Avenue Q: My Gigantic Heart Will Go On…

Avenue Titanic Poster
2 Weeks to go to Avenue Q’s Final Run. Thanks to all OAP friends who bought ticket from us. As promised, we will give your Genki Umbrellas before or after the show. Just look for either Rache or me near the main entrance.

Avenue Q Final Run – 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!

Avenue Titanic Poster
Rachel Alejandro’s performance was one of the reasons for the smashing success of Avenue Q in Manila. I do hope Carla Guevarra – Laforteza can beat Rachel’s performance. Join us on opening night to share your opinions and personal reviews in OAP after the show.

Avenue Q Final Run – 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!

Avenue Titanic Poster Avenue Q Opening Night
Good luck Carla and we will miss you Rachel!

Avenue Q Final Run – 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss the Opening Night of Avenue Q’s Final Run!

10 thoughts on “Avenue Q: My Gigantic Heart Will Go On…

  1. anton,i want to buy tickets..but how?thanks..and i want those umbrellas..hehehe..text me at 09178255926..for june 21 if possible..thanks

  2. Don’t I get an umbrella too? I bought 3 tickets for the June 14 show…Huhuhuhu!
    I want the pink one pa namanÜ

  3. will this show at least include some information that all 6 years old children in the philippines are now eligible to attend elementary school classes nationwide with NO COSTS or obligations at all if they meet the simple requirements wow dapat naman talaga so everyone will know-tell naman so pass this great-good national childrens ‘educational benefit’ news and thanks lol….

  4. ….all AMERICANS of all COLORS ‘EMBRACE’ phillippines TALENTS SHOWS like this AVENUE Q etc….filipinos talents in any field carries invites ‘WORLD’s happiness’ the kinds the world needed….FILIPINOS are fun smiling happy talented creative people{human species}lol…. AMERICANS watch the amount of economic ‘wealth’ NEW journey with PINEDA who is hugely LOVE admired by filipinos world wide besides the rest of the world will pour in for americans from world wide concerts record sales future memorabilias new future fashion statements even in tourism coz of journeys new fame and activities….hopefully charice pempengco will do the same in her future international’classic’ concerts around the world….avenue Q shows hopefully do the same making big cities small towns entertained happy like what lani misalucha martin nievera is doing right now….jonalyn viray kyla sarah geronimo frenchie dy something is missing in your ‘air’ world needs to find-see your huge talents like bituin escalante but needs to ‘lighten up’ must exhude friendly and social finesse needs to ‘exhude’ humurous smiles with stronger ‘gracious’ charms coz they all have really HUGE really great TALENTS just….waiting for the world and ‘sooner’to be ‘discovered’ lol!….more quality ‘crazy’ filipinos stage and broadway shows PLEASE lol….

  5. ….i was having fun ‘teasing-speculating’so many from my remarks about filipino born talent journey band’s new rock lead singer ARNEL PINEDA new journey cd’s will only come to hongkong china much later coz more than a billion cd’s will take at least a year to make them lol….plus another billion cd’s just for india and the middle east and maybe nothing left for the rest of ASIA lol!…. we went to our local wal-mart store but no cd’s seen anywhere a lot of people journey fans are ‘complaining’ heavily coz there’s no cd’s left in any stores all SOLD OUT….so if philippines want more than many many more millions more of tourists booked journey pineda november concert coz araneta coliseum will witness how far fetch filipinos admirations love for filipino talents who exceeded their expectations coz all human being with half a quarter or just a drop of filipino ‘blood’ around the world will majority ‘fly’ flocked to philippines just to experience fresh new journey band with PINEDA appeal lol!….pineda should built the largest luxurious ‘bahay kubo’ in hollywood as his new home-office-headquarter almost like the grand ‘nayong pilipino’ park residence so he has all provinces to move around if he wanted his own spaces avenue q can be his guest lol!….

  6. Hi Anton. I just had a close encounter with the cast of Avenue Q (The Farewell Run)last Monday, and I would just like to share that I have posted about my exciting experience on my blog (http://3xhcch.multiply.com/) if you care to check it out. Thanks!

  7. avenue q should have launched t-shirts with their printed performance in it for toddlers-children We are also interested in buying dozens for me and my families white t-shirts but with the NEW journey band with new lead rock band singer PINEDA their performances-concerts printed also but with a little more close up face of pineda plus we also want to buy-collect large golden coffee-chocolate mugs and golden tea sets with ALL new journey’s performances printed coz filipinos half a quarter or just a drop of blood around the world we want to see remember journey/pineda performances anywhere it maybe breakfast time lunches dinners snacktime etc.also washable silk-nylon new journey WATCHES or NEW JOURNEY KOMICS to read or journey video games lol so can anyone make that happened? lol….

  8. Hi, do you still have available tickets for Avenue Q either june 13 or 14? i need 2 sana. Thanks!

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