Hundred Islands: Where to Stay and Eat

100 Islands-2
I would recommend that you stay overnight in one of the islands in Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I highly recommend that you book in Governor’s Island either the Big Brother house or smaller cottages. Electricity is available in the island and you have access to the highest vantage point in the 100 islands. The other option would be to book in Quezon Island but there is only 1 hut (I believe) that has electricity.

Most people would stay overnight in one of the hotels or inn in Lucap especially if you have kids. I would highly recommend Maxine by the Sea. They have a nice restaurant with free wi-fi, secured parking lot, affordable rooms and nice location by the sea. I also included the other recommended hotel options below. Please let me know in the comments section if you have a particular hotel you want to recommend.

100 Islands-45
Governor’s Island Rates
Telephone +63 75 551-2505

Big Brother House (10 pips) – P10,000 (with generator from 6pm to 6am)
Extra drum of water – P100
Extra Pax/ Extra Bed – P200
Table for Rent & Picnic Area -P200 (day tour); P300 (overnight)
Bahay Kubo (3 pips) – P1,500

Hundred Island Resorts-3
Maxine by the Sea Restaurant and Lodge
Lucap, Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Telephone: +632 75 551 2537
Mobile: +63 9216428551

16 fully airconditioned rooms with one single and one double beds (3 Person per Room) @ P1,100.
There is FREE Wi-fi in the dining area.

Maxine by the Sea-14
Bangus Bellies Sinigang (P250). A Pot of tamarind-based all filipino soup of bangus heads and bellies cooked in the traditional sinigang.

Maxine by the Sea Complete Menu
House Specialty Soup, Sotanghon, Sandwiches, Rice | Breakfast, Omelette, Pancake, Side Orders | Vegetables and Salad | Lobsters and Prawns | Shrimps | Pork | Beef | Chicken | Shellfish and Plated Fish Steak or Fillet Dishes | Whole Fish or Slice and Fresh Bangus |Calamares and Crabs | Drinks and Beverages, Fruit Shakes and Smoothies

Maxine by the Sea-15
Maxine’s Famouse Calamares (P170). Deep Fried Rings of Squid in Maxine’s Special Recipe. The best I ever tasted and you should never miss this on your visit in 100 Islands.

Maxine by the Sea-17
Kilawen Talaba (P150). Fresh-shelled and “cooked” in vinegar and calamansi topped with onions, ginger and red hot pepper.

100 Islands-2-2
Vista Delas Islas
Telephone: +63 75 551-2160

This is the most expensive resort in Lucap, Alaminos City. They have a swimming pool but not really swimmable because of its questionable cleanliness. We were attracted to this because of the big and secured parking space. It was our first time in 100 Islands and we thought that if the rooms are expensive then it must be good. Later on, I found out that other resorts have similar rooms at a much cheaper rate.

100 Islands
Vistas de las Islas (P2,300 / night). The rooms were clean and have a nice restroom. But I find them expensive. You can get a much cheaper room in the other resorts.

100 Islands-26
Quezon Island Room | Day Tour | Overnight Rates
Hundred Islands National Park Information +63 75 551-2505

Cottage without room [Nipa 1,2,3] | P350 | P500
Cottage without room [Nipa 4] | P500 | P1,000
Cottage with room (Nipa A) | P500 | P900
Cottage with room (Nipa B) | P600 | P1,100
Picnic Tables & Picnic Area | P200 | P300

Quezon Island Overnight Kubo with Electricity
c/o Ted +63 909 715642
Overnight on Quezon Island (P1,600) | Day Tour (P700) | Cottage only (P400-P500)

Hundred Island Resorts-2
Villa Antolin Hotel
Telephone: +63 75 551-3604

6 persons room (P2,000-P2,500)
4 persons room (P1,800)
2 persons room (P1,200-P1,500)
Extra Bed (P200)

Hundred Island Resorts-4
The Last Resort
Telephone # +63 75 551-5651

5 persons Room (P1,500)10 persons Room (3,000)
Kitchen (P200)

