passers to the balcony. My friend and I have to be stuck inside BigKahuna and just peek outside the window to get a glimpse of Mandy Moore. Worse is that there is not even one person seated on the balcony and the tables are empty.
    Please clarify if the restaurant posted on your blog have balcony seatings without having to buy tickets from Ticketnet?

  6. you have to reserve in the restaurants directly. All of them have balcony seats and the prices vary per restaurant. Highest is P 1,500. Others would be on a consumables basis. The entire area will only be accessible to people with reservations.
    Ticketnet is not involve.

  7. ….70’s first love….is your childhood family yacht in the 70’s still operable if so can you take all our closest high schoolmates to this MOA bay fireworks make it a dinner buffett cruise just wondering coz that would be a great service to our longtime lost ‘kababata’ who are ‘chicken’ o impatient to fall in line in crowded ‘public’ restrooms have fun lol!….

  8. Hello Anton..
    What do you mean by P1,500? Is this per head? Or per table? Or is this reservation only food not included?

  9. Are there any other hotels beside Sofitel which has a good view of the bay area?
    Anton, my hubby is interested to learn fireworks photography…is this for free? May special requirements ba for camera? He is a beginner and uses Nikon D40.

  10. right now i could tell that this year will be a tough competition for the competing countries. I think that the third saturday shoul never be missed by anyone cause italy is there!! they are one of the masters!!! hehehe!! expect great displays from italy, france, venezuela, australia, and korea! i guess that would be all of the countries who’ll have a serious competing display just right behind the list are china, germany, and canada! this year will probably be a close competition! 😀

  11. It’s interesting that some restaurants on the first floor have not jacked up their prices. Do these restaurants still offer a good view?

  12. ^^ that depends on what view you looking for! if all you want to see are fireworks in the sky and if you don’t really care about the nautical and ground fireworks then maybe it would be fine if your in the first floor restaurants! but if you really want to feel the explosions and if you want to see the ground and nautical fireworks then your best bet would be to buy a real world pyro olympics ticket! if you choose to buy a General amdission ticket go there very early and get a spot just right beside the special viewing areas!

  13. hi! we had a reservation at guillys island for 500pesos/head and that comes with food. we will confirm tomorrow if it will be in buffet or set menu. you can text or call their manager at 09165520611. they require downpayment though…

  14. The barge containing the foreworks is anchored directly in front of UCC Terraces, indeed UCC has the best view. We reserved seats during the day one show and am planning to do so again on the 24th. At P500/head (consumable), it is pretty reasonable. Btw Anton, you have any tips on getting a good photo of the fireworks? What is the best setting/mode for such?

  15. Anton, thanks for the post. By, the way, I have never missed WPO since it started about 3-4years ago.
    To AVIH and Ritzy, UCC might be the best spot for day 1 but I don’t think that this will be the same for the rest of the saturdays. Actually, they move the barge depending on the direction of the wind. So you might need to consider this. But I agree that MOA’s 2F restaurants offer a great view.

  16. I wanted to take the yacht cruise but we are currently wait listed. 🙁 Any review on the yacht cruise would be much appreciated.
    We are now considering UCC as an option.
    Anton, I love your blog! Keep it up!

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