100 Islands, Pangasinan: My Favorite Islands

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Have you been to 100 Islands in Pangasinan? If not, these tips would be helpful for you!

1. You can finish the island hopping tour of 100 islands in 4 hours. There are only 21 islands that has beach area and these are the only islands you can visit.
2. My favorite islands to visit are:

Governors – to see the Big Brother House and get to the highest vantage point in the island;
Quezon Island – for swimming;
Children’s Island – for swimming with kids;
Marcos Island – for dipping and jumping into the Imelda Cave;
Lopez Island – for sunbathing.

What’s your favorite island/s? Did I miss any island worth going to?

3. I would suggest that you go early in the morning and you will be back by lunch time. For overnight options, see (Hundred Islands: Where to Stay and Eat)
4. Eat lunch at Maxine by the Sea and order their super delicious calamares and fresh seafoods.

5. Get the medium boat and offer a nice tip to the boat man. Budget about P1,500 for the boat.

Any other tips?

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Hundred Islands National Park
Lucap Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Tel: +63 75 551-2505

Victory Liner Trips to Alaminos

Entrance Fees:
Island Entrance Fee
(P20 day tour and P40 Overnight)
5 years old below free
20% discount for SENIOR Citizen

Motor Boat Rates
(with Island Hopping @ Quezon, Children and Governor’s Island)

Small Boat (1-5pax) – P800 Day Tour | P 1,400 Overnight
Medium Boat (6-10pax) – P1,100 Day Tour | P1,800 Overnight
Large (11-15 pax) – P1,100 Day Tour | P2,000 Overnight

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1. Quezon Island

Area: 13, 667 sq. m. (est.2000 sq. m. of beach area)
Flora: molave, kalumpang, igyo, maladuhat
Birds to watch: : pied fantail, Phil. Coucal, black-naped monarch, sunbird, little tern

One of the well-developed and most frequented islands in the Park which has facilities that includes 2 dining pavilions, and grilling area, where you and your family can do the eating and the grilling ;cottages and nipa huts for relaxation and restrooms that assure comfort. Lie in the sand, take in the salty breeze, savor the delectable seafood and swim to your heart`s content. Don`t pass up the chance to snorkel or dive in the island`s azure waters and see its thriving coral and giant clam garden. (source: Hundred Islands National Park)

Quezon Island Room | Day Tour | Overnight Rates
Hundred Islands National Park Information +63 75 551-2505

Cottage without room [Nipa 1,2,3] | P350 | P500
Cottage without room [Nipa 4] | P500 | P1,000
Cottage with room (Nipa A) | P500 | P900
Cottage with room (Nipa B) | P600 | P1,100
Picnic Tables & Picnic Area | P200 | P300

Quezon Island Overnight Kubo with Electricity
c/o Ted +63 909 715642
Overnight on Quezon Island (P1,600) | Day Tour (P700) | Cottage only (P400-P500)

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Make Quezon Island your first stop because this would be a good place to swim and roam around for a while.
100 Islands-45
2. Governors Island

Area: 74, 408 sq.m.(est.3000 sq. m. beach area)
Flora: molave type species, sablot, pamalaybayen, panalayapen, siar and molave, kalumpang, balete, kalumpit, kupang, malaikmo and other shrub species
Birds to watch: pied thriller, blue-naped monarch, black-naped monarch, yellow vented bulbul, shrikes, black-naped oriole, kingfisher, pied fantails

The island that captured Pinoy Big Brother`s eye, and turned its guest house into a unique PBB home which can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Ideal for family and barkada relaxation, with bedrooms, restroom / bathroom, working kitchen, dining room and living room, furnished with colorful furnitures and linens, ceiling fans and other amenities. It is also the largest island in the Park, which boasts of the sweeping views of the Park from its view decks. A small cave, which has no notable stone formations, that is home to bats and swiftlets. Its fine stretch of sand is ideal for sunbathing and its waters make an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. (source: Hundred Islands National Park)

Governor’s Island RatesTelephone +63 75 551-2505

Big Brother House (10 pips) – P10,000 (with generator from 6pm to 6am)
Extra drum of water (P100)
Extra Pax/ Extra Bed (P200)
Table for Rent & Picnic Area (P200-day tour, P300 overnight)
Bahay Kubo (3 pips) – P1,500

100 Islands-8
Aidan’s pa-cute face after hiking to the highest point in Governor’s Island.

100 Islands-39
3. Children’s Island

Area: 24, 053 sq. m (est.1, 500 sq. m. beach area)
Flora: kalumpang, molave, balete,bani, panalayapn, is-is, tapinag, malakalumpit, ligas,longaray, botong, other molave type shrub to small tree species
Birds to watch: noisy sunbird, Eurasian tree sparrow, pied fantail, white collared kingfisher, black-naped oriole and Phil.Coucal, little pied fly catcher

It`s an island famed for its features ideal for family get-togethers, especially with children. Its waters near the beach are shallow enough for little kids to practice their budding swimming skills. Adults will have to swim a little further to stretch their limbs. With wooden cottages (beddings available), floating picnic shed, restrooms, tent rentals, camping, cooking and dining areas and amenities like linens and lighting – it`s indeed an oasis for single, family and big group vacationers. Panoramic views also await you as you snake around the island’s walkways and rock ladders leading to higher ground. (source: Hundred Islands National Park)

Nipa House (2-4 pax) – P1,500 day tour or overnight
Tables for Rent – P200 day tour, P300 overnight