Hundred Island Resorts

Ted’s by the Sea Lodge and Restaurant
#18 East Blvd, Lucap, City of Alaminos, Pangasinan
Kgd. Teddy N. Ferrer, jr.
Telephone: +63 75 551-2160
Cellphone: +63 918 428-4828


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

84 thoughts on “Hundred Islands: Where to Stay and Eat

  1. Pangasinan.. So how was it anton? 🙂
    There are a lot more in my province. You should visit it more often 🙂

  2. wow, what you’ve written is extensive and very much helpful. 🙂 The place is really beautiful and worth the visit! Though it may not be advisable to go there just for now since Pangasinan is still flooded from the recently ended storm.

  3. Was glad you were able to visit my dad’s province. Haven’t been to hundred islands for a long time now. Guess I would have to go there soon.
    Maxine’s calamares is really my favorite hands down. I’m always raving about it to friends. Nothing compares to dipping fried squid in plain soy sauce.

  4. the calamari and kilawen talaba looked absolutely yummy! we were able to go to Hundred Islands on our last visit to Manila, and my four-year-old really enjoyed it…parang Hawaii daw hahaha

  5. What a coincidence! I was just there this morning. Pangasinan, I mean. Not the Hundred Islands. We went up there to check on our property and business after that storm over the weekend. Ironically, despite my roots in the province, I have only been to the Hundred Islands once in my life! And Alaminos is only about an hour away from my town in Pangasinan! I just hope the province recovers soon from the storm. I think most (if not all) of Pangasinan is still without power until now.
    The one time I went there (and this was a few years ago), my friends and I stayed at Maxine by the Sea. However, we didn’t stay in their regular rooms but in the house adjacent to the resort. It had a room that housed 6 or 7 people. Nonetheless, we found the accommodations adequate. The beds were comfortable, the airconditioning was strong, and the bathroom was clean. Admittedly, there was really nothing much to do at Maxine’s but then again, if you’re going to spend the entire day basking in the sun and hopping from one island to another, I don’t think you’d need anything more than a place to rest your head at the end of the day.
    Unfortunately, my friends and I were still college students back then and we found the menu of Maxine a little too expensive. Luckily, it’s just a 10 minute drive to the McDonald’s at the center of Alaminos. Visitors who plan to do the same should note though that Alaminos, despite the frenzied activity during the day, is still a provincial town. So don’t be surprised if the establishments in the city close down a little after nightfall.
    By the way, thanks again, Anton. At the start of the summer, I was looking for places to stay in Alaminos because I wanted to revisit the Hundred Islands with some new friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on-line. At least I now have a guide for next year.

  6. Funny coz my boyfriend and I were just talking about places to visit in the North. This was definitely up there with Vigan and Pagudpud. At least now we have a starting point;-) Thanks for the tip!

  7. hi anton! me again.. i also just got there in Hundred islands with some friends. We stayed in a transient house called korina’s place…its also in lucap point, it’s a big house with big rooms but is rented out for travellers to the Hundred Islands. Its nice for big groups, in fact we were a total of 15 people in one big room for only P3k overnight.
    The only low point is that they dont have a resto, but we really brought our own food para tipid and they allow their guest to cook and they provide you with gas stove and some cooking utensils too. We enjoyed our stay there, the caretaker was very helpful and courteous. =)

  8. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! The food looks so delicious!!! I remember my husband raving about Maxine’s. He had dinner here with friends during an offsite. He kept telling me about the kinilaw na talaba. No wonder he loved it so much. It looks damn good!

  9. maxine by the sea their food is fantastic but their rooms and toilets smells so we decided to stay in puerto del sol.

