Flapjacks is a thin, crisp but chewy pancake with a large diameter. This is also the name of the first local venture of Bistro Group of Companies located in Greenbelt 2. Bistro Group is known for the popular International restaurant franchises in the Philippines. This includes: TGI Fridays, Italianni’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Fish & Company. We were mesmerized by the orange-yellow-purple color combination with repeating shapes combination that hypnotizes you to go in. Spot.ph Editor described it as homey, retro and psychedelic like in an Austin Power movie.


Flapjacks Menu
Flapjacks Good Food All Day Menu | Ultimate Omelettes, French Toasts & Waffles | Filipino and International Favorites | Burgers & Sandwiches, Fruits and Cereals, Sides | Griddle Combinations and Hearty Soups & Salads | Desserts, Fruit Shakes & Smoothies, Maltshakes, Sodas, Floats & Ice Tea, Chilled Juices and Coffee & Tea

The food is overrated but the service is outstanding. I was hoping that this would replace our favorite breakfast place – Country Waffles, but it failed our foodie expectation.

EuroWine @ Mandarin Hotel, Makati-15
Endless Flapjacks Blend (P85) with FREE Wifi. Coffee served in tea pot.

Despite the food, we love to hangout in Flapjacks because of the endless coffee, free Wi-fi, cozy couches and uber friendly service. Rache and I did our family planning meeting in Flapjacks for 8 hours.

Light Fluffy Pancakes stacked in 3’s (P245). Whipped Butter and Maple Syrup on the sides. You have to eat the pancake with the butter and maple syrup because the taste of the pancake cannot stand on its own.

EuroWine @ Mandarin Hotel, Makati-14

This is a big promise that I do hope Flapjacks can deliver : Famous Breakfasts, Super Lunches, and Great Dinners. How was your experience in Flapjacks?

Chicken Noodle Soup (P155). vine ripened peeled tomatoes and vegetables in a clear tarragon broth.

Smoked Salmon and Egg Potato Salad (P395). White bread slices topped with creamy egg and potato salad, layered with delicate smoked salmon. We can only rave about the creamy sauce of the egg and potato salad. For almost P400, we did not expect to get frozen salmon and tired vegetables.

Beef Salpicao (P395). Premium spiced beef cubes sauteed with garlic rice, tomato salsa and 2 eggs any style.

We loved this and it has every right to be called the bestseller in the house.

Fruit Cobblers (P175). Choice of Mango and Banana. We were offered the dessert for free because of our disappointment with the food. We were further disappointed because of the withered mint leaf used as accent.

Not satisfied with dessert, we decided to cross order this mud pie from its next door neighbor Italiannis.
Flapjacks, Greenbelt 2

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  1. Had a very bad dining experience last Saturday at Flapjacks Greenbelt 2. They forgot to cook our orders! Can you believe it? Plus, there was no proper apology from the manager. When they learned that they forgot our orders, they cooked it haphazardly and gave us pasta that was not properly cooked. We will not be coming back and we strongly suggest that people dine somewhere else.

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