100 Islands-40
Aidan can swim here all day long without worrying about getting drowned. The waters are shallow and calm.

100 Islands-35
3. Marcos Island

Area: 18, 916 sq. m. (est. 600 sq. m beach area)
Flora: kalumpang, molave, dapdap, igyo, maladuhat, bani, pandan are found at the lower periphery of the island
Birds to watch: white rumped swift, glossy starling, little pied flycatcher, long tailed shrikes

Near Quezon Island and anchored in front of Old Scout Island, is a one of a kind handiwork of nature, named after the former President Ferdinand Marcos. It has three mounds, a helipad and a dose of artfully sculpted mermaid statues. You can clamber the steep, jagged rock pathways around the island, leading to its many vantage points where a different, picturesque view of the shorelines and other islands greets your eye, uniquely captured by the sun at different hours. But the sweet dessert to your visit would be a walk at the 50 meter-trail that ends in a 70-feet drop leading to the cave named for the former President`s better half, Imelda. The single-chambered cave is about 18, 916 sq. m., rising about 8 meters from the water surface and is a haven for edible-nest swiftlets and insectivorous bats. It`s also accessible by kayak or a daring swim, if one intends to approach its cove from below. (source: Hundred Islands National Park)

100 Islands-37
4. Imelda Cave on Marcos Island

A cathedral-shaped nature cave, it has two chambers, with the outer chamber accessible via a submerged opening from one side of the island and from an open ceiling which can also be reached by a 30-m trail from the beach area. One of the favorite things to do here is to dive from the tip of the wooden stairs and into the water. The cave which can be reached by swimming, kayaking or rafting is a corner of serene beauty on which one can just lay back and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. (source: Hundred Islands National Park Island Caves)

100 Islands-44
5. Cuenco Island Cave

Nestling in Cuenco island`s twin white beaches is a lofty and charming delight. Cuenco Cave runs right in the middle of the island, making it an ideal explorer`s treat. Strike a pose with it`s intact and interesting limestone formations (e.g. stalagmites, stalactites, draperies,etc.) which continue to amaze locals and tourists. Then, you can reward yourself with a brisk swim in either of the two white sand beaches on its both ends. (source: Hundred Islands National Park Island Caves)

100 Islands-34
6. Lopez Island

Area: 7, 561 sq. m (est. 800 sq. m. beach area)
Flora: kalumpang, molave, climbing vines, talisai, maladuhat
Birds to watch: white collared kingfisher, pied fantail, yellow bellied whistler, pied bushcat, island collared dove

A sunbathing heaven with its white fine sand and sparsely covered limestone. Add to that, is the exhilarating atmosphere that welcomes both the daredevil and the fun guru in you. Indulge in adventure on or under the island`s surrounding water. You can immerse yourself to a relaxing snorkel or you can engage in a kayak challenge with friends. Then, camp late and enjoy a starry night, chatting or simply idling till the wee hours of the evening. (source: Hundred Islands National Park)


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

20 thoughts on “100 Islands, Pangasinan: My Favorite Islands

  1. I’ve recently went to Pangasinan with friends and we all had a great time. We did the jump in Imelda Cave.

  2. was there last month! had a blast with my friends….we missed the imelda cave though…probably because we were tired from kayak… we tried to kayak around a big island only to realize the other side was already the open sea… pretty scary… 😀
    you didnt try snorkeling along their coral garden/nursery? it was pretty neat with the corals and the giant clams, one of my friends had an underwater camera… the shots were soooo cool!

  3. I’ve been to Quezon Island twice. Seeing your blog I’d like to go back and jump in the Imelda Cave. I love your pics.

  4. Maxine by the Sea is a must-try for all the tourists going to Hundred Islands! The food is great, and the price is cheap! Also, you enjoy a great ambience: a view of the Hundred Islands at seaside!
    I’ve been to Hundred Islands twice now and I wouldn’t mind coming back! There are a lot more things to do there that you won’t be bale to do in just one visit. I have yet to try the Imelda Cave. 🙂

  5. Hi Anton – I’m from Pangasinan and have been to Hundred Islands a couple of times since I was a kid but I’ve never really enjoyed going there because the place was not well maintained and the area was almost always crowded, messy and dirty. So it is not a place I would want to visit again. But after looking at the pictures you posted, I guess they must have improved alot. I am now considering going back and checking it out again. Thanks! You are a great ambassador in helping promote the beauty of the Philippines. The DOT should start tapping you as their resource. =)

  6. We have the same top 5 on the list! We really enjoyed in the Lopez “Papaya” Island…nice fine white sand. I missed the Cuenco Cave though, we didnt have much time…sa susunod nlang. hehehehe

  7. hi! nice site! (ala! nagmukhang makikilink na ang dating ko! haha!) actually, i was looking for information about hundred islands kaya ako napadpad to your site. it’s nice nilagay mo ang price and everything. just got back from a great davao vacation, but i really wanted to explore this part kaya thank you for your post! will definitely be back for the information here! thanks again!

  8. me and my friends used to stay and camp at marcos island during the weekends of holy week , that was years a go. we had the island by ourselves specially at night as if we own it. we will pitch a huge tent that can accomodate 10 person and brought supplies for three days. it was really an awesome experience. i dont know if its still allowed now.

  9. how long will it take to travel from baguio to hundred island and from hundred island to manila? is there a 24 hours transport to highway from hundred island?

  10. very informative.
    we’re looking forward to visit the islands on december, i hope the climate will be good.

  11. Hi Mr. Anton, sana whereever you go, I mean nice places, you document them like what you did. Many thanks, very informative. God bless you!

  12. hi anton,thanks for posting this site,ask ko lang if ganun pa din ang price sa governors island..thanks god bless

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