  10. Love your blog anton!!! we went there last june 11. we stayed at maxine by the sea. room prices were just ok for travellers on a shoestring budget like us hehe dont expect much. there were no tv and fridge, but at least flush on the toilet was working. Airconditioning was good too; things we loved in maxine was the restaurant facing the sea, the service (everyone was so nice) and of course the caLLAmares.
    by the way, for boats to the islands, contact Mang Lorenzo @ 0928-7996681. He was our boatman, nice guy. Locals say hes a lifeguard, or did some sort of life guard training.anyway thats a plus to have when youre with your family out in the sea…dnt forget the tip 🙂

  11. hi!
    would like to ask if you (or anyone else) know how much does it cost to rent boats to go to the islands from the wharf?
    also, where we can find some secure parking. well be coming from bolinao kasi, were we’ll be lodged. thanks!!!!

  12. hi!
    want to ask if u (or nyone else) know how much does it cost to rent boats from the wharf to the islands?
    also, where can we find secure parking without having to rent a room.

  13. hi chinkee,
    i saw your comment re korina’s place in lucap point, i wonder if you have their contact numbers, we are also interested in visiting alaminos and we’d be doing so in a tight budget. thanks!

  14. 10 September 2008
    Hi! Anton:
    Thanks a lot for the infos you provided for 100 Islands, because I have this dilemma of who really to asked for regarding the place.
    I have a group of around 50 and we are really in tight budget considering we are coming all the way from Pamp. If you could give me further infos where to stay a t, a transient house with clean rooms and restrooms that will allow us to cook will be really nice. Kindly provide us the contact nos. thanks

  15. Can you reccommend a really cool and deserving hotel in alaminos to stay with my kids and wife for an overnight stay….we will be visiting hundred islands,,,second is…is hundred islands worth to see right now, because of typhoon before….?

  16. thanks for all the information in this site. can you please forward to me the number of korina’s place. would there be a safe parking space there? or if you happen to know a nice, clean, and safe place where we can freely cook, rest, etc. We will be travelling with kids and are in a tight budget either… Thanks a million! 🙂

  17. gud day, my family with friends are planning to visit hundred island on february and i’m wondering if you could suggest a place to stay that has a reasonable and affordable rate.tnx so much for the big help.

  18. hi dianne! you may contact kuya boyet at 09195028063. i think his place is very affordable and yet not unreasonable. i just got found his place also through net. he was very helpful when we were there last dec. but if you want a better view, maxine by the sea is good. for those with tight budget, just ring the number i’ve given here.enjoy! 🙂

  19. hi guys, i would recommend mang boyet’s place. billiard table is there. you can cook, use their fridge, watch tv, bath tub is there. nice and well maintained rooms with CR and nice AC units. Plus Mang boyet is very nice. grabe.. he even gave us discount.Videoke machine is available.. bsta inform lang si mang boyet. You can go and check my multiply for our pictures during our family outing. —–—- just copy paste the URL or visit

  20. Hello,were planning to go to Hundred Islands this end of the Month; I have a couple of friends coming from abroad be touring here I suggested going to hundred islands…need help on a nice place to stay / a resort near by the jump off point to hundred islands….any suggestion….much better if a nice resort with a good price???please help…and also any other tourist destination suggest aside from hundred islands when were at pangasinan or around alaminos area? hope you help me with my inquiry…..

  21. You can try the public beach in Bolinao, which is about less than 1 hr away from Alaminos. You can also check out the white beach in Anda, where the clear blue shallow water can stretch for miles.

  22. Sirs,
    We enjoyed my stay in Hundred Islands very much .
    But your suggested hotel Ted’s By the sea was terrikble ! Room smell and toilets are dirty with foul smells also please revise and discard this place from your list!

  23. hi? anton i want to know how much a room in islandia hotel cause were go there month and were planing to stay for 1week they.. and want to know how to get there plss help me… were in manila

  24. Hi
    Please help…we will be visiting the 100island in January 2010. Any suggestion where we could stay? 27 people adult and kids. Somewhere nice and clean at a resonable price. If possible to accomodate everybody in one hotel or house.
    Che’s advice…white beach of anda…how far is this from 100island?

  25. hello…would wanna ask about the accomodation rates in Governor’s island 🙂 Bahay Kubo for 3 persons yeah? is it 1,500 per room with 3 people or 1500 per person? and btw, is there also electricity or some fans at the Bahay Kubo? thank you very much 🙂 God bless you.

  26. Hi there,
    Is Hundred Island still be safe in summer? I am wondering if the facilities are still ok because of the last storm in Pangasinan. I am planning to treat my son for his graduation along with his friends and some of my family. I’ve been in Quezon Island 2 years ago with my friends and we really enjoyed our trip back then. We stayed in Maxine Lodge and Restaurant and we were happy for the service they gave. Foods are amazing!
    Will the prices for the motor boat rental and accomodation will still be the same for the summer or peak season?
    Thank you so much for the information and I hope you’ll reply so it will be easy for me to plan this trip. Good day

  27. ano ang pinakamababa ang rates na hotel? pls tell me. we are going there but we have a tight budget… Pls reply. Thanks and God bless

  28. hi anton
    i was just wondering if the numbers of maxine were correct?
    the landline seems a typo
    and more travels!

  29. Hi everyone,
    I have been in Alaminos so many times and can’t help but to keep coming back.
    My friends and I we’ll be in there again this coming weekend and we’ll be staying at Ted’s by the Sea. We were given good rates and we liked the ambiance since it’s situated overlooking hundred islands unlike other resorts and lodges. Also, since we’re already a “suki” we get discounts for kayaking and island hopping but what i really wanted to experience is to get into the caves and fish sanctuaries. Is there anybody here who knows whom can we talk to?
    Thanks! I really love this blog.

  30. Maxine by the Sea has a nice view. Food was kinda pricey though. Try Island Tropic resort one of the newer accommodations in the place. Also had a nice view of the sea from their 2nd floor resto area. less pricey than maxine.

  31. hi Mr.Anton,
    i’m going back home this may and i’m planning a family trip by the end of this month and i really want to go to 100 islands..magkano po ba ang rent ng boat? small group lang po kmi around 4pax.any recommended place to stay? the affordable one..but i want to try cottage with room.
    thanks! this site is very helpful..

  32. Hi Neri, it would be best to join other groups since 4 lang kayo. But I think there is a small banca, not really sure how much are the going rates.

  33. hi Anton, great blog!
    Do they have provisions for parking and shower? we plan to do only a day tour and go back to Tarlac after. 🙂

  34. Hi from Japan. I’m really interested to visit Hundred Islands with my kids in this July. Actually I’ve visited there once when I was single but did not stay in the islands. So this page is really good for my reference, thanks!

  35. We are in 100 Islands, and love the place. The islands really are a natural wonder and well worth the trip. We stayed at Villa Antolin Hotel for about p2,500/night. It was probably too expensive, but clean and the staff were so, so helpful. We really enjoyed chatting out front late nights with the owners and they helped by introducing us to Jim, down the road a bit, an American who organized our trip to the 100 islands. He and his wife, found us a banka when there seemed to be none, rented us snorkeling gear and a kayak, which really made the day. Jim and his wife also have a terrific (I am told) restaurant behind his house, but it is not open every day, and not the days we were there.
    As for Maxines, it was such a disappointment. First, they had no rooms available, not their fault. But we ate there twice and have to say we were more than unhappy.
    Fundamentally the service is just awful. Far from being the friendly service as described above, they were distant, brusque, unresponsive and so slow – both nights. On the first night we at the fried squid rings, the seafood antipasto and seafood kare-kare. All were quite good and reasonable quantities. But it took maybe 45 minutes to get served. We were seated on the lower level of the balcony that juts out over the water. Eventually we figured out that if we wanted anything, we just need to go look for the waiter rather than wait for him to check in on us. But the food was good so perhaps we just got the waiter on a bad night.
    On the second night, things got much worse. First, just getting a waiter took about 15 minutes. We ordered grilled tuna in olive oil (medium-rare please, which got a quizzical look from the waiter), oysters (cooked but I don’t remember how), steamed shrimp (menu says medium or large) and longanisa. I asked to replace the white rice with garlic rice, “cannot sir”. Ok, just add an order of garlic rice.
    It was not that busy. There was a big table of about 15 slowly finishing, but few others in the restaurant – so that is not the reason.
    After about 25 or 30 minutes – just about the time when we were thinking, boy, our food is taking a long time – the waiter came (the first time since taking our orders) and told us that they were out of oysters. We should order something else. You would have thought if they were out of something he could tell us right off, or certainly when he placed the order with the kitchen. Since we had three other orders, and the orders the previous night were quite large, we just said bring it on. Another 15 minutes and the food started to come order by order (so maybe 45 minutes to an hour from the time we ordered). First, the orders looked so small I wondered if we were in the same restaurant. Instead of the small piles of food I expected, the longanesa was about 5 or 6 bit sized pieces; the shrimp about 8 or 10 pieces of small (not medium or large) shrimp. When the tuna finally came, it was two thin cross section slices of some fish, but not tuna. It was white rather than pink, and cooked leather dry not medium rare.
    Ok, as displeased as I might be they have the right to determine the size portions, but the tuna? I asked the waiter if this was the wrong fish. He insisted that it was tuna. It tasted ok, but I did not think it was tuna. Finally he went to the kitchen and came out saying it was tanguigue. Hummmm So there we were, two small orders of shrimps and longanisa and a small order of dried tanguigue
    In fact I found the following on the net: have your fishmonger slice Tanguigue steaks about ¾ inch thick (too thin and it will cook too fast and dry out, too thick and the outside will burn before the inside is cooked). I guess Maxines WIFI was not working that day (in fact it does not work out on the balcony).
    I was done. The experience was not yet at awful, but you could see it from where we sat. My 13 year old son, still quite hungry, ordered their smallest plate of sotanghon to fill his tummy. At that point I already had my mind set on getting out of there, and writing this piece, so my main concern was that it might take another hour. I was not paying enough attention. After about 15 minutes the order did come, and it was huge. Maybe it was enough for 6 people. My son, looking at me as if he had done something wrong, said he would just take the rest home. You would think the waiter, knowing what was happening, would have warned us.
    Then the bill. We gave up waiting for the waiter and just went to pay upfront. The first night the bill came to about p1,000. I thought at the time that this was a lot for what we had and given where we were, but not totally unfair. The second night, leaving still hungry, angry and having taken 2 hours (no coffee or desert) cost P1,408. Why so expensive? We remember the garlic rice? And the extra order of sotanghon? And that tiny plate of shrimp P260 – what was that all about? I asked about the tuna, but the woman at the register did not seem to know what I was talking about. My wife asked to see the menu. She then noticed that on another page from where I ordered tanguigue has a parenthetical (tuna). So apparently at Maxines, at least, tanguigue is also called tuna. I did Google tanguigue and found it is also called: Spaniard, Narrow-Barred Spanish Mackerel, Kingfish, King Mackerel….but not tuna.
    I did ask to speak to the manger, but of course he was not around. Liwayway R. Aqui, if you are reading this…..I am not happy.
    Note that my favorite grilled tuna can be had at Handelbar, a biker bar in Makati. The steak is always bigger than I remember, thick and perfectly cooked with a biker-sized portion of vegies and rice. I think it is p360.

  36. anton –
    you’ve received alot of appreciation and you deserve it. this is very appreciated especially that you personally respond to the inquiries. with that, roughly calculating it, how much do you think a couple should spend going to 100 islan (hotel accommodation to island hopping) — of course not considering food coz it differs per tummy =p — and the number of days we can spend with that amount. needed an estimate. your numerical response is highly appreciated.

  37. Quezon Island Overnight Kubo with Electricity
    c/o Ted +63 909 715642 <—- is this cellphone number correct? only 9digits?

  38. Hi Anton?
    We are planning to have family outing this Mar 5-6 around 30 persons can we rent the Big Brother house with the same rate @ 10k for total of 30 people? Where can we park the car & the rented coaster or bus? Just planning to stay in Governor’s place only overnight. How much will we pay for the boat?
    Neneth Perez

  39. hi anton! we’re planning to visit hundred islands this holy week. what hotel would you recommend us to stay?
    considerations are: proximity to hundred islands, hotel with clean pool and probly other facilities. we’re abt 7 adults and 4 kids.

  40. hi.. is it still safe to visit the hundred islands? my friends & i received an ifo kasi na it’s not safe dahil sa fish kill.. we just wanna make sure bout it, we wanted to make our visit there worth it..thanks.. we’ll be there on 17 to 19.. 🙂

  41. We stayed at Teds By The sea the owner was a drunk old man that kept staring at me and my sister. We even caught him peeking in our rooms window. Bad place to stay CRs smelled we left next day!

  42. wow! this would be our next destination with my friends after it would a relaxing moment with my hubby. thank you for a very transparent information. Hundred Islands here we go!!!!!

  43. hi there anton,
    i am organizing a summer outing for the team..more or less 30 pax. can you help me find a place to stay where in we can also cook sometimes? is it possible to have a place in hundred islands mismo? or just near the island and just take a banca.. and please can i ask for the rate of the banca also?? our best date will be this summer, April 2012 .. thank you po..

  44. Hello, we are going to 100 islands from makati by car. Can we bring the car up to the place of the hotels by the beach? If yes, then we need to transport the car from the wharf otherwise, we must leave the car at the wharf? Pls advise, thanks

  45. Hi Anton,
    Your blog finally got me to visit Hundred islands. I, daresay, had a fantastic time. It is true – the cottages on the islands are not much developed (reminds me of some wildlife sanctuaries I have visited long ago!) but all in all we had a fun time.
    I have posted photos of the cottages, islands and route here –!/2011/10/sailing-from-lucap-to-quezon-island.html
    I do have some advice for would be tourists –
    1) The cottages on islands are not so comfortable for families – especially the CR. Younger people, and those willing to adjust will enjoy staying on the islands
    2) At Lucap, I felt only Maxine by the sea was good enough for families to stay in. The other transcient houses and pension houses are okayish places.
    3) You NEED NOT take your own food if you plan to stay overnight in Quezon island – there are sari sari stores there. Water is available on the island though it is expensive
    4) There are about 5 family run restaurants at Lucap wharf (near the tourist office) – costs about 150 pesos per head – Filipino food

  46. We once ate the calamares at Maxine’s. On closer examination we found a fly mixed with the fried batter. We complained to the waiter and the lady at the counter. Mo one paid attention to us. Besides, it was expensive too.

  47. Hi…quite hubby and two kids 4yo and 7yo are planning this weekend to go to hundred islands..this blog is very informative…but im worried coz I’ve learned that this weekend will be raining…is it not too dangerous to do island hoping if there is a bad weather? thank you

  48. I plan to go this Sunday but will be bringing a driver. Is there a place in Lucap where bed space is leased for the night? Please advise. Thanks

  49. Hi, were planning to have our pre nuptial photoshoot in hundred island. Where is the best for us to stay just for the whole day where we can do our thing.are the cottages with electricity near the islands? Thank you.

  50. hello. a very informative input about the 100 islands. i have an inquiry, am planning to go there as a company outing more or less 30 paxs on holy wednesday March 28 with children, a senior citizen and mostly 20-30s. any suggestions? thank you very much in advance.

  51. Anton,
    You are right the 100 Islands is fantastic!!!! Great time!!!
    We kayaked snorkled to see clams FUN FUN FUN !!!
    Only one problem Place we stayed was third world motel loud videoke all night long and room doors slaming I think they are running a pok pok biz!! Teds at the Sea is a terrible place to stay

  52. You need to update 100Islds Last Resort now Empty lot out of business
    Teds By the Sea no more now Royal Resort and Korean restaurant

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